Greece: European court awards damages for ‘degrading’ migrant detention conditions

Migrant detention in Greece

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Thursday awarded €8,000 in damages each to two plaintiffs who filed a suit against the Greek state over the “degrading” conditions of their incarceration after being arrested for failing to produce a valid residence permit.

Aisayah Erliana Herman, an Indonesian national born in 1982, and Bardi Serazadishvili, a Georgian born in 1971, claimed that their incarceration in Athens in 2010 pending deportation was illegal and the conditions under which they were held were degrading.

While awaiting removal they were both held in custody for a maximum period of six months. In their submission, they claimed that the cells in which they were held were “overcrowded, cramped and unhealthy.”

Separate appeals against their custody and requests for asylum were respectively rejected...


Beyoncé beats Obama, Miley and the Pope to land the cover of Time’s ‘100 Most Influential People’

Beyoncé has landed the cover of Time magazine's annual “100 Most Influential People in the World.”

The pop queen beat other names on the list - from President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis and Miley Cyrus - to feature on the coveted cover.

Further covers placed inside the magazine feature actor Robert Redford, the NBA's first openly gay athlete Jason Collins, and General Motors CEO Mary Barra.

Time says that the list is a roundup of people who have inspired others, regardless of their moral standing, and each name on the list is accompanied with reasons why they deserve a spot.

“She's the boss,” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg explained in her profile of the cover star.

“Beyoncé has sold out the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour while being a full-time mother. Beyoncé doesn't just sit at the table. She builds a better one.”

She goes on: “Her secret: hard work, honesty and authenticity. And her answer to the question, ‘What would you do if you weren't afraid?’ appears to be ‘Watch me. I'm about to do it.’ Then she adds, ‘You can, too.’ ”

Sandberg and Beyoncé previously collaborated on a campaign in which they called for a ban on the word “Bossy” to describe women...

* * *
You’ve got questionable taste, Sheryl Sandberg. Beyoncé is married to a kooky rapper, Jay-Z, who belongs to the crazy “Five Percent Nation” group -- an offshoot of Nation of Islam -- who believe whites are “wicked and weak.”


Tiny Pacific nation sues Israel, others over nukes

A US nuclear bomb test at the Marshall Islands, 1954.

NEW YORK (AP) — The tiny Pacific nation of the Marshall Islands is taking on the United States, Israel and the world’s seven other nuclear-armed nations with an unprecedented lawsuit demanding that they meet their obligations toward disarmament and accusing them of “flagrant violations” of international law.

The island group that was used for dozens of US nuclear tests after World War II filed suit Thursday against each of the nine countries in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands.

It also filed a federal lawsuit against the United States in San Francisco, naming President Barack Obama, the departments and secretaries of defense and energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration.


Hopes rise in Transnistria of a Russian annexation

Oleg Pankov, an avowed communist, runs a sex shop in Tiraspol. But in the backroom, he maintains a shrine to his country's Soviet past. “Transnistria is not a rich country,” Pankov says, “but people are always going to have sex”

[Transnistria] is recognized by nobody except the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization... In some places, Transnistria is just a few kilometers wide.

On a map of Europe, it looks like a worm squashed between much larger animals, pressed as it is between Moldova and Ukraine. As a result, being Transnistrian is something of a challenge.
Transnistria, located on the eastern banks of the Dniester River, has an area hardly greater than the US state of Rhode Island (or the German state of Saarland) and is home to a half-million people who see themselves as Russians, Ukrainians or Moldovans. More than anything, though, they see themselves as Soviet citizens...


The Play's the Thing

Menachem Begin, President Carter and Anwar Sadat

This past weekend, I had a chance to see Lawrence Wright's play at Arena Stage about the Camp David peace summit of September 1978. As a refugee from the other Camp David summit, in July 2000 (the one that didn't work), my expectations going in were pretty low.
Camp David is an uplifting and heroic tale. But it should not be turned into an exercise in sentimentality, let alone a poster child for today's Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking or a prescription for Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts. The 1978 summit succeeded not because of particular processes that can be replicated, but because the right people were in the right place at the right time. None of this exists today. There's no Begin, no Sadat, and no Carter, and I wonder sincerely whether the terms of a doable deal could ever be reached. (The announcement of a unity government between Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization on Wednesday doesn't seem to have helped anything.)

Therein lies both the triumph of the first Camp David summit -- and Wright's play -- and the tragedy of current peacemaking efforts.


Liberman: Peace impossible as long as Palestinian unity deal stands

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on April 02, 2014

There is no chance for Israeli-Palestinian peace as long as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction sticks with the reconciliation deal it signed with Hamas, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Thursday.

He said the deal meant Israel “has no partner” and said it signified a move toward Hamas gaining greater influence in the West Bank.

Reiterating his claim that Abbas is guilty of “diplomatic terror,” Liberman said Israel wasn’t surprised by the Fatah-Hamas pact, as Abbas had tried several times to blow up the Israeli-Palestinian talks during the last few months. He also said that he expects international pressure on Israel to continue engaging in the current US-brokered peace talks, yet asserted that Washington supported Jerusalem’s decision to cancel a meeting of Israeli and Palestinian negotiators.

“It is clear that as soon as Abbas chose to unite with Hamas, it is impossible to make peace with Israel,” the foreign minister told Israel Radio...


Texas: Storm warning

A large TVS (tornadic vortex signature) thunderstorm supercell passes over storm chaser Brad Mack in Graham, Texas late April 23, 2014. The thunderstorms were a precursor of what's forecast for this coming weekend, which could be the most significant multi-day tornado outbreak in the U.S. since 2011. (REUTERS/Gene Blevins)


Denmark: Muslims attack police and manage to liberate arrested gang member, shot fired

A mosque in Denmark

A dramatic event played out in front of the Court in Glostrup today (April 23) as friends of the 31-year-old Rached Hamade, suspected member of the immigrant gang Loyal To Familia, helped him escape from the Court in Glostrup.

