Oklahoma Archbishop Files Suit Over Stolen Host that Satanists Have Slotted for Desecration

Archbishop Paul Coakley filed suit today against the group which has said it will conduct a “black mass” at the Oklahoma City Civic Center.

The basis for the lawsuit is that the group has illegally obtained property belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, i.e., a Consecrated Host.

There are a number of statutes which might apply to this situation. According to an article in National Catholic Reporter, a “black mass” involves a naked woman lying on the “altar,” which has a certain symmetry since their “priest” is a convicted sex offender. Since Oklahoma has laws about public nudity, the Satanists claim they are going to forego that, along with using excrement and urine.


Shawn Parcells’ credentials, role in Michael Brown autopsy questioned by doctors

Parcells admits he has no certification as a pathology assistant, but says his qualification comes from experience.

“I worked there as a forensic assistant for about a year. And if I remember correctly that was 2005 to 2006. That was under Dr. Young,” Parcells said.

That’s Dr. Thomas Young, the former Jackson County Medical Examiner.

“And that’s honestly where I gained a lot of my experience,” Parcells said.

Parcells says his training began in 1997 when he interned with Dr. Young, until he was hired in the mid-2000’s.

Dr. Young responded with this statement:

“Shawn hung out at the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office but was not trained by me.”…. “He has been representing himself in a way that is not appropriate by giving forensic pathology opinions when he is not qualified to do so.”

h/t Marvin


Missouri cop was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown, says source

Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department's top brass told FoxNews.com.

“The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”

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U.S. staged secret operation into Syria in failed bid to rescue Americans

U.S. Special Operations forces staged an unsuccessful operation this summer to rescue photojournalist James Foley and other Americans being held in Syria by Islamic State militants, according to senior Obama administration officials.

The attempt, in which at least one U.S. serviceman was injured, came after at least six Western hostages freed by the militants had been debriefed by U.S. intelligence.


Lazy Muslim MP Quits NDP Because They Don't Hate Israel Enough

OTTAWA -- A New Democrat MP has quit the caucus over what she felt was an excessively pro-Israel stance on the current conflict in Gaza and demeaning party demands to toe the line.

"For me, a party leader should be loved like (former leader) Jack Layton and not feared," wrote Hassainia, who is originally from Tunisia.

"Today, I have the courage to make a significant gesture, to take a weight off my shoulders and stand by my convictions."

However, NDP sources said Hassainia has never before voiced concern over Mulcair's position on Israel and accused her of simply looking for an excuse to cover the fact that she rarely shows up for work.


Sharks and Islamists: Equally Misunderstood?

I recently spent some time watching Shark Week on television. Being fascinated with large predatory fish, I’ve watched many shark programs throughout the years. And I’ve reached one conclusion: the “liberal” response one is accustomed to when the topic of Islam and Islamists come up—that they are misunderstood, that we need to respect their ways and be tolerant, that it’s our fault we get attacked—has become so embedded in the Western psyche that it now colors our understanding of the animal world as well.


Hamas Military Wing Admits It Kidnapped and murdered Three Israeli Teens.

A senior Hamas official has admitted that the organization’s military wing was behind the kidnapping of the three Israeli boys — Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16 — who were found dead in June, according to Hebrew-language reports in the Israeli media.


What if the Rioters Were White?

Imagine, if you will, a young white unarmed man shot to death by police under ambiguous circumstances like those which have sparked riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Imagine that, in response to that white man’s death, white militia men, white Tea Partiers, and white professing Christians rallied to the town where it occurred. Imagine they began burning buildings, looting businesses, and defying measures by local law enforcement to maintain order...


The men act.. umm. San Fransciscan.

Blackbird Attacks San Franciscans


Inside Hamas: How To Understand the Global Jihadist Threat

In-depth reporting by the Wall Street Journal’s Nicholas Casey and Adam Entous takes us inside Gaza, into the minds, indoctrination and support system of Hamas. The report is here (but behind the paper’s subscriber wall).

It will be a tough one to refute for the willful blindness crowd – i.e., the bipartisan Beltway ruling class and its cooperative mainstream media – who insist that Islam is innately a religion of peace. The report illuminates the reality that Islamic study is the basic pathway to jihadist militancy and that, for members of Hamas, the jihad against Israel is not a parochial political affair but part and parcel of a global ideological movement that is very much driven by a perception of divine directive.


American ‘Jihadist’ Ali Muhammed Brown Suspected in Four Murders From New Jersey to Washington State

Multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation say Brown told police he carried out the murders because he was on a jihad to kill Americans.


9 well integrated Austrians detained for seeking to join jihad

VIENNA: Nine people suspected of intending to join Islamist militants fighting the government in Syria have been arrested in Austria, Vienna prosecutors said Wednesday.

"We don't have more details yet," a spokeswoman said.

The Austria Press Agency had reported the nine people were being questioned and a decision on whether to place them in investigative custody was pending.


#truthhurts Shorter Aussie Muslims... Don't believe your lyin eyes! Islam is a religion of peace!

