Pray this never happens to you..........

Well the chances of her turning up in North America are somewhat remote, thank God.
This is an absolutely appalling story. Worst case of cyberstalking I have ever heard of. An English blogger Rachel of North London, has been criminally victimized by Batshit Crazy Felicity Jane Lowde, a convicted serial stalker.
Update: This is a related blog which I sincerly hope is satire, allegedly done by the Batshit Crazy Felicity Jane Lowde, this sad woman is clearly mentally ill. Thanks Fidothedog.

Fidothedog  – (3:42 AM)  

Seen the piss takes about the batshit woman?

Fidothedog  – (3:44 AM)

missed that off last comment. Both better than the loons blog.

Fidothedog  – (12:38 PM)  

Yeah the 2 sites are parodys of her inane bullshit. The loons site is

I dont link to it and advise others not to link to it either. Only put it in here so you can see what a total moonbat the deranged woman is.

Matt Wardman  – (7:50 PM)  

She has now been arrested. See:

The aspect I will be blogging about now that she has been caught is the way the press jumped all over the Cathy Sierra case with all the "New Code of Conduct needed for bloggers" stuff. This case has been handled completely within existing laws using existing procedures, and hardly a chirrup in the papers.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:17 PM)  

Thanks Fid & Matt, much appreciated.

Incognito  – (11:24 PM)  

I read about this, pretty scary.. cos you never know what someone might do.Glad they finally caught her.

Simon –   – (7:03 PM)  

A lonely woman hounded by a load of bloggers baying for blood with their mob mentality. Oh yes, something to truely take a lot of pride in.

Anonymous –   – (3:58 AM)  

Wow this is a crazy story about cyberstalking. Several victims have created a site for another female cyberstalker named Angela Buer.

Anonymous –   – (1:53 PM)  

The horror.. Sounds like this one ...

Anonymous –   – (3:44 AM)  

The above comment was posted by Cyberbully and net harasser ANGELA BUER. Angela Buer is a sociopath with many victims. SHe is an awful human being who has nothing better to do than to harass, stalk and intimidate others with her defamatory rants. Check out a blog created by her victims to out her for her crimes against others:

Anonymous –   – (4:42 PM)  

Wow! I checked out her blog and I can say with a 100% confidence that she is definitely a sociopath. Her blog show all the classic signs of it. Nothing she wrote makes any sense whatsoever only to prove that she is a stalker and harasser by nature. YOu are probably not her first or last victim. Good luck to you and your website against her. She deserves it.

Joe Ravel –   – (10:21 PM)  

I agree the blogspot blog started by Angela Buer looks like she is a nutcase. I see no shred of any thruth other than harassment. Does she not realize this? Good luck in getting her placed behind bars. That is just awful what she has done.

T. Nelson –   – (11:10 PM)  

I agree. Buer's blog doesn't even make any sense, especially since the victims blog basically states what Angela Buer is now promoting in the totallyhick blog. She sounds like a real winner. She seems obsessed with the guy she is smearing.

Anonymous –   – (9:20 AM)  

Sounds like this cyberharasser:

Here's his site of unreadable, unintelligible threats & nonsense about his hapless victim:

Anonymous –   – (9:32 PM)  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Victimsof Angela Buer  – (4:51 PM)  

The above comment was posted by Cyberharasser Angela Buer. It is part of her ongoing attempt to harass, stalk, and defame others. A quick search of her name will reveal the truth about Internet Harasser Angela Buer

Anonymous –   – (7:28 PM)  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous –   – (1:08 PM)  

The above comment was posted by SOCIOPATH ANGELA BUER. He is not gay, Buer just wishes he was and in her sick mind she has no other options than to trash him repeatedly. Angela Buer needs medical attention and should serve more jail time for her harassment and defamations against others. Its a shame that a 39 year old has to hide behind a monitor and harass others. She sounds more like a bratty teenager who needs to be grounded.

Anonymous –   – (6:58 PM)  

To guary, look it takes TWO, enuf of this crap. things will be removed but you NEVER follow thru. Dude, get real. stop harrassing,stop posting fake scam crap. Noone had stolen from you. sheesh! It was done before(truceperiod) and you started back again on JUNE. Take responsability for your actions. okay bye. It is possible. Have faith Stop hating.

dghnfgj  – (2:11 AM)  

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Anonymous –   – (10:37 PM)  

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T. Nelson –   – (12:49 AM)  

I agree. Buer's blog doesn't even make any sense, especially since the victims blog basically states what Angela Buer is now promoting in the totallyhick blog. She sounds like a real winner. She seems obsessed with the guy she is smearing.

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