The man was arrested Tuesday night and brought to a preliminary hearing in a case involving four pistols and a revolver.

But a group of five men arrived at court, where they managed to free the man free by pushing the officers escorting him.

The police fired warning shots, police said in a statement.

Then the detainee ran to a waiting black BMW station wagon.

A more pleasant photograph in Copenhagen

The car began to pull away, and he was dragged along the pavement for a few meters, said a Ritzau reporter who witnessed the incident.

But he managed to crawl in through one of the car windows, and then the car disappeared.

The man is barely out of his 20s. He has been wanted for a few months after the discovery of four pistols and a revolver in February in a villa in Hvidovre, the deputy police inspector Carsten Jansson informed Ritzau last Wednesday.

In connection with the escape there was a shot heard, according to the reporter. It is not known whether it was the sound of a warning shot fired by a policeman.

Rached Hamade was wearing a gray sweatshirt with a large white front, sand-colored pants with side pockets when he fled.

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Hamas TV clip: "Our harvest is your heads"

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U.S. official says Hamas-PLO government would prompt aid reassessment

Palestinians hold national flags as they celebrate after an announcement of a reconciliation agreement in Gaza City April 23, 2014

(Reuters) - The United States would have to reconsider its assistance to the Palestinians if Islamist group Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization form a government together, a senior U.S. administration official said on Thursday.

Gaza-based Hamas - which is listed by the United States as a terrorist organization - and President Mahmoud Abbas's West Bank-based PLO announced a unity pact on Wednesday, complicating U.S.-brokered peace talks with Israel that Washington is already struggling to extend past an April 29 deadline.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had warned Abbas against pursuing reconciliation with Hamas, convened his security cabinet to discuss Israel's next moves.

"Any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to non-violence, recognition of the state of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations between the parties," the U.S. official said, listing terms Hamas has long rejected...


Guardian: This war on ‘Islamism’ only fuels hatred and violence

Tony Blair speaks at Bloomberg in London on 23 April

The neocons are back... Yesterday the liberal interventionists’ hero, Tony Blair, was once more demanding military action against the “threat of radical Islam.”
In Britain, the campaign against Islamist “extremism” is once again in full flow. In fact, it is open season on the Muslim community. For the past few weeks reports have multiplied about an alleged “Islamic plot,” code-named Operation Trojan Horse, to take control of 25 state schools in Birmingham and run them on strict religious principles.
There are now four official inquiries. Inspectors have gone round schools asking teachers whether they are homophobes and telling others their school will fail inspection because they’re not teaching “anti-terrorism,” while Gove's media allies have been fed inflammatory titbits to justify the campaign.

Locals insist the reality is that Muslims, both liberal and conservative, have been getting more involved in their children’s schools to raise standards, not “Islamise” them. But the result of the uproar has been to poison community relations and deter ordinary Muslims from taking part in civic life for fear of being branded “extremist...”


Ontario Liberal insiders paid millions in publicly funded deals

A gap in transparency has allowed millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded contracts to be awarded to friends and allies of political operatives in Ontario without the checks, balances and disclosures that accompany a public tendering process.

A Globe and Mail review has found a pattern of payments, about which little information is available, involving a tight circle of advisers that surrounded former premier Dalton McGuinty during his time in office. Among them were payments of more than $50,000 in the same year to two different companies in the name of the former premier’s campaign director; money repeatedly directed to a high-profile strategist through his then-wife’s business; and more than $300,000 paid to a former chief of staff shortly after he was pushed out of his job.


Weird Canadian Munchausen Jews to honor author who inspired Kansas City Jew-hating murderer

Independent Jewish Voices, which supports boycotts of Israel and canards about that country, was formed for the expressed purpose of trying to deflect charges of antisemitism towards the hateful campaign against the Jewish State. The group was founded by 9-11 conspiracy theorist Diana Ralph in part with funds from anti-Israel campaigners in the United Church of Canada. The group includes non-Jews among its membership to boost it minuscule numbers.


Andrew Klavan: International Men's Day

In which our intrepid host, Andrew Klavan, suggests a new holiday to celebrate that oft-under-appreciated segment of the population: Dudes.


America Joins Israel in Canceling Talks with PA

“It’s hard to see how Israel can be expected to negotiate with a government that does not believe in its right to exist.”

h/t ds


Thousands mob Modi as election race starts in sacred city

Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi waves to his supporters as he arrives to file his nomination papers for the general elections in the northern Indian city of Varanasi

Narendra Modi received a hero’s welcome from thousands of orange-clad supporters as he launched his election campaign on Thursday in the religious city of Varanasi, a show of strength for the Hindu nationalist tipped to be prime minister.

India is halfway through the world’s largest-ever election, in which 815 million people are eligible to vote over 10 stages. Modi will stand for the parliamentary seat of the Ganges river city of Varanasi on May 12, four days before results are due.

One of the world’s oldest inhabited cities and a center for Hindus who come to wash away their sins in the sacred river, Varanasi should give Modi an easy win...


Violence against Pakistan minorities rising alarmingly: rights group

Islamabad: Sectarian killings rose by more than a fifth in Pakistan last year, a leading rights group said Thursday, warning of an alarming increase in violence against religious minorities.

The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said 687 people were killed in more than 200 sectarian attacks last year, a rise of 22 percent on 2012.


Death threats issued as Sharia Watch launches in London

A new group has been launched at the House of Lords to campaign for greater recognition of the threat posed by Islamic Sharia law.

