Ontario Human Rights Commission - Guilty of Publishing Hate Speech against...

From: Concepts of Race and Racism and Implications for OHRC Policy

The OHRC and other commissions like it throughout the country are mandated and directed by human rights legislation, but even within that framework, they should be able to re-organize policy so that more subtle aspects of racism are recognized and given weight in investigating cases.

The denial of racism used by so many whites in positions of authority ranging from the supervisor in a work place to the chief of Police and ministers of government must be understood for what it is: an example of White hegemonic power over those considered ‘other’.

Commissioners, investigative staff, legal staff and, in fact, all employees of human rights commissions should have a deeper appreciation of this social phenomenon. The new OHRC policy needs to recognize the role that difference and othering and their representation in terms of whiteness and blackness play in the social and cultural institutions of modern societies.

Yea you guessed it;)

Hmmm this has upset me, my feelings are hurt. Furthermore those hateful words spoken against people of pale complexion may expose myself or others to hatred and contempt.

Time to file a complaint? They do post a disclaimer stating that "the views and opinions expressed by the author are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ontario Human Rights Commission " Hmmm. Well they did publish this Hateful Marxist Screed, that at its least is an implied endorsement.

That makes the Ontario Human Rights Commission Guilty As Charged. Barbara Hall should be held responsible for spreading hatred against people of pale complexion.


The OHRC must get a lot of complaints against staff, causing them to set up a separate complaints stream to handle them. File away.

The LS from SK –   – (9:56 PM)  


I'm with you as my feelings are hurt as well.

Put me down for $50 pale cat face.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:02 PM)  

Don't sell yourself short, $50.00 bucks is way too liitler for you, we are talking group damages here - a class action lawsuit - there'll be loot galore fer everyone;)

truepeers  – (12:48 AM)  

Gosh this is so 90s: all forms of "othering", all forms of "binary" thinking, are to be denounced, except, of course, for the biggest baddest binary of all: the historically victimized subaltern peoples vs. the boozing bastard white boy hegemony, coming soon to an HRC near you.

One can make fun of this hypocrisy, rooted in postmodern intellectual confusions. And yet, the victim worshippers retain a point: in the real world there are of course, from time to time, unjustifiable denials of reciprocity between various parties in power. Some of these maybe even deserve to be addressed by some kind of mediation.

For example, there must be all kinds of workers in Toronto who suffer from supervisors who carry "subaltern" chips on their shoulders, always ready to snap at their charges when a certain facial expression or turn of phrase might give the hyper sensitive the idea that maybe this guy doesn't respect me and thinks I got the job on some kind of AA program...

But can whitey take the insecure boss to the OHRC, to rectify the negative consequences of the demotion that followed a rage in which the evils of slavery were thrown at whitey?

The denormalization of the HRCs will not leave us without a need to find new ways to maximize human reciprocity. Soon we really will have to give up on dualistic forms of thinking and pay attention to the minimal unity of our common humanity, in order to better understand the basis for maximizing reciprocity.

At that point, what will matter are the facts of the case, in any case, not crude generalizations about "othering". And all the over-promoted losers trained only in postmodern anti-metaphysical metaphysical mumbo jumbo (i.e. those who denounce metaphysical dualism from within what is still a deeply dualistic framework) will have no business making rank generalizations about the "racism used by whites", about "whiteness" and "blackness".

Maybe whites really should start laying a sea complaints against the HRCs for their obvious racism, until the old dog gives way to the one who has learned new tricks.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:52 AM)  

I love this quote:

"For many modern neo-Marxist theorists, especially those influenced by postmodernist and poststructuralist paradigms, racism is best understood by theorizing about ‘difference’ and ‘othering’. In fact, “the construction of difference” and the “process of assigning value to difference” are central to the understanding not only of racism, but many other forms of oppressive beliefs (Rothenberg, in Harris: 1998:281)."

Neo-Marxist? What the hell is that? Ain't no way puttin new clothes on that old whore is gonna make her smell any better.

truepeers  – (1:41 AM)  

Neo-Marxists are basically people, after the fall of the Soviet empire, who can't stop taking the old Utopian drug. They're the ones who broodily go about declaring the era of "late capitalism" and working to subvert the system by putting nihilism at its heart.

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (9:42 AM)  

The OHRC is a truly revisionist social engineering commissariat obsessed with race and group identity politics. Its stated mandates and operational documents reveal it to be a relic of soviet administrative civil subjugation.

