Comics rally for freedom: Let's LAUGH Canada's "human rights" commissions out of existence!

Denyse "The Funny Marx Bros. Sister" O'Leary has all the details of Guy Earle's "Let's laugh Canada's Human Rights Commissions out of existence" Festivities.

Guy Earle is the comic being hauled before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal for daring to suggest 2 Drunken Dyke Hecklers get a life.


COMICS FOR FREEDOM RALLY to be held at The Comedy Bar (945B Bloor West) on Saturday, July 19 in Toronto. Canadian Comic, Guy Earle, is holding a benefit show, celebrating 40 years of stand-up comedy, to raise money for his impending Human Rights Tribunal. Guy is being taken before the Human Rights Tribunal based on his comebacks to a heckler during a Vancouver comedy night back in May 2007.

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (8:43 PM)  

Love the approach.

The worst thing that can happen to power hungry ideocrats and wannabe tyrants is to be laughed at...mocked.

It undermines their moral authority and the rest tumbles from there.


Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:53 PM)  

Yup laugh em out of existense;)

Eowyn  – (8:54 PM)  

Awesome! Oh, don't I wish I could go :o)

The LS from SK  – (9:22 PM)  

Will the Mimes be there?

Next will be the Cartoonists for Freedom.

The CHRC and their little affiliates are becoming the laughing stock of the nation.

Michael Shaw  – (11:56 PM)  

C.S. Lewis remarked that the devil hates to be mocked.

Anonymous –   – (1:31 AM)  

Mr. Earle should videotape his hearing and prepare lots of juicy material for it. Fellow comics should aid him and turn the who hearing into one long comedy farcical routine. Costumes are a must!

Tyrannical powers despise three things, 1. The Press's freedom to dig out the truth about the powers. 2. The Church's holy freedom to tell the truth to the powers. 3. The Comic's freedom to laugh at the absurdity of the powers.

Laugh at them Guy ... get everyone else to laugh at them. For $5000 and some absurd attempt to apologize, you could not buy an international stage like that. Mock the bastards and make us laugh ... we'll send you money ... women will want to have your babies ... some guy will name his kid "Guy" or Earle ... or maybe some guy named Earle will want to have your baby. Ooops ... was that a homophobic ... sssooorrry ...

Let the mocking begin ... and the Internet await!

Michael Shaw  – (12:46 AM)  

C.S. Lewis remarked that the devil hates to be mocked.

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