Muslim leaders reject Tony Abbott's proposed new terrorism laws

Muslim leaders across Australia have denounced as unjust, unjustified and hypocritical proposed new counter-terrorism laws and they have refused to "rubber-stamp" them for the government.

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, more than 60 individuals and organisations, including 10 sheikhs, said that the threat from the ostensible target of the laws - about 150 "radicalised" Muslims returning from Iraq or Syria - had been "trumped up".

"There is no solid evidence to substantiate this threat. Rather, racist caricatures of Muslims as backwards, prone to violence and inherently problematic are being exploited," the statement reads.

Shorter Muslims... Don't believe your lyin eyes! Islam is a religion of peace!


'Twice as Many' Well Integrated British Muslims Fighting for ISIS as in UK Armed Forces

There are now more than twice as many British Muslims fighting for Islamic State than there are serving in the British armed forces, according to a British MP.

Khalid Mahmood, the MP for Perry Barr in Birmingham, estimates that at least 1,500 young British Muslims have been recruited by extremists fighting in Iraq and Syria in the last three years.

David Cameron's Youth In Politics Engagement Committee
Mahmood told Newsweek that this figure had been building since the start of the Syrian conflict: "If you look across the whole of the country, and the various communities involved, 500 going over each year would be a conservative estimate.”

I bet the same holds true for our armed forces.


Dawkins says not aborting Down Syndrome babies is immoral


Is Islam Evolving?

It used to be routine during the (so-called) Sexual Revolution to read stories about some wild-looking but charismatic dude in California creating his own cult to spread the good word. Everyone knew that what the dude was eager to spread had little to do with the official rationale. Still, many young and beautiful women seemed quite willing to join the cult to receive enlightenment during midnight services out in the woods. Members watched chanting and burning incense while the pastor provided individual instruction.

So, imagine my amazement when I came across a similar item online. No, not the wild and crazy ‘60s. Yes, to do with sex. No, not California but… Egypt. Huh?


Muslims on Twitter Defending Execution of James Wright Foley

Of course, there are plenty of Westernized Muslims who condemn the beheading of James Wright Foley. Unfortunately, Islam isn't defined by Westernized Muslims.


Shutoff: Detroit's Water War

Earlier this year, Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department began turning off water utilities for overdue or delinquent accounts. Since April, the department has cut off the water for nearly 3,000 households per week — meaning roughly 100,000 Motor City residents are without water. Entrenched at the bottom of Detroit's current economic crisis, many of those without water are the city's poorest resident.

The city’s shut-off campaign has garnered international press attention, and has been called “an affront to human rights” by representatives of the United Nations.


New York Friday Sermon: U.S. Muslims Should Boycott all These "Jewey Soundin Firms" Coca-Cola, Nestle, Danon


Canada: Group pushes for permanent residency status for temporary foreign workers

Clarizze Truscott spokesperson for the Temporary Foreign Workers Support Coalition speaks at a news conference in Edmonton on Tuesday. Photograph by: Ed Kaiser, Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON - A group supporting temporary foreign workers had stern words for federal politicians on Tuesday, likening government changes to the program to the abuses of migrant workers in the early 20th century.

“We feel very strongly that it is a violation of human rights,” said spokeswoman Clarizze Truscott. “These atrocities are happening again today (to) temporary foreign workers.”

The Temporary Foreign Workers Support Coalition was founded in May. To date, the group said it has met with New Democrat Linda Duncan, the member of Parliament for Edmonton-Strathcona, and Ontario Liberal MP John McCallum.

“He reassured us that he will push to extend work permits of temporary foreign workers who have pending (Alberta Immigration Nominee Program) applications,” Truscott said. “The delay is really hurting them because while they’re waiting for results, their current work status is running out.”

Truscott said this means workers could end up being in the country illegally if they don’t have permission to work, but their applications haven’t been processed. The group said that getting permanent residency status for temporary foreign workers is “essential” and that the coalition will continue pushing for it.

“We are calling on all politicians ... to support the just and humane treatment of temporary foreign workers,” Truscott said.

Truscott said that requests to meet with Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney were refused...


Chairman Chow Dismisses Lying Jackal As Mere "Volunteer"

Lying Jackal puts foot in mouth - Again
The Lying Jackal is the best asset the Tory Campaign has.

There are lots of reasons Chow will lose the race, he's one of them.

More at Chow Central...


New York Times sours on Obama executive amnesty?

Breitbart thinks so:  “A new New York Times story detailing President Obama's overtures to the powerful business lobby ahead of planned executive actions on immigration is strikingly negative and suggests the plan continues to lose currency with the liberal intelligentsia in Washington.”

Click on post title to read NYT piece...


Chinese state media weigh in on Ferguson riots, citing persistent racism in ‘every aspect of U.S. social lives’

A man with a skateboard protesting Michael Brown's murder walks away from tear gas released by police August 17, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Despite the Brown family’s continued call for peaceful demonstrations, violent protests have erupted nearly every night in Ferguson since his death

While the United States has been fixated on the death of unarmed black teenager Mike Brown, who was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, Aug. 9 and the subsequent protests and investigations, China’s government-run news agencies have been relatively quiet. That changed Monday, however, when China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency published a commentary on the situation, calling out America’s major “human rights flaw.”

