Bumped: University of Ottawa Disgraces Itself in Eyes of the World - Ann Coulter Cancelled by Vandals

Update: Rock crumbles before student thugs that mar U Of Ottawa campus, issues disingenuous statement that "blames" Coulters Security for cancellation.

Ottawa Sun - Security concerns cancel Ann Coulter's University of Ottawa talk - vandalism by our coddled barbarians

What a disgrace to Canada but what can you expect from a University that promotes Israeli Apartheid Week.

You just know the U of Ottawa is a crazy leftist racist sh*thole when the lunatic in charge of "human rights & equality" one Francine Page defends IAW week and let's not forget that the U of O is also home to alleged (HaHa) terrorist murderer Hassan Diab.
The U of Ottawa was all free-speechy when this hypocrite spoke at Whack-A-Jew-Week
Brian Lilley: "One of the loudest protestors outside was Sameena Topan, the young woman holding the “safe place” sign. Sameena told me she brought that sign because, “This is a space for all students from all backgrounds to come and feel welcome.” Sameena went on to say that no student should feel threatened or marginalized. Asked if she had protested, complained or tried to shut down Israeli Apartheid week, Sameena first seemed shocked at the question, then answered no"
Quote from attendee: ”They had Israeli Apartheid Week here last week, and those young ladies there started it, they had a whole week to bash the people of Israel. And they were not chanted against, they did not have the door slammed against them. There is free speech in this country. Yes, I am a conservative, and I am a very proud conservative. And they won’t let me have the people that I want to listen to in a school that my taxpayer dollars pay for? Shame on them. SHAME ON THEM! They should all be expelled from school.”
One gal was waving one of Ann Coulter's books around asking whether they should burn it. "Let's debate this," she says.
Zionhass at the U of Ottawa - Includes Ezra Levant Khaled Mouammar interview
What happened last night was shameful, frightening and profoundly sad.

Shameful that an institution that should encourage debate instead incites censorship and bully tactics....

National Post: Free Speech in Canada leaves much to be desired
Free Speech in Canuckistan Derailment Watch
Our media at "work": “I was watching the local news, which was all hockey and Ann Coulter, and some nut came on claiming that he was the organizer behind my speech. [murmurs in background] OK, his name is Craig Chandler. I sent an e-mail to my bodyguard saying Craig Chandler is disinvited from the event in Calgary. He’s on TV claiming to be the organizer and denouncing me!” Update: CBC Apologizes to Craig Chandler see comments.
A mob of child-censors has successfully shut down a speech by Ann Coulter at the University of Ottawa.

"When the protesters showed up, chanting “Free speech, not hate speech!” and carrying, of all things, a police siren, I was reminded of why I left. Their insipid slogans and aggressive posturing, culminating in a mad rush to break into the lecture hall, were all too familiar. All too Canadian."
M. Houle gets his wish - Lefty Freikorps silence Ann Couter
Ann Coulter Riot Part 2
Francois Houle is looking for hate speech. I suggest he look at his own desk. Ann Coulter was not going to say anything that would actually incite people to violence. Mr. Houle came within half an inch of doing so. If it wasn't for the presence of nine police squad cars who knows what might have happened. He gave his students a license to stop Ann Coulter and they ran with it.
Angry, Fascist University Mob Too Much of a Security Risk to Allow Coulter to Speak - "the University of Ottawa has become nothing more than a Left Wing Violent Ghetto "

Our Media At Work: "Media reports suggest that there were “2,000 protesters” present, but this is an absurd lie. There were maybe that many people, to be sure, but the initial party of protesters was quite small, as I noted above, and would grow to maybe 200 at its height, many of them sprinkled throughout the crowd. I find it particularly irresponsible for the media to be spreading this number, as they are, given that all the reporters and cameramen I saw had to slowly push their way through the giant, silent, unprotesting crowd so that they could get good footage of the actual protesters, who stood on the other side."
When the POLICE choose who gets to speak – and who does not…

Houliganism: Ann Coulter cancelled by Barbarians at OttawaU

Ann Coulter Q&A from UWO on video

If you liked living in Germany in the 1930's...
“I'm guessing the scores to get into the University of Ottawa are not very challenging.”...

