Bumped: Questions for Jennifer Lynch of the Canadian Human Rights Commission on Section 13 (1)

Jay Currie has got the ball rolling. We are proposing to forward a list of reader submitted questions you would like to see the members of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights hearing on Section 13 (1) ask Jennifer Lynch during her scheduled appearance.

We hope to do this formally with say a top ten list of reader questions e-mailed to each committee member but I also recommend you contact the members individually.

As Flea suggests you should make your questions short and sweet and back them up with publicly available evidence. You may submit your questions at the blog of your choice, or e-mail me - blazingcatfur@gmail.com if you wish. Thank you.
Here is the contact information for each member who attended yesterdays session, grouped by party affiliation, so you can frame your questions appropriately.


Ed Fast - ed@edfast.ca , faste@parl.gc.ca

Daniel Petit - PetitD@parl.gc.ca

Rick Norlock - rick@ricknorlock.ca , Norlock.R@parl.gc.ca

Rob Moore - MooreR@parl.gc.ca

Stephen Woodworth - woodworth.s@parl.gc.ca

Brent Rathgeber - rathgb1@parl.gc.ca , rathgb0@parl.gc.ca


Joe Comartin - ComarJ@parl.gc.ca

Bloc Quebecois

Serge Ménard - MenarSe@parl.gc.ca


Brian Murphy - Murphy.B@parl.gc.ca

Ujjal Dosanjh - Dosanu1a@parl.gc.ca , Dosanjh.U@parl.gc.ca

Dominic LeBlanc - dominic.leblanc@nb.aibn.com , leblanc.d@parl.gc.ca

Update: Letter to my Member of Parliament

The Phantom  – (12:22 PM)  

I've got a question for Joe Comartin. Joe baby, do you have any fucking clue at all how many people are going to see you being a prick to the two guys sticking up for their right to free speech?

The campaign ads in the next election are going to be really easy to make. I may even make a couple myself.

And we wonder why we have trouble with our government in this country. Oh my GAWD what a cretin!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:32 PM)  

I'll leave that one to you to e-mail personally Phantom;)

The Phantom  – (12:38 PM)  

Ha! No doubt. :)

However, rest assured I will be beavering away today emailing my MP and those on the list with slightly less salty but no less pithy communications on the subject.

Buddy pushed my piss-off button there though, I must say. What a disgusting display of arrogance and condescension.

Joe baby's not laird o' the bloody manor, and he needs reminding.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:39 PM)  

His was a less than exemplary performance, closely followed by Ujjal.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:45 PM)  

A reader submits via e-mail....

Some suggestions (no doubt there are more, but these are a start):

1. CHRC investigator Dean Steacy has stated that freedom of speech is "an American concept" and that he, as a CHRC employee, does not give it any weight. How does this square with Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees, as "fundamental freedoms", "freedom of thought,belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication"?

2. Jennifer Lynch has equated the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the CCRF with the alleged "right" not to be offended, and has argued that all such rights need to be "balanced". How does one achieve balance between a fundamental freedom guaranteed in the CCRF with a fabricated "right" that does not appear anywhere in the Constitution? What is the difference between a fundamental freedom guaranteed in the CCRF and an artificial "right" created by bureaucratic fiat? What is the hierarchical relationship between these incompatible principles?

3. According to undisputed testimony in Warman&CHRC v. Lemire, the CHRC hacked a private citizen's internet account in order to post bigoted messages online. If the CHRC did not do this, will Jennifer Lynch so swear under oath? If the CHRC did do this, then who was responsible? Has this employee been disciplined? Was this employee acting in accordance with or against CHRC policy and/or guidelines?

What are the policies and/or guidelines for the violation by CHRC employees of the privacy and private internet accounts of private citizens? What measures have been taken to prevent a recurrence?

In this connexion, it has been reported that the CHRC is investigating Richard Warman for violations of Section 13 of the CHRA. Is the CHRC investigating other current or former CHRC employees for any reason, including alleged violations of Section 13? Is a different standard being applied to current or former CHRC employees than has been applied to private citizens investigated for Section 13violations? If so, why? If not, will Jennifer Lynch so swear under oath?


Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:45 PM)  

Continued from above.....

4. According to undisputed testimony in Warman&CHRC v. Lemire, more than half-a-dozen CHRC employees have maintained on line identities as neo-Nazis and/or white supremacists, and have acted in the style of agents-provocateurs. What are the CHRC's policies and/or guidelines regarding CHRC membership in neo Nazi and/or white supremacist
organizations? What policies and/or guidelines govern the posting by CHRC employees of bigoted or hateful messages? Does the CHRC enjoy an exemption from Section 13 of the CHRA? If so, given Section 13 defines hatred as being in the eye of the beholder, what is the basis for this exemption? If not, then why have CHRC neo-Nazis and/or white supremacists not been charged with violations of Section 13? Please provide the full names and all on line aliases for all CHRC employees who have ever engaged in this type of activity.

Who authorized this "sting" activity? Does it continue today What is the difference in impact on vulnerable minorities of bigoted or hateful comments disseminated anonymously online by private citizens, and bigoted or hateful comments disseminated anonymously online by public servants?

5. The Criminal Code of Canada contains offences relating to libel, slander and the promulgation of hatred. What does Section 13 of the CHRA achieve that cannot be achieved by the CCC? What protections and guarantees afforded by the CCC have been stripped from accused/respondents in CHRC proceedings? How can CHRC procedure - e.g., no right for the accused to face his accuser; no presumption of innocence; inequitable cost burdens for the respondent; no defence of truth or fair comment - be deemed legitimate in light of its failure to provide the protections guaranteed by the CCC and natural justice?

6. Please explain in detail how a system designed to protect vulnerable minorities from discrimination has ended up providing tens of thousands of dollars in cash awards to a rich white lawyer who works for the Federal government.

The Phantom  – (1:49 PM)  

I couldn't take Ujjal. I shut him off half way through.

This should be an election issue. I really want to see Ujjal, Joey C. and the rest of these -ASSHOLES- wear this thing. They did it, they continue to support it, and I think they should be given full "credit" for what's happened.

In a just world all of Lucy's victims would be reimbursed out of the private funds of Liberal MPs, but that's just crazy talk. We all know there ain't no justice.

Scary Fundamentalist  – (3:21 PM)  

Ujjal especially made me puke at the end with his smug smile of satisfaction.

Maybe we can ask a question straight from Mark Steyn's comments:

Jennifer Lynch, do you harbour any hatred, even a teensie weensie little bit, towards Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:40 PM)  

Update: Oooo good stuff comin in on Serenity and that evidence swap thingy. Keep those e-mails comin folks.

Xanthippa  – (9:55 PM)  

IF we can outlaw 'hate' - can we also please outlaw 'smugness'?

I find it offends me and hurts my feelings when people are smug...

And, if banning 'hate' is permitted, why not 'smugness'?

Hoarfrost  – (11:03 AM)  

Jennifer Lynch offends me. Who within the CHRC am I to complain to.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:13 AM)  

Complain to me, I'll file a Section 13 and we'll split the proceeds.

Hoarfrost  – (1:03 AM)  

Jennifer Lynch offends me. Who within the CHRC am I to complain to.

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