Darren Lund - 9/11 happened because we didn't respect Islam

"If the horrors of September 11 have taught us anything, it's that showing respect for the religious views of others may be our best hope for peace in the world. "

......and not because Islamofascists are Homicidal Maniacs

Oh yea it's that Darren Lund the fabled "Selective Human Rights Activist".

Need more proof Moral Relativism is madness?

Pongo –   – (2:17 PM)  

Showing respect for others whether they are religious or not would go a long way to making our world a more peaceful place to live. If it were only that simple. Unfortunately, we live in a world where this is no shortage of people who expect respect from those around them, but extend none in return.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:25 PM)  

And the Darren Lunds of the world would appear to be convinced that it is the "west's" fault or Bush's fault etc etc etc....

In order to elevate themselves leftists will always need a victim and a scapegoat on which to hang their belief system.

dissident-in-toronto  – (2:58 PM)  

So does that mean we have to respect right-wing fundie Christians, who are anti-abortion and anti-gay as well??

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:59 PM)  

Of course not - they are fair game, bad is only bad if Darren proclaims it so.

Anonymous –   – (3:08 PM)  

Mr Lund DOES know how gays are treated under Islamic regimes, right? It's somewhat worse than writing nasty letters...

Ellie in T.O.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:14 PM)  

Ellie you are being mean - your comment is likely to cause Darrens head to explode;) Everything is just fine in Darren's world so long as it undermines western values.

Pongo –   – (3:36 PM)  

I am prepared to tolerate the thoughts and opinions of others, even when I find them disrespectful. At times I might take issue with another group or individual's point of view, but I will not try to muzzle them.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:51 PM)  

You can't help but notice how these erstwhile preachers of tolerance are mighty quick to silence anyone they disagree with.

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (7:45 PM)  

Like, who IS this Lund creature and why would the G&M publish such philistine stretches of reason as informed "opinion".....Ray Bradbury can provide the type of stretched reason that Lund provides...he should be labeling his writing as fiction LOL :-P

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:56 PM)  

Lund as I suspect also of Warman have deceived themselves into thinking that they are doing "The Lords Work" or some such equivalent. To them the end justifies the means, they suffer from a misguided sense of moral superiority that culminates in a perverse evangelism.

Pongo –   – (10:52 AM)  

These people are what an American sociologist, Howard S. Becker, calls moral entrepreneurs. There is a concise description of this concept on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_entrepreneur_(sociology)

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:07 AM)  

That is an excellent description, thanks Pongo!

Pongo –   – (11:25 AM)  

Good to know my sociology degree has not gone to waste.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:29 AM)  

I think I will base a post on it Pongo.

Pongo –   – (11:40 AM)  

If you want to highlight a glaring example of a moral entrepreneur, might I suggest once more, Wendy Cukier. Cukier is president (for life) of the Coalition for Gun Control, a non-governmental organization kept in business by means of infusions of public money during the lengthy reign of the Chretien Liberals. Cukier, as you may have guessed, does not like guns. In fact she likens them to a disease, talking about a "global gun epidemic." She continues with her sanctimonious crusade to see lawful gun ownership prohibited here in Canada and abroad. Her annoying antics are right out of the pages of Becker's Outsiders: Studies in the Sociology of Deviance.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:03 PM)  

Yup on my list. Also FiveFeet's as well given she just got her long gun license.

Pongo –   – (2:08 PM)  

If I may digress, but remain on the topic of respect, Kelly Holloway, representing the York Student Centre and its decision to cancel the abortion debate, weighs in on the issue in this article from the Toronto Star: http://www.thestar.com/article/310365

I got wind of this article in browsing rabble/babble. The rabble/babble crowd is crowing as you might expect. Holloway and the rest of the York Student Centre Executive, and the rabble/babble crowd too, of course, respects "Charter-protected freedom of expression", except when they do not.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:27 PM)  

Yup its amazing how both Holloway and the Rabble crowd set up straw man after straw man to defend themselves. I sent the link to a few people, lets see what they come up with. I wonder who Ibelontonoone is on Babble;)

Sounder  – (3:31 PM)  

"have taught us anything, it's that showing respect for the religious views of others may be our best hope for peace in the world."

Well they have no intention of showing respect for other religions.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid: “Stop asking what you have done wrong. Stop it!... They’re slaughtering you like sheep and you still look within. You criticize your history, your institutions, your churches. Why can’t you realize that it has nothing to do with what you have done but with what they want?”

Domination and submission. That's all.

