Dateline Ottawa - Ezra Levant insults Jennifer Lynch in elevator

Now Updated with promised pics and Senator Grafstein's remarks!

...ensuring a good time was had by all

More on the Ottawa event later with Pic's. A great Free Speecher event held in honour of Ezra and Mark Steyn attended by Jason Kenney, Senators Duffy and Grafstein, MP'S galore along with Joe Nadler of the CIC among many others, and afterwards Pizza at Sussex...

As promised pic's of last nights event (Note Deb became last nights Zelig):

Kevin Libin, Deb Gyapong, Kathy Shaidle and Brian Lilley

Joe Nadler of the Canada Israel Committee with FiveFeet and Deb

Ezra, Senator Grafstein and Mark Steyn

Afghanistan veteran Marcus Sterzer and Mark Steyn

Jason Kenney and our Deb

Senator Duffy and my invaluable escort for the evening - Thanks Deb!

Mysterious Flamenco Guitarist with Mark Steyn and FiveFeet

Everyone enjoyed the pizza and hospitality extended by our host

The LS from SK  – (2:33 PM)  

STOP - I order you.

I just finished reading a link to the Red Menace where a serial suer sues himself and now this.

Is there no end to the nefarious activities of the lefties after the Coronation?

There was though no indication of how Jenny reacted...surprised she returned from Geneva so soon?

The LS from SK  – (3:26 PM)  

First I will be nonsensical:

Was that you and K in the corner with the Brown paper bags on the head? Me - I was the one with the Black Togue as Ezra has offered me the positiion of Homeland Insecurity and Insensitivity once he becomes PM.

I am holding out for additional responsiblities of DG of Public Immorality.

But on the serious note - this just shows why blogers should be TRULY considered Journalists protected under the law as who else has/or will report on the elevator incident?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:56 PM)  

The support from all quarters was very gratifying.

The LS from SK  – (4:23 PM)  

Great pics and what I believe is an alliance of just ordinary folk.

All this silliness of libel/SALPP suits et al is what Kathy so aptly described as "Class Warfare". I would just add it is a one way CLASSLESS effort but that is just me.

OK ... but how much Cutlery did you make away with? Napkins not included.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:26 PM)  

None, nor did I steal a cat.

Xanthippa  – (9:36 PM)  


Sounds like a great event. Good stuff!

Josephine  – (12:38 AM)  

It looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

jaycurrie  – (3:20 AM)  

Party of the Year!

(though kinda cheesy napkin design)

Great stuff, you all deserved it!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:39 AM)  

Was a great time, the level of support for erasing the stain of Section 13 (1) is palpable, as is the support offered for all other related matters.

Revnant Dream  – (6:07 PM)  

This was encouraging. I wonder if Red ED was watching?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:17 PM)  

We can hope, other wise he is heading for a fall.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:18 AM)  

None, nor did I steal a cat.

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