Sharia Watch UK says it wants to highlight the impact of Islamism in Britain and campaign against the prevalence of Sharia tribunals, particularly where it relates to women's rights. VoR's Tim Ecott spoke to Anne Marie Waters, spokesperson for Sharia Watch, and to Aina Khan, a solicitor in London who specialises in applying Sharia law within the English legal system.

“Our aim is quite simply to tell the truth," says Waters. "There is a large lack of knowledge of what Sharia Law actually stands for, what it does to women, how it treats women. And our aim is simply to tell the public – warts and all – what Sharia is: its views of women, its views of free speech, its threat to democracy, how it is operating in Britain, the organisations behind it and what their agendas are, and, indeed, the public support that such organisations receive from public figures.


Egyptian Journalist: Al-Sisi Has Jewish Origins, Grew Up Next to Abdel Nasser and Moshe Dayan


Hawaii stowaway’s father says Allah protected him as he speaks out for the first time

This shows where the teenager stowed away on the Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767

The father of a teen stowaway who survived a five-hour flight from California to Hawaii after hiding in the wheel well of a Boeing 767 today said Allah saved the boy as he spoke out for the first time.

Abdilahi Yusuf Abdi, who lives in Santa Clara, California, said that he was shocked when Hawaiian authorities called him on Sunday to reveal they had found his son, whom he identified as Yahya Abdi.

The 15-year-old was found on the tarmac in Maui after climbing into a plane at a San Jose airport and then likely passing out when it took off - surviving low oxygen levels and freezing temperatures.

“When I watched the analysis about the extraordinary and dangerous trip of my son on local TVs and that Allah had saved him, I thanked God and I was very happy,” the relieved father told VOA...


Robofail - Robocalls made across Canada in 2011 won't bring charges

Pierre Poilievre, minister of state for democratic reform, said the decision confirms the Conservative Party ran an ethical campaign. Many complaints focused on the Conservative Party, whose officials said from the beginning that the campaign was clean. Poilievre said Thursday before a speech in Ottawa that the commissioner's decision shows the allegations were false.

Remember a Liberal was fined;)


Telegraph: Immigration means a new house every seven minutes, says UKIP

UKIP poster

A house must be built every seven minutes in order to cope with the pressures of immigration, UKIP claimed last night.

The party tied the national shortage of housing to migration from the European Union in a televised election broadcast.

Hundreds of thousands of British jobs are being advertised across the EU and Polish migrants are driving down natives’ wages, the broadcast claims.

Nigel Farage hopes to come first in next month’s European elections – a victory that is likely to provoke open revolt against David Cameron from within the Conservative Party.

UKIP has secured £1.5 million in funding from Paul Sykes, the retail entrepreneur, making this its most lavish election campaign.

The party’s improved financial health is evident in the slickly-produced video.

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New York cat café

A TV cameraman films a cat at the cat café in New York April 23, 2014. The cat café is a pop-up promotional cafe that features cats and beverages in the Bowery section of Manhattan. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)


New far-right mayor moves to quash Paris region mosque

The recently elected far-right mayor of a Parisian suburb has not wasted any time in following through on one of his campaign promises: upend a project for a new mosque.

Mantes-la-Ville Mayor Cyril Nauth had promised to block the project, citing parking problems in the neighbourhood where the future mosque is supposed to stand, as well as potential financial liabilities for the local government.

The previous Socialist-led city council approved in October a measure to purchase a publicly owned building and then resell the property to the local Muslim organisation, who would be in charge of transforming it into a place of worship.

Nauth, a member of the far-right National Front (FN) party, expressed concern that the religious group might fail to disburse city hall the 650,000 euros needed for the purchase of the property...


US actress Jodie Foster marries girlfriend

Two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster has married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison, a spokeswoman for the veteran U.S. actress told AFP on April 24.

Foster, who made a speech at last year's Golden Globes widely seen as her official coming-out, tied the knot with photographer Hedison at the weekend, according to People magazine.

The couple had been dating for almost a year, it said. The 51-year-old star's publicist, Jennifer Allen, confirmed the details, but gave no further comment.

Hedison, 44, dated TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for three years before splitting in 2004, when DeGeneres began dating her now wife Portia de Rossi...


Iranian cleric: Muslim countries’ governments also to blame for Islamophobia


Hojat-ol-Islam Seyyed Salman Safavi, made the remark in a forum held Tuesday on “Origins and Consequences of Islamophobia in West.”

He said the West is looking for such opportunities to manipulate the public opinion of the world and spread anti-Muslim sentiments.

The cleric stressed that the role of Muslim countries should be considered along with the attempts by the west when studying the spread of Islamophobia.

He pointed to the historical roots of Islamophobia in the world, saying that it goes back to the early years after the advent of Islam...


Saudi police refuse elderly woman’s complaint due to lack of male guardian

Policemen stand outside al Rajhi Mosque in Riyadh. (File photo: Reuters)

An elderly woman in her 90s was left shocked when police asked her to produce a male guardian before they could accept her complaint that her son was mistreating her.

She claimed that her son was treating her badly, such as cutting the electricity from her house and locking her doors to prevent her from going out, to satisfy his wife.

She had become desperate and wanted the authorities to intervene. Head of Qunfudah police Col. Yousef al-Qanawi expressed astonishment that the woman’s complaint was not accepted and said he has commissioned the head of the criminal investigations to contact her...


Tunisia divided over entry to Israeli passport holders

Synagogue in Tunisia

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia’s elected assembly accepted a petition Wednesday to question the tourism minister over a decision allowing Israelis to use their passports to enter the country for an annual religious pilgrimage.

While Israelis and Jews long have traveled to Tunisia for an annual pilgrimage to the Ghriba synagogue on the island of Djerba, this is the first year that Israelis have been allowed to use their passports rather than a special document issued by Tunisian embassies.

Tunisia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel...


Madonna calls kale 'gay,' sparks outrageous outrage!

