The Tyranny of Nice... it's coming soon, wait it's already here

Pete Vere plugs his upcoming book "The Tyranny of Nice" about Canada's Human Rights Madness which he has co-authored with Kathy Shaidle. Pete dishes the dirt in an epic 2 hour radio phone in segment on Joe Banisters program. Catch it all on the "We The People Radio Network".

The book covers the Steyn & Levant cases as well as the on-going assault on Christians by the Marxist Mullahs of the Human Rights Cabal.

Sayeth Pete: "The exchange I found the most amusing was with the caller who objected to Joe denouncing the complainant in the Kindos case as a pot head."

The Tyranny of Nice appears in September, pre-orders will be accepted in about 2 weeks - here's the rough up of the official web site - .

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (9:19 AM)  

I'm hopping to be one of the first buyers to get a copy autographed by Kathy and Pete.

On the E-version I want Kathy's and Pete's feedback on an idea I give a reduced or bulk cost for political advocacy purposes ... so the e-copy can be downloaded and burnt to CD so each MP can get one sent to them...or at least the members of the Justice committee looking at HRC act reform.


Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:22 AM)  

I have been promised a review copy - can't wait!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:23 AM)  

I will pass your idea along, in the US political books/tracts have often been subsidized by wealthy patrons in order to spread the word.

WL Mackenzie Redux –   – (9:30 AM)  

BTW: Thanks for this great link and rare's one of the reasons this site is a must read every day.

Keep up the great work BCF.


The LS from SK  – (10:43 AM)  

I agree with WLMR - it is a great site and BCF (I normally am not a Cat person) has a balence of self-deprecating humour as well.

I keep telling Ezra that he should put Mercer's comment about him being the "Most annoying Canadian" on the side of his website but then perhaps the next leader of the CPC party would not want that haunting him now?

Speaking though to the topic - Mordi on an earlier subject tried to defend the CJC. So be it.

It dawned on me though as this topic of "Niceness" arose how we allow ouselves to get hosed because we are nice. The CHRC has demonstrated the danger of believing government bodies pose no danger or threat.

First there are all the subsidies to newspapers and so on. Then if one looks at the list of Revenue Canada's "Charities" - the CJC, B'nai Brith and the CIC and others appear.

Special interest groups get not only "Charity" status and funding for their internal newsletters - then they use their status (at taxpayer expense) to act as intervenors and lobbyists at the CHRC to go after Canadians.

Guess we really are suckers for a nice pickup line?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:23 PM)  

Aw Thanks guys;) I await the day, far in the distance I know, when the battle is won and I can hang up my blogging gloves.

The LS from SK  – (3:58 PM)  

BCF...try aligning yourself with "Beagles are Us" and then there is an unbeatable combination?

K...well off to sleep as it is late here in the EU.

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