“In his landmark speech, ‘I have a dream,’ civil rights leader Martin Luther King voiced his strong aspiration for equal rights of the black people in U.S. society,” Xinhua said. “Fifty years later, such a dream has been partially realized.”

The Xinhua commentary details deep-seated issues with racially fueled violence and police brutality in the United States. “It is undeniable that racial discrimination against African-Americans or other ethnic minorities, though not as obvious as in the past, still persists in every aspect of U.S. social lives, including employment, housing, education and, particularly, justice,” the report said...

* * *
Hypocrisy? Major! Chinese people living in the evil, racist West should feel free to return to China.


Spike Lee: 'There Is a War on the Black Male'

Sure it is Spike.


ISIS in America

We should not ignore this chilling warning from the Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul...

But we will. Rather our politicians and the MSM will continue to cover for Islam. Our government will continue with its disastrous immigration policy, the MSM will continue to spew its preferred narrative. 

In the end we will be here to pick up the pieces.


Today In Eurabian Judenhaas: "̶A̶n̶t̶i̶-̶I̶s̶r̶a̶e̶l̶"̶ ̶P̶r̶o̶t̶e̶s̶t̶e̶r̶s̶ New Nazis Storm Geneva Synagogue

"When your enemies are telling you what they are, and what they think, and what they will do, you better damned well listen to them and not to their complicit, supine, dhimmi translators cum apologists in the Western world."


Liquor monopoly keeping money from Ontario's coffers, study says

Ontario could reap more money from booze sales and consumers could pay less for alcohol if the provincial government opened up the business to more retailers, a new report found.

The study, released Wednesday by the C.D. Howe Institute, said the government is actually foregoing revenue by preserving its virtual monopoly on the sale of alcohol.

Western provinces with more competition had 7 per cent more per capita in provincial alcohol profits than those with government-run monopolies, according to the report written by two economists.

It recommends that Ontario allow wine and beer sales in grocery and convenience stores, permit beer to be sold by other retail outlets and grant licences for off-winery stores to wineries and to new wine retailers.


Halifax to rally around Ferguson: Speeches, march to raise awareness around racism

Michael Brown Sr., holds up a photo of himself, his son, Michael Brown, and a young child during a news conference Monday, Aug. 11, 2014, in Jennings, Mo. [photo chosen by Truro Daily News for this article]

Nkiwane, 19, and Halifax’s poet laureate El Jones are organizing a rally in solidarity with those in Ferguson. Riots and clashes with police are continuing in the St.Louis suburb, more than a week after black teen Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer, igniting racial tensions in the area.

“So many people are racially profiled,” said Nkiwane on Sunday, who is originally from South Africa.

“It definitely comes back home to Halifax and that’s the point … we’re not just looking at America, we’re looking at Canada and the rest of the world.”

At 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nkiwane said they are gathering in Victoria Park to hear a few speeches before marching downtown to the U.S. Consulate for more poetry and discussion around racism inherent in policing and other aspects of society.

Although Nkiwane said many block out racism when they see or experience it, which used to be a “survival tactic” during slavery, people need to be aware of the conditions they’re in.

“Not live in a bubble. They need to be aware … in order to be able to strategically plan and to be able to protect themselves”...


Britain’s beheaders – how we came to export jihad

Illustration: Christian Adams
It is the now familiar nightmare image. A kneeling prisoner, and behind him a black-hooded man speaking to camera. The standing man denounces the West and claims that his form of Islam is under attack. He then saws off the head of the hostage.

Why did Wednesday morning's video stand out? Because this time the captive was an American journalist - James Foley - and his murderer is speaking in an unmistakable London accent.


Who are the Iraqi Kurds?

In the continuing conflict in Iraq, Kurds frequently are mentioned alongside Iraq’s Sunni and Shia Muslim populations as one of the key groups involved in power struggles for which sharp religious divides have played a major part. But while the Kurds are a crucial part of Iraq’s political makeup, they are an ethnic group, not a distinct religious sect within Islam. Kurds are more appropriately compared to Arabs, the largest ethnic group in Iraq, or other regional ethnic groups such as Assyrians or Turkmen.

Much has been reported about the desire of many Kurds for greater autonomy or even independence from Baghdad. However, when it comes to religion, Kurds share a good deal in common with the Arab majority, especially Sunni Muslims.


Palestinian Authority says Hamas shot Fatah men in legs during Gaza fighting

The Palestinian Authority confirmed Tuesday that Fatah activists in the Gaza Strip have been shot in the legs by Hamas during Operation Protective Edge.

Night Job as bartender at Hamas S&M Bar
Gen. Adnan Damiri, spokesman for the Fatah-dominated PA security forces in the West Bank, said that the activists were targeted after they violated the house arrest imposed on them by Hamas.

Hamas officials have denied the charges, saying the shootings were probably carried out by individuals who acted on their own and not on instructions from the Hamas leadership.


Anti-Semitism in Britain: "Sit Up and Take Notice"

"There is a direct link between politicians saying things and people being emboldened to go and attack Jews." — Jonathan Arkush, Vice-President, UK Board of Deputies.

