Everything to 11! - Make Imam Suzuki Cry during Earth Hour

Do your part! Make Imam Suzuki Cry during Earth Hour

Look Daddy...

Every time you crank it up

Suzuki gets another whup!

That's right Zuzu that's right...

...Glowtards...Magic Stats ...Kate Macmillan and Dr Mabuse .. join the fun

Anonymous –   – (9:58 AM)  

Let there be light!!

- Ellie in T.O.

christopher rivers –   – (10:46 AM)  

Caught with my watts down! Like i posted at SDA, my tube amp is in the shop and all I have on hand is a tinny little Roland i bought decades ago as a practice amp. Still, it gets that mini-chain saw distortion.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:50 AM)  

Every little bit helps Christopher;)

wild bill –   – (12:08 PM)  

My solid state stereo is a power miser...but due to all the slow melting global warming piled up around the house I'll just turn on my radiant heater a tad higher...it dims the lights when it kicks in on high ;-)

Happy earth hour fruit flies...it's toasty warm in here today thanks to better living electrically.


Neo Conservative  – (12:43 PM)  

A word is born...

"I live in a hood that has a high
percentage of 'glowtards'."


truepeers  – (2:25 PM)  

I once shared a house with a sound engineer. I vaguely remember one story where he told a tale of a Suzuki Mark 2 who used to rant and rave at him because his stereo encouraging profession was such a waste of energy. He was so flabergasted that this tv head do-gooder couldn't take the time to actually learn how little power a stereo uses. That would have been the eighties, I figure...

Blazing Cat Fur  – (5:01 PM)  

True Tru stereos are misers, but everything else is not. I plan on on having all my lights on, a full load of wash my 46" LCD TV (another relative miser) etc etc etc

marginalizedactiondinosaur  – (9:23 PM)  

well I have 2 computers on 2 tv's and a fire brewing.

hope I pass.


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