She’s one of the world’s best-known gay icons but it seems Madonna outraged a huge chunk of her fans playing a game online on Tuesday.

The 55-year-old was taking part in a word association game with entertainment site Buzzfeed when she was asked how she felt about kale - one of the healthiest vegetables around.

The star wrote ‘gay’ to describe her feelings toward the cabbage-like product – outraging many fans with her flippant use of the word as an insult.


Three American doctors killed by Afghan security guard at hospital in Kabul

Foreign nationals talk with Afghan security personnel at the gate of the Cure hospital in Kabul

An Afghan security guard opened fire on a group of doctors at a Kabul hospital on Thursday morning, killing three American physicians and wounding a U.S. nurse, officials have said.

The shooting at Cure International Hospital in western Kabul was the latest in a string of deadly attacks on foreign civilians in the Afghan capital this year.

Two of the dead were a visiting father and son, Minister of Health Soraya Dalil said...


Hamas wins, Abbas loses

The unity agreement signed Wednesday is a lifeline for the Islamist organization struggling to ruling Gaza, and poses a threat to the development in the West Bank...


Did rancher Cliven Bundy just forfeit his cause -- and take the Tea Party down with him?

Kathy here, guest posting for Arnie, in "just askin'..." mode.

Dennis Prager likes to point out that merely talking about race is the new "racism."

Is this the latest example? 

Is Bundy making a semi-valid point about learned helplessness and the "Democratic plantation" extremely clumsily, or is he just a moron?

The New York Times has overheard Cliven Bundy—the Nevada rancher who, instead of paying decades of overdue grazing fees, met the Bureau of Land management with guns and a small militia—saying this:

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.

“And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”


Ukraine forces kill up to five rebels, Russia starts drill near border

A Ukrainian security force officer is deployed at a checkpoint set on fire and left by pro-Russian separatists near Slaviansk April 24, 2014

(Reuters) - Ukrainian forces killed up to five pro-Moscow rebels on Thursday as they closed in on the separatists' military stronghold in the east and Russia launched army drills near the border in response, raising fears its troops would go in.

Under an international accord signed in Geneva last week, illegal armed groups in Ukraine, including the rebels occupying about a dozen public buildings in the largely Russian-speaking east, are supposed to disarm and go home.

But they have shown no signs of doing so and on Thursday the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said its forces backed by the army had removed three checkpoints manned by armed groups in the separatist-controlled city of Slaviansk.

"During the armed clash up to five terrorists were eliminated," it said in a statement, adding that one person had been wounded on the side of the government forces.

A rebel spokeswoman in Slaviansk said two fighters had died in a clash in the same area, northeast of the city center.

The Kremlin has built up forces on Ukraine's border - estimated by NATO officials at up to 40,000 troops - and maintains it has the right to protect Russian-speakers if they come under threat, a reason it gave for annexing the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine last month...

In related news: Russia's Gazprom says Ukraine owes extra $11 billion for gas: (Reuters) - Russia's Gazprom has slapped Ukraine energy firm Naftogaz with an additional $11.4 billion gas bill, more than five times its previous claim, ratcheting up pressure on Kiev amid the deepest East-West rift since the end of the Cold War.

The political crisis in Ukraine, now in its fourth month, has pitted Russia against the United States and the European Union, which have sanctioned Moscow over its annexation of Crimea peninsula.

A Gazprom source said the $11.4 billion was in addition to the $2.2 billion that Naftogaz already owes for supplies in 2013 and 2014 so far...


Greenfield: Planned Parenthood founder in 1947: European women should stop having babies for 10 years

The bad news is they did. That’s one of the reasons for Europe’s decline.

Sanger dodges the question of what women who won’t be able to have children by then should do...

Video at link.


Obama says pact obliges U.S. to protect Japan in islands fight

Senkaku Islands, known to China as Diaoyu

TOKYO — President Obama offered a security blanket to a staunch Asian ally on Thursday, declaring on a visit here that the United States was obligated by a defense treaty to protect Japan in its confrontation with China over a clump of islands in the East China Sea.

But Mr. Obama stopped short of siding with Japan in the dispute over who has sovereignty over the islands, urging both sides to refrain from provocations and emphasizing that the United States was determined to cultivate good relations with Beijing.

The president’s carefully calibrated statement, delivered alongside Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, captured a delicate balancing act: He sought to reassure Japan that the United States would back it at a tense moment but tried to avoid the perception of containing China.
Mr. Obama and Mr. Abe kept the focus on managing rising tensions in the East China Sea, where China last year imposed an air defense identification zone as a way of asserting its sovereignty over those waters.

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Ezra Levant to headline parental rights fundraiser

Sun News personality Ezra Levant will headline the Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund fundraising dinner on May 24 at Canada Christian College in Toronto to raise money for the organization as it financially assists Dr. Eusthathios (Steve) Tourloukis in his legal challenge to withdraw his daughter from classroom instruction he considers immoral.


Mark Steyn's 'Passing Parade' grows larger

Ed Driscoll writes:

Ezra Levant of Canada’s Sun News calls it “a riveting collection of stories chronicling the lives of the men and women who helped shape the 20th century,” and he’s right. For a perfect snapshot of what life was like among the overculture – in the media, in pop culture, and in politics in the last and first decade of the new and old millennium, simply read the profiles Steyn has crafted for his Passing Parade.
The book is an anthology of his obits, written for National Review, the Spectator (both its UK and American incarnations), the London Telegraph, and until 2007, a monthly staple of the Atlantic.

That the Atlantic traded Steyn for a multi-year dalliance with leftwing former Brit Andrew Sullivan is a classic example of ideologically-driven managerial incompetence.


The forgotten 'sequel' to 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Steve Sailer writes:

Fiddler, which was the most successful show on Broadway in the 1960s, now encapsulates how American liberal Jews like to imagine that their Jewish ancestors always were: poor and oppressed.