Anonymous –   – (4:47 PM)  

thousands of homosexuals have been killed in iran since the great revolution. britian is sending a young man back to iran who is a homosexual, the young man's partner was killed in iran for being a homosexual, what do you think will happen in the tolerant country of iran.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (5:18 PM)  

Agreed Sounder, but the Lunds of the world have a need to consider themselves as above the cold hard facts of reality.

Anon I think that Lund cares not a whit about that poor man. Whats important to Lund is that he feels good about himself.

Sean Berry  – (7:15 PM)  

Nothing new. If you think the equivalence game is played by Lund and his flock alone, you're wrong. Here's Roger Ebert when he reviewed United 93. It's a line that has stuck in my head since I read it, and I found it unbelievably obtuse:

"The film doesn't depict the terrorists as villains. It has no need to. Like everyone else in the movie they are people of ordinary appearance, going about their business. United 93 is incomparably more powerful because it depicts all of its characters as people trapped in an inexorable progress toward tragedy."

This from a run-of-the-mill, mainstream film critic.

Murderous thugs cutting the throats of stewardesses and then killing thousands of people? Nah. Just ordinary people caught in a progress towards tragedy. Bummer.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:43 PM)  

Yikes that is scary Sean and difficult to stomach, maybe Ebert was on or off his medication that day.

Anonymous –   – (8:27 PM)  

"Let's continue offering generous assistance to others in our own community and around the globe, but in a manner that respects their dignity regardless of faith"

No, I've got a way better idea. Lets stop giving to anyone anywhere. Lets keep our money and generosity at home to look after our own.

My neighbor, a good progressive NDP/communist deplores Bush because he wants to tie US aid for HIV to education involving "abstinance". My response is that if I'm giving someone money or aid I get to determine how that money is used. Don't like my strings, they don't accept my money. Its quite simple really.

In Vancouver where I live there is a beggar on almost every corner. While these able-bodied men beg for money, jobs go begging(pun intended)My response to them is GET A JOB-THERE ARE LOTS!

I don't mind helping peolple who need help and will at least ATTEMPT to try ans help themselves but I refuse to help the lazy bastards who only want to suck off the govt tit and don't want to have to listen to the "MAN"

They can go to hell.

Horny Toad

MarkJ –   – (9:45 PM)  

Darren Lund's concept of freedom of speech:

"Everyone is entitled to my opinion."

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:14 PM)  

I sure hope he isn't tenured.

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (12:36 PM)  

Pongo said...

"If you want to highlight a glaring example of a moral entrepreneur, might I suggest once more, Wendy Cukier. Cukier is president (for life) of the Coalition for Gun Control, a non-governmental organization kept in business by means of infusions of public money during the lengthy reign of the Chretien Liberals."

>>Spot on Pongo...having followed Wendy's neferious career as a govt. funded NGO shilling for policy the feds wanted to pass anyway, I was struck how someone who knew the preordained outcome of the gun laws, needed to make such openly blatent lies to justify them.

At one of her "lectures" on "gun crime" I attended, the RCMP officer beside me was wincing in revulsion when Wendy rattled of a series of obviously fudged "crime" stats which this officer was familiar with....after the speech I approached him and asked why the faces when Wendy spewed the statistics,... he replied that the RCMP brass had been told to remain quiet as Wendy stumped aroung the nation spewing drastically perverted crime statistics...he said she was lying with the numbers and although he had to officially stay quiet about it he didn't have to like it nor did he have to show respect for well paid liars who push policies that do nothing for the safety of the officer on the street.


Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:57 PM)  

Man I gotta research Mme. Kookier.

Pongo –   – (3:30 PM)  

I remember seeing Cukier as part of a panel discussing gun control on the Dini Petty Show some years ago, before the Chretien Liberals were in office. Cukier was complaining that fewer applications for FAC (Firearms Acquisition Certificates) were turned down than applications to adopt dogs from the Toronto Humane Society. As the rest of the panel, which included officials from the Toronto Police among others was trying with great difficulty to stifle their laughter, Dini Petty was giving Cukier a puzzled look. From her look, the viewer could infer she was wondering what did the two have to do with one another. It seemed obvious to Cukier. It was easier to get a gun permit than it was to adopt a dog from the Toronto Humane Society. To which I still ask Huh?!

Anonymous –   – (3:48 PM)  

Regarding that Roger Ebert film review: if Ebert were any further to the political left he'd be off the charts. He is most definitely part of the moonbat media establishment, and has never yet encountered a piece of left-wing Hollywood agitprop he hasn't loved.

Ellie in T.O.

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