It is never the person who commits these sorts of crimes that is held morally responsible by Britain's media or politicians. That honor is reserved for a nation over 2,000 miles away, Israel.

What if Christians objecting to the genocide being carried out by ISIS in Iraq, say, went around in mobs violently menacing Muslim businesses?


Black Racism is politically correct

I'm amazed at how openly racist black Liberals have become, and how few non-blacks are willing to call them out on it.

I was waiting to be interviewed on CNN the other night, and I was listening in advance of my appearance to an interview of a Missouri legislator said to Don Lemmon, “The way for Ferguson, Missouri to improve public relations is to have more black cops.”

Can you imagine the reaction if a city asked for more white cops?

This call for "blackness" as an answer to what's plaguing the black community is happening a lot, and quite frankly is disturbing.

Pretty soon when we go to a store, black people will only be able to be helped by black people. Imagine a warped world where only somebody of your same COLOR could help you?!

“Colorization” seems to be the answer to all things for Liberals, and is most important to black Liberals. More black is supposed to be better. It never is!

For the life of me, I don’t understand why on Gore’s green Earth black people would want more black people controlling their lives...

h/t Marvin


Hunt for 'British' Islamic State killer of US journalist James Foley

Intelligence agencies are trying to identify the killer of American journalist James Foley after he spoke with what appeared to be an English accent.

The Islamic State jihadi, clad all in black with his face covered, addressed the camera during a five-minute video and delivered an anti-American rant in what appeared to be an accent from London or southern England.

It will raise fears about the role of extremists from the UK in Islamic State, which now controls large swathes of Syria and Iraq.


Wynne’s Ontario Liberals masters of debt

If there's one thing Ontario's Liberal government is good at, it's racking up debt.

Under Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne, Ontario's net debt soared by 89% from 2007-08 to 2013-14.

According to the Fraser Institute, that's the fastest growth rate by far among all of the provinces and the federal government. (The next highest is Alberta at 68.4%.)

Ontario's public debt in 2013-14 was $269.1 billion, up $126.7 billion from $142.4 billion in 2007-08.

This year, Ontario's deficit is projected at $12.5 billion, higher than the combined deficits of all the other provinces and the federal government.


Tory push to Corporate Canada is out of left field

The feds, led by Leitch, are going to require federally regulated companies to file regular reports declaring what their goals are for women on their corporate boards. What percentage? When? And what are those companies doing to recruit more female directors?

At the moment, Leitch says her hectoring is intended only to "compel them to think about this." She will only nag companies to appoint more women to their boards, she won't make it a legal requirement as the governments in Norway and France have done.

But once governments begin down a path, they almost never go back.

This is nutty. It's only a few short steps from being commanded to wear a tin foil hat on Tuesdays.


Norwegian-Somali teenager dies of tuberculosis: fourth such case in 40 years

A student at an intermediate school in Oslo died this summer after having been sick with tuberculosis, Norway’s public health institute reported this week. The death is only the fourth of its kind in the country in 40 years.

“It’s extremely unusual that children or youth under the age of 20 die of tuberculosis, or from another disease tied to tuberculosis,” Trude Arnesen of the public health institute (Folkehelseinstituttet) told news bureau NTB this week. “We have only registered three such cases since 1972.”

The institute registers around 350 to 400 cases of tuberculosis in Norway every year. Around 85% of those ill were born outside Norway. The teenage boy who died was from a Somalian family.

“The danger of infection is low and medicines are good,” Arnesen said. “Those who get tuberculosis in Norway today can expect to recover. This particular case is an exception. It won’t lead to any changes in our recommendations regarding tuberculosis in Norway, but it shows how important it is to maintain the control systems we have.”


Obama's Ferguson Remarks Ignore Bloody Chicago Weekend

Malignant Neglect: The president talks about Ferguson, Mo., but not about a Chicago weekend where three dozen people were shot, seven of them killed, including a 16-year-old black girl who wanted to be a doctor.

To his credit, President Obama was more judicious than usual talking about the shooting of Michael Brown outside St. Louis. He did not say the police acted stupidly. He actually made a rare attempt at acknowledging individual responsibility when he said that when young black men "commit a crime, they need to be prosecuted, because every community has an interest in public safety."

One of those communities is Chicago, about whose routine carnage the president has said little of substance, and where last weekend, as the fires of looted stores in Ferguson burned, seven people were shot dead and 29 were wounded. No need to put out the fires of perceived racial animosity or place special focus on the situation when it is young blacks routinely killing other young blacks.


Corruption coming to a country near you -- UK: Islamic TV channel let mayor sing his praises

Lutfur Rahman was allowed to discuss his record in glowing terms without being challenged

A Muslim TV channel has been admonished by Ofcom, the media regulator, for giving biased coverage to a controversial mayor during a local election campaign.

The Islam Channel, which reaches up to 60% of Muslim households in the UK, breached broadcasting rules by screening an interview in which Lutfur Rahman, the mayor of Tower Hamlets in east London, discussed his record in glowing terms without being challenged, the regulator said.

It is the latest in a succession of cases in which Ofcom has found that TV channels aimed at Muslim audiences were excessively positive in news or political programmes about Mr Rahman, Britain’s first directly elected Muslim mayor.