And yet the extensive documentation of Jewish history suggests that the late Czarist Fiddler era was an anomalous spell. For most of European history, Jews tended to be prosperous, well connected to the power structures, and politically conservative.

Ironically, the Fiddler on the Roof portrait of Jewish history was so popular view that it undermined Fiddler’s own composers Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock when they tried to follow up their hit with the 1970 megamusical The Rothschilds.

Since audiences were so enraptured with the humble Tevye singing “If I Were a Rich Man” (originally, “If I Were a Rothschild”), Harnick and Bock figured nobody could resist a musical version of the most famously rich family in history. They mounted a spectacular production of The Rothschilds starring Hal Linden, Jill Clayburgh, and Robbie Benson.

But after a decent run on Broadway and a couple of Tony Awards, the musical has vanished from popular memory. After all, this tale of extravagantly rich and powerful bankers wheeling and dealing with Prince von Metternich seems more like an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory than an appropriate lesson for the general public.

Yet The Rothschilds may have been more representative of Jewish history than Fiddler...


'Retired SCOTUS Justice John Paul Stevens wants to amend the U.S. Constitution, I see...'

John Derbyshire has some proposed amendments of his own:

Barring religious organizations from receiving federal funds or contracting in any way with federal agencies.

That’ll shut down the refugee-resettlement rackets. Why are outfits like Catholic Charities and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society getting tens of millions of dollars from the feds? How does this square with separation of church and state? It doesn’t. Shut off the spigot.


Rebellion is brewing against the political elite that has ruined Europe

I am occasionally asked for news of my former sparring partner, Amadeu Altafaj Tardio, the European Commission official who is perhaps better known to some viewers of Newsnight as “the idiot in Brussels”.

h/t Del


Morocco: Jew asks to join ruling Islamist party

A Jewish lawyer in Morocco is challenging the country's political establishment by asking to join an Islamist party, it is reported.

Isaac Charia says in a letter to Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane's Justice and Development Party (PJD) that he wants to know if Jews are welcome to join, adding that he hopes his request will not be seen as "a cynical act".

h/t zd


Tunisian activists sue Israel for 1988 assassination of PLO member Abu Jihad

"...the National Authority for Resistance & Anti-Zionism has collected evidences incriminating Israel in the political assassination case."

Blah Blah Blah...


The defendant, Ubale Sa'idu Dotsa, testified... that the Devil instigated him to have sex with the girl.

KANO, Nigeria (AP) — An Islamic court in northern Nigeria has sentenced a man to be stoned to death for raping a 13-year-old girl and infecting her with HIV.

Such sentences under strict Sharia laws have been passed before but never carried out in Nigeria. Past sentences have been commuted to life in prison.

The defendant, Ubale Sa'idu Dotsa, testified Wednesday that the Devil instigated him to have sex with the girl. The 63-year-old said he did not know he was infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.


Ambulance called to PM's place for Liquored-Up 18-year-old

OTTAWA - An 18-year-old woman had to be carted away from Prime Minister Stephen Harper's official residence Saturday night for a suspected case of alcohol poisoning.

The RCMP, who are responsible for protecting the PM and his family, said paramedics from Ottawa's Emergency Services were called to 24 Sussex Dr. and took away in an ambulance what was believed to be an unconscious or semi-conscious woman.

While Ottawa's emergency services confirmed some of those details to some news organizations Wednesday morning, by mid-afternoon a gag order had clearly been put in effect and the ambulance operator would no longer even confirm the incident occurred.


Trudeau runs away from middle class questions following report

OTTAWA - Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau walked off with a skateboard under his arm Wednesday when asked about an international study that contradicts his claims Canada's middle class has faltered under the Harper Conservatives.


Shutting down free speech

A movie highlighting radical Islam's war on women is being censored on university campuses -- right here in North America.


New York City mayor Bill de Blasio wants to ban new wood-burning fireplaces and diesel engines on food trucks as part of a clean air initiative

Bill de Blasio announced the air pollution prevention proposal at a press conference in Union Square (seen in the subway afterwards) on Tuesday, Earth Day

Bill de Blasio has issued a plan to ban the installation of any new wood-burning fireplaces throughout New York in an effort to clear up air pollution.

The Mayor launched a new clean air initiative on Tuesday to coincide with Earth Day, and has a few different targets that he hopes will limit dangerous pollutants.

In addition to blocking the construction of future wood-burning fireplaces, the new Mayor is calling for changes in the refrigeration and emissions controls for certain types of food trucks and commercial char broilers...


Evening photo: Pink-out! Cherry blossoms in Vancouver

From Facebook site BeVancouver.


IRS awards $2.8m bonuses to 2,800 employees who've been disciplined for workplace misconduct including those who owed back taxes

Average Americans who don't follow the rules at work are liable to get fired. Internal Revenue Service employees who engage in workplace misconduct get rewarded with bonuses.

The IRS has paid more than $2.8 million in bonuses to employees with disciplinary problems, including $1 million to workers who owed back taxes, a government investigator said on Tuesday.

More than 2,800 workers got bonuses despite facing a disciplinary action in the previous year, including 1,150 who owed back taxes, says a report by J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general for tax administration. The bonuses were awarded from October 2010 through December 2012...


Vote-whoring in Germany: Muslim candidate changes party’s logo to attract more Muslims

Local elections are to be held in the German town of Neuss the next 25th of May.

The election contest is in full swing, and the nearest the voting day, the more desperate and debunking the ways of luring voters are – specially in the case of Muslims, of course.

This is outright evident when the candidate is of Turkish origin and himself a Muslim, like Yasar Calik (pictured with the crescent added to the CDU Party logo)...

