CHRC files Challenge to Lemire Decision

"A state that puts people on trial for things they’ve said, written, or drawn—as have the Netherlands and Canada's human rights commissions, to name but two—is no longer a truly democratic country.

That power to curb free speech will be inevitably abused to the detriment of society. The only difference between such a system and the Stalinist USSR is one of intensity, not type."


Xanthippa  – (11:02 AM)  

Well, well, well....

What will happen in a REAL court?

The appeal WILL be in a real court, right?

Scary Fundamentalist  – (12:10 PM)  

Un-Freaking Believable. Did Jenny Lynch even read Hadjis's decision? He found s.13 unconstitutional, not just s.54(1).

I hope this goes up to the SCC and Taylor is revisited.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:11 PM)  

It's a real court but only the decision is abeing appealled. so we won't get any real fireworks, a lot of left wing groups like the CJC and LEAF have applied as intervenors, so expect alot of BS to flow.

Scary Fundamentalist  – (12:28 PM)  

Sounds like the last stand of the censors around s.13. Circled wagons come to mind.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:39 PM)  

I don't know, they may be successful, with Harper on the sideslines it makes our job difficult. However even if the communists win this round, we will keep on fighting.

Gary K.  – (1:28 PM)  


I’m poodley puzzled that Athanasios Hadjis wasn’t listed as a respondent – almost shear shocked! Like mad dogs in heat, these commissioned bitches will dash to defend their mandate entitled territory (Langtry included for inclusiveness).

Mr. Athanasios Hadjis has served as Vice-Chairperson of the Tribunal since 1995. One could have easily surmised that Mr. Hadjis would eventually assume the role of Chairperson recently vacated by J. Grant Sinclair. – Nudgingly Not!

I see that Shirish Chotalia from Edmonton, Alberta was recently appointed (Nov.2/2009) as Chairperson of the Tribunal. Congratulations Ms. Chotalia! I certainly hope your eventual move to the nation’s capital goes smoothly - I am sure it will. At a GCQ-8 level of pay ($215,400 – $253,500), this should supply an adequate amount of grease for the wheels on the CHRT bus to keep spinning our wasted tax dollars into the pavement.

What happened Athanasios? Are you being unjustly punished for your critical ruling against “human rights” orthodoxy in the Warman vs. Lemire case? When can we expect you to file a complaint to the Commission for discriminatory practices at your place of employment? Did the tribunal need to meet some quota or expand their diversity/affirmative action plan - its sole purpose - to prevent you from seeking the Chairperson’s position?

Sorry about your luck Athanasios. Your barkingly favourable ruling for the respondent in this particular case has kept you at a GCQ-6 ($163,000 - $191,800) level of pay and has denied your promotion to Chairperson.


Marc Lemire  – (2:21 PM)  

"a lot of left wing groups like the CJC and LEAF have applied as intervenors"

Just a slight correction. Neither the CJC or Leaf have applied for or were granted intervenor status.

The only group so far to apply for status is the Canadian Free Speech League.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:37 PM)  

My bad I confused that with the type of submission made by Leaf etc to the justice committee -

Xanthippa  – (3:00 PM)  

Mr. Lemire:

Good Luck!

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