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Russia wants Bulgarians to stop vandalizing Soviet monuments

Figures of Soviet soldiers at the base of a Soviet Army monument were previously transformed into superheroes in Sofia, Bulgaria. Ignat Ignev / Wikicommons

Russia is demanding that Bulgaria try harder to prevent vandalism of Soviet monuments, after yet another monument to Soviet troops in Sofia was spray-painted, ITAR-Tass reported.

The Russian Embassy in Bulgaria has issued a note demanding that its former Soviet-era ally clean up the monument in Sofia's Lozenets district, identify and punish those responsible, and take "exhaustive measures" to prevent similar attacks in the future, the news agency reported Monday.

The monument was sprayed with red paint on the eve of the Bulgarian Socialist Party's celebration of its 123rd anniversary, the Sofia-based Novinite news agency reported...

h/t Rosenmops


Record number of out-of-state students are a jackpot for University of California (you can bet it is for Canadian universities too)

UC Berkeley

The University of California continues to increase its numbers of out-of-state and foreign students to pay full tuition.

Each non-Californian pays an extra $23,000 annually, and the UC bean counters like that.

Monday’s Los Angeles Times article did not mention one unsightly ball and chain on UC’s finances, namely the subsidies provided by unwilling taxpayers to illegal alien students.

In 2013, more than 20,000 illegal alien students applied for direct financial aid when the state’s DREAM Act became operative. The aliens already qualify for in-state tuition as long as they attended a California high school for three years and graduated...


UK: NHS boss suspended over anti-gay posts on Islamic charity website

Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex Photo: Alamy

A senior NHS boss has been suspended after it emerged he runs an Islamic charity whose website carried articles suggesting that gay people should be “destroyed by fire” and “stoned to death”.

Shahid Sardar, head of public engagement at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, has been reported to police by his employers over his trusteeship of the Islamic Network.

Pages, now deleted, on the website of the charity, based in Whitechapel, East London, contained posts that anti-extremists say could constitute hate speech, according to an investigation by the BBC.

Homosexuality was labelled “a sick disease” and were “against human nature” and “evil and filthy”.

The article referred to medieval Muslim teachings that gay people should be "destroyed by fire", "executed by being thrown from a great height" and "stoned to death".

Other articles on the charity’s website advocated killing apostates and that “Jews scheme and crave after possessing the Muslim lands, as well as the lands of others”...

Update: Story has been pulled from the Telegraph and the BBC, here is a full version at Stand for Peace.


Seventy-five organizations demand White House end bigoted trainings

Muslim Advocates along with a diverse coalition of 75 organizations, including the NAACP, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Lambda Legal and other leading civil and privacy rights organizations, sent a letter to Lisa Monaco, the President’s counterterrorism advisor, demanding immediate attention to the ongoing problem of anti-Muslim training materials and practices by federal agencies.

The letter comes on the heels of a July report in The Intercept that highlights systemic discriminatory practices by federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies, including the use of racist slurs in official documents.

“We have been asking the White House to end bigoted trainings and practices by law enforcement for years, were assured the problem would be addressed with a keen sense of urgency, but now learn that the administration fell far short of fixing the problem,” said Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, a national legal advocacy and educational organization.

“Bigotry cannot be tolerated at any level of government, and the administration needs to take decisive steps to eradicate bigoted training once and for all”...


Cherson & Molschky: Boko Haram kills nearly 1,000 Christians -- Where is the media?

The smoldering wreckage of St. Theresa Catholic Church at Madalla, Suleja, just outside Nigeria’s capital of Abuja on Dec. 25, 2011 (Photo: Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters)

As Hamas breaks yet another ceasefire, the mainstream international media remains intent on focusing on the “poor” Palestinians and the Gazan casualties.

Celebrities, easily conned by heartbreaking propaganda in the form of Pallywood, come out against Israel and demonstrate their anti-Semitic tendencies. The entire world, it seems, is fixated on Israel.

Yet when Boko Haram kills nearly 1000 people in a Christian town in a matter of days, it does not make the headlines...

CASE IN POINT: Story from today in the rather obscure Morning Star News: Muslim Herdsmen in Nigeria Kill 18 Christians in Plateau, Kaduna States:

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – The 14 people killed in an attack by Muslim Fulani herdsmen last week in Plateau state were Christians killed for their faith, not cattlemen slain for their livestock, area Christians said.

In Yelwa, where Muslim Fulani cattlemen have largely replaced Christian ethnicities over the years by means of slash-and-shoot attacks, a throng of heavily armed herdsmen attacked the remnant Christian community in the early hours of Aug. 11, the sources said.

“These Muslim Fulani gunmen were more than 150, and they were armed,” a 40-year-old Christian from the village who fled to Jos told Morning Star News. “They attacked us in Yelwa. Many of the members of our community were killed by them. And they also burned down our houses. Those of us who survived had to run out of the village, some to Shendam town and others to places like Garkawa, Langtang, Pankshin or Jos.”