The Turkish flag


European court rules Spain violated rights convention by expelling Sahrawis

Marker shows the Canary Islands

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that Spain violated an international rights treaty by trying to expel in 2012 a group of Sahrawi* refugees who were seeking asylum after they illegally landed in the Canary Islands.

In a decision made public Tuesday, the justices in Strasbourg said that the Spanish High Court, along with the Interior Ministry, violated the European Human Rights Convention by refusing to study asylum requests filed by 30 Sahrawis, who claimed they were being persecuted by Moroccan authorities.

“The judges have handed down this ruling given the nonexistence within our legislation of an automatic process that stops the return of this kind of complainant until a decision on their case is definitive," said Paloma Favieres, a lawyer for the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance (Crear), which filed the complaint with the European court against the Spanish government...

*From Wikipedia: The Sahrawi people are the people living in the western part of African Sahara desert which includes Western Sahara (claimed by the Polisario and mostly controlled by Morocco), other parts of southern Morocco not claimed by the Polisario, most of Mauritania, and the extreme southwest of Algeria.

As with most Saharan peoples living in the Great African Desert, the Sahrawi culture is mixed. It shows mainly Berber-Tuareg characteristics, like the privileged position of women—identical to the neighboring Berber-speaking Tuaregs—and some additional Bedouin Arab and black African characteristics. Sahrawis are composed of many tribes and are largely speakers of the Hassaniya dialect of Arabic, and some of them still speak Berber in both of Morocco's disputed and non-disputed territories.  They are all Sunni Muslims.


Hamas, Hezbollah hit Egypt jails, witnesses tell Morsi trial

Egypt's ousted president Mohammed Morsi in a soundproof barred glass cage is seen on a monitor. Morsi and 35 others are facing charges of conspiring with foreign groups and undermining national security

Prosecution witnesses in the jailbreak trial of Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday accused members of Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah of attacking Egyptian prisons during the 2011 uprising.

The trial, one of three against Morsi, is part of a government crackdown that has targeted him and his Muslim Brotherhood movement since his ouster by the army in July.

In the jailbreak case, Morsi and 130 other defendants including Palestinian and Lebanese militants are charged with organizing attempts to spring prisoners from jails and attacking police stations during the uprising that ousted longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak.

The prosecution presented three witnesses in Wednesday’s hearing, two of whom described how jails were attacked during the uprising, before the trial was postponed until April 30...


Elder of Ziyon: Abbas’ Holocaust doubletalk

There's a sucker born every minute, and today's is Rabbi Marc Schneier:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called the Holocaust the “single greatest tragedy in modern-day history” during a meeting with a visiting American rabbi in Ramallah on Sunday.

According to Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, a Jewish-Muslim interfaith group, Abbas agreed to make a public declaration on behalf of Holocaust-remembrance efforts around the world, as well as to speak out against attempts to ban circumcision and ritual slaughter in several European countries.
Continue reading at Elder’s blog for details on how this man was taken in by Abbas.


Lesbian 'throuple' expecting first child

But the one in the middle is a guy, right?


The side effects of immigration - deadly maladies may spread all across Europe

Click on post title to see map of TB cases....


Interfaith panel denounces a 9/11 museum exhibit’s portrayal of Islam

Visitors outside the soon-to-open National September 11 Memorial Museum, which includes a documentary that discusses the subject of Islam and Muslims. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

Past the towering tridents that survived the World Trade Center collapse, adjacent to a gallery with photographs of the 19 hijackers, a brief film at the soon-to-open National September 11 Memorial Museum will seek to explain to visitors the historical roots of the attacks.

The film, “The Rise of Al Qaeda,” refers to the terrorists as Islamists who viewed their mission as a jihad. The NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who narrates the film, speaks over images of terrorist training camps and Qaeda attacks spanning decades. Interspersed with his voice are explanations of the ideology of the terrorists, rendered in foreign-accented English translations.

The documentary is not even seven minutes long, the exhibit just a small part of the museum. But it has suddenly become over the last few weeks a flash point in what has long been one of the most highly charged issues at the museum: how it should talk about Islam and Muslims.

With the museum opening on May 21, it has shown the film to several groups, including an interfaith advisory group of clergy members. Those on the panel overwhelmingly took strong exception to the film and requested changes. But the museum has declined. In March, the sole imam in the group resigned to make clear that he could not endorse its contents.

Click on post title to


Aborted babies from BC incinerated to provide electricity for residents of Oregon…

VICTORIA, British Columbia – The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in B.C. facilities are ending up in a waste-to-power facility in the United States, providing electricity for residents of Oregon.

The province’s Health Ministry said in an email to the B.C. Catholic that “biomedical waste” shipped to the U.S. to be incinerated includes “human tissue, such as surgically removed cancerous tissue, amputated limbs, and fetal tissue.”

“The ministry understands that some is transferred to Oregon. There it is incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant,” the email stated...

h/t Osumashi Kinyobe


Germany: Refugees to march to Brussels to protest against EU asylum policy

Member of the Bundestag Ströbele, (Green Party), with refugees

Refugees from Berlin and other European cities plan to march to Brussels to protest against restrictions on [the movement of] asylum seekers in Europe.

The spokesman for the refugee camps by the Berlin Oranienplatz announced on Wednesday that the “March for Freedom” from Strasbourg to Brussels will be on May 19.

There, from June 20-26, the participants want to make EU institutions aware of their situations.

The EU’s system, according to which refugees have to live in the first “safe country” in which they arrive in Europe, was built on a lie, said the 29-year-old Asif from Pakistan at the Brandenburg Gate [in Berlin].

Asylum seekers cannot feel their lives are safe in either Italy or Hungary, [they say].

The march will pass through the border region of Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The protesters want to cover 500 km and pass through, among other places, Sarreguemines, Saarbrücken, Schengen, Luxembourg and Charleroi.