Its commission and mandate are legitimate and its presumed authority is ultra vires, unconstitutional and a charter abomination.

The first time this commission acts against a private citizen on its own without a complainant, there should be a class action constitutional challenge to its authority by other provinces or the feds.

Commissar Hall ludicrously struts like a soviet kingpin but the fact is she is on thin ice constitutionally and she is under the microscope by her detractors in the media and the civil rights legal culture.

shelshock –   – (12:27 PM)  

~"Its commission and mandate are legitimate and its presumed authority is ultra vires, unconstitutional and a charter abomination."~

~WMR, it's presumed authority isn't technically at odds with the Charter.

all cases brought to the HRCs are, at the roots, property rights and free speech issues. nowhere in the Charter are these rights cemented.

Trudeau was very clever (or naive) when he excluded private property rights. he opened the door, so to speak, to legally allow the State and the rabble into our homes and businesses (much more so than Diefenbaker's "Bill of Rights").

"freedom of expression" is not freedom of speech. how can the Charter reconcile one's right to religious expression in the marketplace and at the same time, another's right to not be offended by one's religious expression?... or the fact that the free expression of Muslim Imams and laymen to inflame anti-Jew/Israel (hell... anti-Western) sentiments trump others' rights to criticize Islam?

..."free speech" allows everyone to say whatever the hell they want (excluding libel of an individual and fraud).

the Charter is a pernicious and contradictory document which strips fundamental individual liberties away, wipes the slate clean, then slowly feeds us State Approved "rights", eventually replacing private property rights and freedom of speech (and gun rights. but that's another rant). when these are gone, we're hooped.

by it's nature, the Charter has allowed the HRCs to run rampant like a sentimental crackhead who just won the lottery.

...the HRCs cling to the Charter like a succubus. kill the Charter, and the parasite will die too.

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (12:51 PM)  

"WMR, it's presumed authority isn't technically at odds with the Charter"

Perhaps I should reframe this in terms of their process being in conflict with charter legal rights guarantees of due process...this includes state burden of proof, presumed inocence, probable cause, mens rea as a guilt arbiter, and a lot of other legal tenets of civil jutice that are negated by HRC procedures, investigations and now prosecutions without just cause in absence of mens rea or a victim.

truepeers  – (1:12 PM)  


the authority of the provincial HRCs when regulating political or religious speech may well be ultra vires. What we used to call the BNA act does not give the provinces this power, and so to the extent anyone has it, it should rest with the residual authority of the federal parliament.

Rose  – (3:24 PM)  

God damn commie bastards, honestly what's next on their communist agenda? Monitoring us in the bedroom? Forty years ago the communist/socialist had to hide in their barns and basements to practice their cult now they have parades and work for the government.

How'd it get this bad, so fast?

Anonymous –   – (7:46 PM)  

Checka Charter
- a charter behind a charter

Four Horses

Anonymous –   – (10:07 AM)  

"In fact, 'the construction of difference' and the 'process of assigning value to difference' are central to the understanding not only of racism, but many other forms of oppressive beliefs"

Isn't "assigning value to difference" called multiculturalism? In other words, multiculturalism = racism.

truepeers  – (1:18 PM)  

yes, anon, to you or me it often looks like racism. Yet to the "human rights" afficionado, "assigning value to difference" is racism when the unenlightened do it, but not when the duly accredited (mutually accrediting) "progressive" elites do it, according to the high minded terms of their political correctness. And that's the ultimate point of the "human rights" religion: defending a Gnostic elite from the hoi polloi; and "multiculturalism" is an essential tool of this anti-democratic exercise.

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (2:26 PM)  

Multiculturalism = Group Identity politics = cultural Marxism.

And yes, there is a distinct racist overtone to hard core Multicult tenets, such as the accepted belief that people are disadvantaged by their skin color or ethnic/cultural group...the hate crime committee document repeats this myth...to believe race determines natural disadvantage is social Darwinism.

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (11:33 PM)  

Multiculturalism = Group Identity politics = cultural Marxism.

And yes, there is a distinct racist overtone to hard core Multicult tenets, such as the accepted belief that people are disadvantaged by their skin color or ethnic/cultural group...the hate crime committee document repeats this myth...to believe race determines natural disadvantage is social Darwinism.

Spicmoneybag –   – (7:32 PM)  

whats the citation for this 

Blazingcatfur –   – (8:46 PM)  

The link in the post.

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