Séléka declares independent state in northern CAR

A leader of the predominantly Muslim Séléka militia on Sunday declared an independent state in the northeastern region of the Central African Republic (CAR).

“A free, independent secular state has been established in the northeastern region of CAR,” Noureddine Adam, the deputy head of the militia, said in a statement.

He added that the new “state” would be based in the Birao region, some 800 kilometers north of CAR capital Bangui, and that it would be led by former CAR president Michel Djotodia, a Muslim.

Adam also announced the creation of an interim government under Djotodia in which he would serve as minister of state for defense and national security.

He said the secession move came in response to what he described as “planned genocide” and “hostage-taking” of Muslims; the destruction of mosques; and the desecration of Quran by Christian militias, including the anti-balaka...


Dear Western World, Islam is NOT behind ISIS

Header illustration on the blog of Brendan Robertson, who published this piece

These past few weeks all eyes have been on the Middle East. ISIS and Hamas have owned the summer headlines as gruesome photos spill out from daily recurrences of violence.

Unfortunately, so many cameras pointed at so-relatively-few religiopolitical extremists can tend to skew our understanding of Islam as a whole. On behalf of the tragedies done in its name, it becomes easy to dismiss Islam as a religion that desires worldwide domination through violence. Many Christians think this way, and we can hardly blame them as the media and popular entertainment make it all too easy to believe.

Yet, Christ calls us to more. As Christians, we must rise above this media-based misunderstanding to offer both dignity and love to our Muslim neighbors around the world. Of course, this begins with understanding: getting to know Islam beyond the faulty caricatures that demean its adherents and put up barriers between us and them.... blah blah blah

* * *
Fighting back against aggressors is permitted in Christianity: we are not required to be martyrs or “new reverts” to Islam.


‘The insanity of blaming Islam’

Mark Ambinder, who is editor-at-large at The Week and a contributing editor at GQ and The Atlantic, posted an opinion piece in April which has been picked up by numerous webmags including Politico, The World Muslim Congress and Islamicity. It is titled, “The Insanity of Blaming Islam”...

He writes that he finds “the quick and easy conversation” blaming Islam for Muslims being radicalized in America “to be so illogical and laced with bigotry.”

On the other hand he writes:

Of course, there is a global violent jihadist movement, loosely organized, that wants to recruit young men to influence policies at home and abroad and perhaps usher in the global caliphate. That ideology motivates some Muslims to kill innocent people.
...Mr. Ambinder fails to explain in any detail just what it is about America that drives people to radical acts of terrorism like the Boston bombers he cites.

He merely trots out the usual suspects: America’s gun culture, “gaps in the mental health system” and of course, “the way that Americans are uncomfortable with people who are different.

He then avers that if Islamic doctrine is to blame there would be many more such acts of terrorism. Would it not rather be the case that if America’s gun culture is to blame along with gaps in the mental health system together with American xenophobia that violent acts of terrorism would be more common? Only ~.6% of Americans are Muslims...


Pakistan: Sikhs complain over targeted killings; Ahmadis fear violence against them

A member of Sikh community speaks at a seminar in Peshawar on Monday. (White Star photo)

PESHAWAR: Speakers at a seminar here on Monday expressed grave concern over the targeted killing of several Sikh traders and demanded of the government to protect minorities and remove the unrest among them.

The seminar titled “Stop violence against minorities” was organised by Commission for Peace and Minorities Rights (CPMR).

The seminar was addressed by CPMR representative Sardar Charan Jeet Singh, member of Hindu community Haroon Sarb Diyal and some members of Christian community. The event was also attended by the relatives of the slain Sikh traders.

The speakers said that they felt insecure in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province owing to targeted killings of Sikhs. They said that they had no trust in the rulers as they were negligent...

A padlocked gate at the home of one People’s Colony resident (an Ahmadi)

Meanwhile, Ahmadis on the run: Fearing death in People’s Colony:  GUJRANWALA: A pall of fear hangs thick over Gujranwala’s now eerily silent People’s Colony.

It has been weeks since an enraged mob set fire to five homes belonging to members of the Ahmadi community, resulting in the deaths of two girls and an elderly woman.

Since the ill-fated Sunday when the incident came to light, police officials have sealed several homes in the area and warily patrol the locality lest a similar episode erupts.

Like many stories that pertain to the persecuted community, it is difficult to find people who will speak to journalists without requesting anonymity.

It is no different in People’s Colony, where terrified residents from the community are desperate for their plight to come to a logical end, but afraid to be named for fear of being persecuted further.

Only the dead are identified, because they no longer have to live in fear...


The Michael Brown "Narrative" Goes To Hell At Light Speed!

Called it!
Now, the last time we talked, old D.B. explained to you kiddies some of the problems with the MSM narrative of the Michael Brown shooting.
I tell you, it feels cool to be right, so tonight, I'm sporting my favorite pair of retro vintage shades.

But enough about me, let's talk about some other things that seem to be crashing toward Earth at something approaching terminal velocity.
The damn Michael Brown shooting narrative!

The first crack in the dam was the release of the security footage.
The second crack was the recovered audio from the cell phone video with a witness (prior to being interviewed by the Police) voluntarily giving a fairly accurate description of events that tell of Michael Brown going for the officer's gun and then charging at the officer before he was shot.