* * *
What a wreck. Only one word: deport. To hell with the EU.  See here,  here  and here for more background on the Oranienplatz squatters in Berlin.


McDonald's Canada freezes use of foreign worker plan

(Reuters) - The Canadian unit of McDonald's Corp has suspended all of its applications under the country's temporary foreign worker program as its undergoes a third party audit on its use, the restaurant chain said on Wednesday.

The move comes after the fast-food giant was criticized in media reports in recent weeks about its use of the Canadian government plan, which allows companies to bring in foreign workers for hard-to-fill jobs.

The restaurant chain said the freeze will not impact the temporary foreign workers it employs who already have work permits.


Saudi Arabia arrests two women trying to join al-Qaeda in Yemen

The two women had reportedly collected sums of money, as well as quantities of gold and silver in the central region of al-Qassim. (Al Arabiya)

Two Saudi women were arrested while trying to smuggle six children, including four of their own, across the southern border to join al-Qaeda in Yemen, Al Arabiya News Channel reported on Wednesday.

Two Yemeni smugglers who accompanied the women and children were also arrested, as the group attempted to cross into Yemen from Jazan, in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia.

The two women had reportedly collected sums of money, as well as quantities of gold and silver in the central region of al-Qassim, before taking the six children.

Al-Watan newspaper, quoting sources, reported Wednesday that the six children were all related...


Mali fighters say they have killed French hostage

A French foreign ministry spokesman said on Tuesday night that Gilberto Rodrigues Leal was feared dead after the claim from al Qaeda-linked fighters in Mali.

The MUJAO, a French acryonym which in English means “Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa,” group told the French AFP news agency earlier on Tuesday that "he is dead, because France is our enemy."

Gilberto Rodrigues Leal was kidnapped in November 2012 while travelling in Mali and Mauritania. The MUJAO spokesman, Yoro Abdoul Salam, spoke to AFP by phone. When asked for more information like a time or place of death, or evidence such as a photo, AFP reported that Salam said “in the name of Allah, he is dead,” before hanging up.

The government in Paris responded cautiously, but admitted to fearing the worst...


Tampa Terror Radio

For the past nine years, a radio show has been broadcast out of Tampa Bay, Florida every Friday representing the viewpoints of radical Islamists. The subjects on the show, ironically called ‘True Talk,’ almost always revolve around two subjects: extreme hatred of Israel and/or support for those associated with terrorism.

During the month of March, different anti-Israel and terror-related content made its way over the airwaves with the blessing of one of the show’s co-hosts, Ahmed Bedier...


Anti-Obama protesters clash with police in Manila

Protesters try to force their way closer to the US Embassy in Manila on Wednesday during a rally against next week’s visit by US president Barack Obama.

Police armed with truncheons, shields and a fire hose clashed on Wednesday with more than 100 left-wing activists who rallied at the U.S. Embassy in Manila to oppose a visit by President Barack Obama and an expected security pact that would increase the American military presence in the Philippines.

Riot policemen blocked the flag-waving activists near the heavily fortified embassy compound but the protesters slipped past them, sparking a brief scuffle in view of motorists stuck in traffic.

The police sprayed water on the protesters from a fire truck to push them away. A police officer was punched in the face in the melee but no arrests were made. Some of the protesters carried paper U.S. flags with the message - “Obama, not welcome.”

Mr. Obama arrives in Manila on Monday for an overnight stop after visiting Japan, South Korea and Malaysia on an Asian trip in which he is expected to reassure allied nations enmeshed in long-running territorial disputes with an increasingly assertive China...

* * *
Pack of leftist idiots.  Let them face China alone.


Pakistan reports 50th polio case in 2014

PESHAWAR: With a staggering increase of 800% in the number of polio cases, Pakistan reported its 50th polio case of the current year here Tuesday. It again exposed the poor performance of the highly-paid officials of the polio programme and the provincial polio monitoring and coordination cell set up to eradicate the polio virus.

According to the international website of polio eradication, Pakistan had reported six polio cases only during the corresponding period last year whereas this year the number has hit fifty...


NYT editorial whines over affirmative action setback: ‘Racial equality loses at the Court’

A blinkered view of race in America won out in the Supreme Court on Tuesday when six justices agreed, for various reasons, to allow Michigan voters to ban race-conscious admissions policies in higher education.

In 2003, the court upheld such a policy at the University of Michigan Law School because it furthered a compelling governmental interest in educational diversity. Opponents of affirmative action moved to amend the State Constitution to ban any consideration of race or sex in public education and employment. In 2006, voters passed the amendment by a wide margin.

Affirmative action supporters sued to strike down the amendment, arguing that by changing the rules of the game in a way that uniquely burdened racial minorities, the amendment violated the equal protection clause. A closely divided federal appeals court agreed.

In Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, the Supreme Court reversed that ruling and allowed the amendment to stand. Among other things, the justices disagreed about whose rights were at issue: the minorities who would be affected by the ban or the majority of the state’s voters who passed it.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for a three-member plurality, sided with the voters, who he said had undertaken “a basic exercise of their democratic power” in approving the amendment. He cautioned that the ruling took no position on the constitutionality of race-conscious admissions policies themselves. “This case is not about how the debate about racial preferences should be resolved. It is about who may resolve it.”

Not so, Justice Sonia Sotomayor responded, in a stinging 58-page dissent. “Our Constitution places limits on what a majority of the people may do,” she wrote, such as when they pass laws that oppress minorities.

Click on post title to


Karl Marx for President!

It could be that everyone who visits that one pier in Florida is really dumb, but basically America as a whole is okay. Think positive.

h/t Chicks on the Right


D-Day veterans face bureaucracy challenge over 70-year anniversary

One of the D-Day beaches in June 1944

They were strafed by machine gun fire, showered with bombs and clambered over barbed wire as they stormed the beaches at Normandy in 1944.

