Updated: Islamists Über Alles - Nazis Stage Gaza Freedom March In Toronto Thanks To Your Tax Dollars!

Update II: Palestine House shares address of suspects Under Investigation in Massive Immigration Fraud

UPDATE: See the Screenshot at the bottom of this post. I found this information on the Canadian Union of Public Employees Blog Local 3907 which indicates the direct organizational involvement of Palestine House in the Nazi March. Palestine House is listed as a Sponsor and as the sole information & contact resource for the "Gaza Freedom March":

To endorse this action in Toronto and/or for more information please email info@palestinehouse.org
E-mail MP Bob Dechert  whose riding Palestine House is located in at decheb@parl.gc.ca  and bob@bobdechert.ca ,  Jason Kenney kennej@parl.gc.ca and his Communications Director Alykhan Velshi alykhan.Velshi@cic.gc.ca with this information. It's worth 3 Million of your dollars to do so!
Original Post Below:

Lumpy Grumpy & Frumpy posted some nice shots of the Nazis for Gaza Freedom March in Toronto.

Something caught my eye in one of her photos which I posted below, notice the "flag staff", it reads "Palestine House". I guess Nazi Ideology is part of the curriculum taught in their " language instruction and lebensraum immigrant settlement programs". You know, the ones your taxes pay for.

This is taken from NGO Monitor's submission to the CPCCA posted below.

•Palestine House Educational (PHE) (Mississauga, Ontario): PHE received $747,314 from the Canadian government in 2008-9 for language instruction ; and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has two agreements totaling over $3 million through 2010 for language instruction and immigrant settlement.
Well like everything else nowadays I guess it takes alot of cash to train Nazis. Take comfort in the knowledge your tax dollars are being put to good use and will benefit our collective Suicide by Multiculturalism Mosaic of Diversity. Thanks Mr. Government;)

Note the Kaffiyeh clad gentleman giving the Nazi Salute and holding the Palestine House flag in the 1st photo, this is the same individual holding the Hezbollah Flag and the "Palestine House" flag in the photo below, also note that Palestine House was kind enough to additionally identify their property, the flag staff, with a convenient "PH" as I have indicated in the photo.
Update: "Mr. Palestine House" leads the parade.

NGO Monitor Submission CPCCA

Upperdate: More of your tax dollars at work. The Palestine House Logo is a map of Israel covered by the Pali Kaffiyeh! Yeah that's education... H/T Reader Wasfrom

Palestine House Organizational Involvement In The March Of The HamasaNazis

Josephine  – (12:12 AM)  

Thanks, BCF!

Credit goes to the friend who took the pics and sent them to me.

Josephine  – (12:15 AM)  

Good digging, BCF, I'll have to read the document tomorrow.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:16 AM)  

Great work, let em know about "Palestine House"

Jonathon Narvey  – (1:47 AM)  

Just linked to this. Excellent work, Blazing.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:13 AM)  

Thanks to J the Lumpy Grumpy Frumpy one too Jonathon;)

Winston  – (4:27 AM)  

fucking disgraceful. How is Canada tolerating this nazi salute?

Revnant Dream  – (5:27 AM)  

Unfortunately this is not Canada anymore!
Not the one we grew up in anyway. Trudeau had his way & buggered us all into decay.
Men have become Women while the Ladies pretend bondage by barbarians could not happen to them.
all the while our institutions are producing cowards historically.
Morals are become fictions. Ethics a matter of relative situations.
Meanwhile the forest coconuts are destroying our industry. plenty of scorn for Religion.
Cry peace than kill children. Scream freedom than submit to Islamification by the Colinizers.
Nope it ain't Canada any more.
Where being taken over by our own laws that will benefit those we are at war with & their
sympathizers. Who are legion.
Even under a moderate guy like Harper its institutions have become Fascist over the years by Liberal corruption.

scaramouche  – (8:03 AM)  

Check out Palestine's House "social services"--really, an insidious, government-funded way to spread anti-Zionism (as was the Canadian Arab Federation's language program for newcomers, until Jewson Kenney cut off its funds). http://www.palestinehouse.com/newcomers.html

Josephine  – (8:06 AM)  

BCF, check out my blog: I've posted photos of that same guy at the head of the parade.

was from  – (10:12 AM)  

Wow if you look at the PH banner located in the link below...
You may notice that the map of Israel is covered by the pali kaffiyeh. Yeah that's education...
And we subsidize these parasites?

natasha  – (12:27 PM)  

Thanks both of you (BCF and J)!

I've sent an email to Kenney about the funding. They should be cut off immediately.

Why the hell should any group receive funds for "language instruction." You either speak one of our official languages before you come here, or you shouldn't be allowed in.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:50 PM)  

Thanks J & Scaramouche I wonder if "immigrant settlement" shouldn't read "Lebensraum"

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:44 PM)  

Good stuff Natasha and thanks Wasfrom, great tip!

Rose  – (4:24 PM)  

I posted a link at the NP for B. Kay to read, hopefully she'll blog about this issue tomorrow at the NP.

Anyone CC Kenny with this information, dear gawd what kind of people are we being forced to give our taxdollars? Neo Nazis, where's the CHRC crack pot team of spidey investigators?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:26 PM)  

The CHRC? They be hidin in Fort Lynch.

Josephine  – (11:15 PM)  

Excellent catch, BCF.

That 3 million dollars could keep some Toronto swimming pools open for a while longer. Or buy a few school supplies. Or pay for a few educational assistants in Toronto public kindergartens.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:17 PM)  

Or buy me a sizable arsenal;)

Xanthippa  – (9:33 PM)  

I'm glad you said the number of protesters protesting the protest was high!

Walter  – (7:55 AM)  


Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:31 PM)  

Thanks to J the Lumpy Grumpy Frumpy one too Jonathon;)

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