The cracks grew larger and faster with the release of the autopsy report that showed Saint Michael of the O.G. took all of his rounds from the front, and most certainly was not holding his hands up when he was shot.
Then the release of the Police Officer's X-Rays showing that he was indeed attacked by Michael Brown and that he did suffer serious damage at the hands of the now very carbon neutral Mr. Brown.

Then the cracks seems to spider outwards in all directions with the disclosure that Michael Brown was higher than John Lennon when he was sent to meet his maker.

Now we have a RECANTATION by Michael Brown's literal partner in crime Dorian Johnson! He has just recanted his earlier testimony and struck a plea deal for either crimes committed in this event, or for previous outstanding warrants that he has.
Which it is, I'm just not sure.

So prepare for more instances of spontaneous demands for justice in the form of burning and looting when this get officially disclosed sometime tomorrow.

As an added bonus, and maybe even a retro preview of tomorrow, I share with you the 1992 L.A. Riots as viewed by someone that lives very near Florence and Normandy, the flash point of the 1992 Riots, and whom was outside playing (he was 6-years-old at the time) and caught the very beginnings of the whole thing.


Evening photo: Wildlife refuge, Missouri

Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge covers 3,750 acres of Mississippi River floodplain and was established to provide a feeding and resting area for migratory birds. Nearly 300 species of birds visit the refuge during their journeys.

From US Dept of the Interior Tumblr site.  Photo by Carmen Cortelyou/USFWS


#DiversityIsOurStrength in the UK: Imam quits over pro-Isis preacher’s welcome

The Jalalia mosque in Cardiff -- that looks like an old church, does it not?

The imam of a leading Welsh mosque has resigned after he claimed that it invited a guest preacher from a sect that inspired local students to fight alongside the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Imam Mohammad Bashir Uddin said his position was untenable after the Cardiff Jalalia mosque invited a speaker he believed was from the extremist Salafi sect. Its followers include Nasser Muthana and Reyaad Khan, both 20, who featured in a recent recruitment video for the Islamic State. Mr Muthana last month posted pictures of homemade bombs on Twitter and said Britain should be afraid of his return.

Click on post title to


Ummah über alles: Muslim Labour MP accused of encouraging 'mob rule' after joining anti-Israel Sainsbury protest

Shabana Mahmood: ISIS Says She's 
Too Ugly To Be A Jihad Whore
A Labour frontbencher was accused of encouraging mob rule last night after she boasted of taking part in an anti-Israel protest that forced a supermarket to close.

Shabana Mahmood lay in the street outside a Sainsbury’s store in Birmingham alongside dozens of pro-Palestine campaigners, protesting against the fact that it was ‘stocking goods from illegal settlements’.

Her ‘direct action’ forced the supermarket to close for several hours on a busy Saturday. She then used YouTube to brag about her actions, calling for a boycott of Israeli goods – in direct contravention of Labour policy.

h/t Marvin



By Jerry Lodriguss

Explanation: Big, bright, and beautiful, a Full Moon near perigee, the closest point in its elliptical orbit around our fair planet, rose on August 10. This remarkable picture records the scene with a dreamlike quality from the east coast of the United States.

The picture is actually a composite of 10 digital frames made with exposures from 1/500th second to 1 second long, preserving contrast and detail over a much wider than normal range of brightness.

At a perigee distance of a mere 356,896 kilometers, August's Full Moon was the closest, and so the largest and most super, of the three Full Moons nearest perigee in 2014 now popularly known as super moons.

But if you missed August's super supermoon, the next not-quite-so supermoon will be September 8. Then, near the full lunar phase the Moon's perigee will be a slightly more distant 358,387 kilometers. That's only about 0.4 percent less super (farther and smaller) than the super super moon.


Pakistan: Islamist group exhibits photos of alleged ‘Israeli barbarism’ -- while their own government conducts airstrikes against the Taliban in North Waziristan

A boy looks at photographs said to depict the plight of Palestinians. PHOTO: EXPRESS

A day-long exhibition titled “Israeli terrorism and barbarism” was organised by Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) on Monday to shed light on the plight of Palestinians.

Photographs stated to be of Palestinian women and children bathed in blood and weeping over the death of their loved ones were on display, evoking a strong emotion from visitors.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Local Government and Rural Development and Jamaat-e-Islami leader, Inayatullah Khan said tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians, including children, have been killed while many more have been disabled or rendered homeless in the ongoing Israeli aggression.

Condemning the brutal killing of the people of Gaza, Khan said his party organised rallies in Karachi, Islamabad and other parts of the country to mobilise people for the cause.

He added efforts to muster international support in order to end the carnage were in full swing, claiming they have written a letter to rulers of Muslim nations, asking to convene a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)...

* * *
I am sure their one-day exhibit follows the highest standards in verifying the displayed photos. Not!


Report: UN Palestinian Refugee Body Under Complete Control of Hamas, Islamic Jihad

The UN Palestinian refugee body (UNRWA) is under the complete control of Gaza-based terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, a Center For Near East Policy Research report concluded.