However, 70 years on, D-Day veterans face their most dogged foe to date: French bureaucracy.

Nine hundred members of the British Normandy Veterans' Association plan to be among thousands returning to the former battleground for the June commemoration of the Normandy landings.

In a surprise countermove, however, pen-pushing French authorities will bar anyone without an official pass from entering the Cotentin Peninsula.

Bureaucrats will man the barricades and erect an “anti-congestion cordon” around Calvados, Manche and Orne to control traffic and meet security requirements.

The veterans – many of whom are in their 90s – were asked to fill in a two-page form at the last minute asking for personal details, rank, regiment, unit, "role" during D-Day, medals awarded, events they plan to attend, travel plans, home address, email address, place of birth, age, contact numbers, "maiden name if applicable" and whether they want to speak to the media.

Former British servicemen had until April 19 to complete the forms after an urgent memo was issued to the national Normandy Veterans' Association on March 19.

It will be the last big anniversary gathering to be officially marked by the Association, which is to disband in November...


In Britain elementary schools are under investigation for promoting Sharia law, In Ontario Wynne approves it

TDSB Beware - Schools at heart of Muslim 'Trojan Horse' plot named as investigation launched over segregation and extremist preacher claims

The names of the schools at the heart of an alleged Islamist plot to take over state institutions have been revealed.

The 18 schools, which have been inspected by Ofsted over the so-called 'Trojan Horse' plot, were named in a list released by Birmingham City Council today.

In Britain schools are investigation for promoting Sharia law, In Ontario Wynne approves the TDSB's Mosqueteria and gender segregation


PHOTO & VIDEO: Riot Police Turn Firehoses On Obama Protesters In Philippines –”Obama Not Welcome”

Obama makes friends wherever he goes...


CAIR protests textbook bill; says it’s rooted in anti-Muslim bigotry

A bill making its way through the Florida legislature requiring local school districts to review textbooks used in classrooms is now the target of the the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR.

The group contends that the bill, SB 864: Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education, introduced by Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, would create an unfunded mandate posing an unnecessary burden on local school districts, according to its statement released Monday.
However, what is really at stake for the group is its claim that the bill was prompted by anti-Muslim bigotry. Hayes sponsored the bill in response to a history book that residents of Brevard County claimed in July emphasized Islam’s influence on the world while minimizing Christianity and Judaism.

“World History,” published by Prentice-Hall, “has a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism,” Florida Rep. Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne said. “It’s remarkably one-sided.”

The dispute eventually spilled over into Volusia County, where critics said the text “whitewashes” the history of Islam.


New York Police Twitter Backlash Spreads Around the World

What began as an effort by the New York Police Department to get people to share favorable photos of city police officers on Twitterhas turned into an international social media campaign about police abuse.

As my colleague J. David Goodman reports, the Police Department’s Twitter hashtag #mynypd was quickly hijacked after @NYPDNews made its initial callout.


The Moroccans that infuriate the Dutch

Dutch member of parliament Geert Wilders

Who, actually, are the Dutch Moroccans about whom Dutch MP Geert Wilders recently stated: “The fewer, the better”?

During the 1960's, the Netherlands chose to attract migrant workers to perform low-skilled manual labor. This group included Turks, Spaniards, Portuguese and Moroccans. It was never the original intent of the Dutch government permanently to settle these workers; they were expected to return to their home countries after a few years.

In most instances, they did not. Family reunification laws -- derived from the European Treaty of Human Rights article 8: Right to family life -- provided that migrant workers had the right to bring their families to the Netherlands and settle in a permanent manner...

* * *
Do “human rights” benefit anyone but immigrants and criminals?


Pat Condell: It's good to be anti-Islam


Bad date?


Phone Follies

A North Carolina deputy confiscated two separate cell phones recording her in the midst of confronting a retired Marine combat instructor. A video provided to Photography Is Not a Crime shows the deputy losing her cool and snatching the phones, but the video directly contradicts her claim that she arrested Carlos Jaramillo for acting aggressive.


RT TV: Russia says would retaliate if citizens’ interests threatened; Ukraine’s leaders say have US backing to take on ‘aggressors’

Masked pro-Russia protesters pelt supporters of Ukrainian presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko with eggs outside a regional government building in Donetsk. (Reuters/Marko Djurica)

(Reuters) - Russia would retaliate if its citizens' interests were threatened and its territory came under attack, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying, adding the United States was behind events in Ukraine.

"If we are attacked, we would certainly respond," he told Russia Today (RT) television in an interview to be aired later on Wednesday, according to RT's website.

"If our interests, our legitimate interests, the interests of Russians have been attacked directly, like they were in South Ossetia for example, I do not see any other way but to respond in accordance with international law," he said, referring to a separatist territory in Georgia into which Moscow sent troops in August 2008.

"There is no reason not to believe that the Americans are running the show," RT quoted him as saying, referring to developments in Kiev.

People hold signs reading “Don’t buy Russian vodka. Don’t pay occupiers” as they empty bottles of vodka into the sewer during a flash mob in the center of the western city of Lviv, Ukraine. (AFP/Yuriy Dyachyshyn)

See also, Ukraine's leaders say have U.S. backing to take on “aggressors”: KIEV, April 23 (Reuters) - Ukraine's government relaunched a security operation to crack down on pro-Russian armed groups after an Easter pause on Wednesday and said it had the backing of the United States.

Prompted in part by the discovery of the body of a Ukrainian politician who appeared to have been tortured, officials in Kiev decided to renew what they call an "anti-terrorist operation" against separatist militias who have seized control of about a dozen public buildings in eastern Ukraine.

But it was unclear what steps, in reality, Kiev could take to restore its authority in the mainly Russian-speaking east, without wrecking an international deal, signed last week in Geneva, designed to defuse the stand-off...


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