Ezra Levant to represent Coulter before CHRC in Hate Crime case against "The Black Houle of Ottawa?"

Our Media at Work: Photo's and reports of a timid Police response - Irresponsible journalism at the public expense

Ann Coulter Cancelled by University of Ottawa! ...Americans May Be A Protected Minority In Canada, But Who's Going To Protect The Majority?
Susan G Cole makes an ass of herself on Fox News - "Students sign off on all kinds of agreements as to how they'll behave on campus, in order to respect diversity, equity, all of the values that Canadians really care about. Those are the things that drive our political culture. Not freedoms, not rugged individualism, not free speech. It's different, and for us, it works." STFU Suzy

"anti-racist" creeps rushed door threw table volunteers had to flee".

Funny how it's always the "anti-racists" who are the Nazis, odd they never turned up to protest the University of Ottawa's Whack-A-Jew-Week festivities.

Oh my what a nice keffiyeh!

Coulter on Coren thanks to Mississauga Matt who has more.

Part 1

Event organizers to sue University of Ottawa - ...rumoured the people who organized Israeli Apartheid Week are the Nazi vandals

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rick mcginnis  – (8:48 PM)  
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Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:50 PM)  

What a pathetic display, this is where thought crime laws lead.

Jim R  – (8:52 PM)  

My guess it has little to do with vandalism or security, but a lot to do with the Black Houle himself.

I don't think he appreciated the rest of the world knowing what a fool he made of himself.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:56 PM)  

Sigh somehow I wish I had been there - with a bat.

Rotterdam  – (9:33 PM)  

Kristalnacht in Canada.
Nazi's want their way.
Memories of Netanyahu at Concordia.
Daniel Pipes at York.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:35 PM)  

The idiot left have hung themselves again, it's good for the good guys.

meccaneck  – (9:40 PM)  

Canada, especially Ottawa, look mighty bush-league right now...

Dag  – (9:41 PM)  

I read comments in many Canadian news-outlets, and the majority support suppression of dissenting ideas from non-Left positions. Seems that the nature of most people in this country is rigidly authoritarian. People here seem very much to like and increasingly to like a police state. If that's the case, which it is my reading of, then I think there's little point in staying here under such condition if one is a free-thinking individual.

You all have, and don't seem to be able to rid yourselves of, the Human Rights Commissions, even with a so-called Conservative government. I take it that most people approve of them. Why fight it? I think I might move to a more amenable place. Argentina is looking very pretty right about now.

You'll notice that Ann Coulter didn't come to Vancouver. I've been trying to get a date with her for years, and she won't even come to this city. Maybe if the air were better....

Revnant Dream  – (9:51 PM)  

Its all over Drudge now

Kevin Jaeger  – (10:04 PM)  

There is no question the police could have settled the situation if they had wanted to.

This is the city that gets impromptu demonstrations of 25,000 Tamils and spontaneous, sometimes threatening protests around embassies. They know how to calm the crowds and protect a building or event on short notice.

They chose to cancel the event, they weren't forced to.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:06 PM)  

That is very disappointing to here Kevin, very disturbing thanks for your report on SDA!

Seraphic Spouse  – (10:07 PM)  

Outrageous. Another sad day for freedom of speech.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:10 PM)  

These really are the barbarians Seraph, mindless angry and violent, they are the mob.

sanwin  – (10:18 PM)  

What an effing disgrace.

I hope they sue ass houle from here to kingdon come. He was the agent provacateur in the whole incident.

The liberal left at it's finest once again.

MariaS  – (10:18 PM)  

I am deeply depressed today. Never thought I was migrating to a country which was turning towards Leftism otherwise I would have stayed put where I was.

I listened to Coulter on Coren today and it was more than apparent after she gave her explanations for all that the Left were purporting that she had said, how the Left have done their best (and mostly succeeded) in painting her as a hateful person.

Sad day for Canada. We have shown our dirty laundry to the Americans and to the world today.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:23 PM)  

It is a disgrace there is no other term to describe it, the Univeristy of Ottawa has revealed itself to be a pigpen of PC thugs.

The Phantom  – (10:33 PM)  

Two things. One, Kevin's point is key. The protesters didn't cancel this thing, the cops did. Selective enforcement of the law.