The report, titled “The UNRWA-Hamas Axis,” said:

Over the years, UNRWA has become a convenient surrogate for terrorist organizations, led by Hamas, which unrestrictedly dominates the UNRWA workers union, and its men — along with educators from the Islamic Jihad and other groups — are the ones who educate generations of descendants of Palestinian refugees about the values of jihad against Israel and all infidels...


Twelve things white people can do now because Ferguson

...says Janee Wood, former attorney who is working for a nonprofit focused on supporting community engagement, strengthening democracy and fostering racial equity:

Outpourings of rage and demands for justice were voiced by black people, Latinos, Asian Americans, Arab American Muslims.

But posts by white people were few at first and those that I saw were posted mostly by my white activist or academic friends who are committed to putting themselves on the frontlines of any conversation about racial or economic injustice in America.

And almost nothing, silence practically, by the majority of my nonactivist, nonacademic white friends—those same people who gleefully jumped on the bandwagon to dump buckets of ice over their heads to raise money for ALS and those same people who immediately wrote heartfelt messages about reaching out to loved ones suffering from depression following the suicide of the extraordinary Robin Williams, may he rest in peace.

But an unarmed black teenager minding his own business walking down the street in broad daylight gets harassed and murdered by a white police officer and those same people seem to have nothing urgent to say about pervasive, systemic, deadly racism in America?

They have nothing to say?

Click on post title to read her “12 things”...


Der Spiegel: ‘The Caliphate of Fear’

A girl from the minority Yazidi sect can be seen fleeing the violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar. Here, she rests at the Iraqi-Syrian border crossing in Faysh Khabur.

In Raqqa, Syria, the Islamic State’s “caliphate” has already become a reality.

All women in the city are required to wear the niqab veil and pants are banned. Thieves have their hands hacked off and opponents are publicly crucified or beheaded, with the images of these horrific acts then posted on social networks.

The few hair salons that are still open are required to black out the pictures of women on the packaging for hair dye solutions. Weddings are only permitted to take place without music.

And at livestock markets, the hindquarters of goats and sheep must be covered in order to prevent men from viewing their genitalia and having uncomely thoughts.

Any person caught out on the street during the five daily prayer times is risking his or her life.

The jihadists with the Islamic State, or IS, are acting out their fantasies of omnipotence in the name of God.
But how are things looking inside the Islamic State? For three weeks, the journalist Medyan Dairieh was allowed to stay in Raqqa, the capital city of the caliphate.

IS fighters themselves determined what he was allowed to see and what he was allowed to film. The result is a 45-minute film that sometimes seems like propaganda but which nevertheless provides the first real view of life inside the caliphate. It shows a world of fanatical people in which adolescents shout into the camera, declaring war on infidels...


Sunk World War II cruiser USS Houston finally found in Java sea

The USS Houston during WW II

A sunken vessel in the Java Sea has been confirmed as the wreck of the USS Houston, a cruiser sunk by the Japanese during a ferocious Second World War battle.

It serves as the final resting place for about 700 sailors and Marines.

The wreck has long been a popular recreational diving site, but has been confirmed by US and Indonesian Navy divers as being the remains of the Houston, nicknamed The Galloping Ghost Of The Java Coast...


Homophobic donut bistro in LA forced to close?

The most popular donut shop in LA? Well, not for long.
Then there were the concerns about Ben-Zvi’s alleged homophobia that were raised by three former employees, who asked that their names not be used.

Another employee, who was willing to speak on the record, is Bernie Guzman, a former chef at Glazed. Guzman said that Ben-Zvi and his father opened the restaurant without realizing it was in a gay neighborhood.

Guzman said Ben-Zvi upset the largely gay staff with some of his remarks. For example, he said, when the song “Dancing Queen” came on the radio, Ben-Zvi made a joke about it being the WeHo “theme song.” Guzman said that Ben-Zvi also made fun of transgender people and said they were mentally challenged.

“They didn’t really belong in that community,” said one former employee of Ben-Zvi and his father. “He [Ben-Zvi] wasn’t careful about things he said … I just don’t think they belonged in West Hollywood”...


Islamic State repels Iraqi military’s 3rd attempt to retake Tikrit

One day after suffering a defeat at the Mosul dam by the Peshmerga and US and Iraqi forces, the Islamic State and its allies beat back an Iraqi Army assault that was designed to retake control of the central city of Tikrit. The Islamic State and its allies have now repelled three Iraqi military attempts to regain Tikrit, the capital of Salahaddin province, which has been out of government control for more than two months.

Earlier this morning, Iraqi forces launched “a wide military campaign to liberate the city of Tikrit from the Islamic State,” All Iraq News Agency reported. “The security forces will liberate the city and eliminate the ISIL [Islamic State] terrorists,” an Iraqi official told the news agency.

But the Iraqi forces, which attacked Tikrit from several directions, broke off their assault by the afternoon after taking “heavy machine gun and mortar fire” from the south, and encountering “landmines and snipers” west of the city, Reuters reported...


Gaza tunnel

A Palestinian fighter from the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, gestures inside an underground tunnel in Gaza.  Mohammed Salem/Reuters


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