We are quite familiar with it here in Caledonia, where the OPP keep getting hit in the backs of their heads because they always face front toward the dangerous townsfolk.

Second, Ann Coulter gets this exact crap all the time at US universities. Free publicity of the very best kind. Lefties behaving badly and cops letting them, it looks bad and smells worse.

People remember this kind of thing when its time to choose a school for Junior.

Jim R  – (10:58 PM)  

"The protesters didn't cancel this thing, the cops did."

Just one call from the provost to the police is all it takes.

BillyHW  – (11:21 PM)  

I am so utterly disgusted by my country right now I want to puke.

gordonmacdonald  – (11:44 PM)  

The Ottawa Police are terrified of confrontation of "off limits" groups. If these thugs had of been right wing they would have had the riot squads out in force.

This reminds me of Concordia and Netanyahu

Most of Ottawa U students just want to get an education. The left wing and their jihad buddies on the other hand have an agenda which has nothing to do with education.

This evening was a perfect storm of trepidation (Ottawa Police), political correctness (Ottawa U Admin) and hooliganism.

Don Sharpe  – (12:41 AM)  

There were far more people there to hear Ann Coulter speak than there were to protest. So what happened?

I'll say it again:

The most damage done to the conservative movement has been done through INACTION.

Ann Coulter is an ACTION HERO, she and Ezra should have their own ACTION FIGURES.

It was general conservative INACTION that allowed the HRC's to proliferate in the first place. Conservatives should have been outraged and reacted in 1979 when radical islamists burned 'Satanic Verses' and put a hit out on Salman Rushdie.

This isn't a game, it isn't a sporting event, it's a war - and this culture is fighting for it's survival.

Why did a majority of Canadians, who were there to hear a speaker allow this to happen?

I think it's because we believe in the 'rule of law', and the liberal left do not.

Please, enlighted me if you disagree. I'm at the point where I'm going to agree with BCF - I wish I'd have been there . ...

jaycurrie  – (12:48 AM)  

Huge, huge win for free speech in Canada...Canadians hate incivility. They will not tolerate rudeness to guests.

Anne Coulter was our guest and the University of Ottawa and the dimwit activists thereto, unable to argue the point, disgraced themselves.

If Harper had any brains, a big if, he'd invite Ms. Coulter to coffee tomorrow morning and apologize.

noel  – (1:20 AM)  

I'm almost twittered out, but it was learning experience too. My iPhone actually shows Black/Green Bad Breath.

I never realised just how good Ann Coulter is until watching the MC Show (pvr-ed) as the tweets were pouring in from Hateawa. MC was at his best. (He seems to excel when discussing with folks with some brain attached.)

As disgusting as the UofO ignorance was, it surely was a victory for Ann, and likely too for free-speech in general. Even though lefturds will blame Ann (at UWO), with her repetition of KS's proposal for an unnamed, unfortunate camel to serve as transportation for the little BlackBerried Issy-hoodie, a few more sleeping N-Americans may wake up, and roll over.

In my ancient day, UofO was where you went if your marks out of grade XIII were relatively low, and getting drunk was your hobby.

PS. Having now received my first Hate DMs, you #COTs should pool your hate DMs and publish them in a waterproof form. Should make excellent reading in the hot-tub.
Not sent from a BlackBerry

Cardlover  – (1:21 AM)  

canada is not about war, and it seems that ann came to spread the hatred. She has offended many of us, and thats where the verbal abuse comes in. Ottawa protesters r smart enough to end the hatred from spreading around.

jaycurrie  – (1:38 AM)  

So, cardlover, you didn't even make it into a bush league school did you.

Dag  – (1:45 AM)  

A CBC poll asking whether Ann Coulter should be allowed to speak in this country's universities show that roughly 40 percent of respondents say "No."

I'm looking into Argentina.

Revnant Dream  – (1:49 AM)  

This about sums it up


Terrence  – (1:53 AM)  

Now THAT is odd. I saw all the people in those images tonight.

My own take on the events at U of O is here on the Western Standard.

Jay Currie liked it!

Dag  – (2:06 AM)  

"Send in the police. There ought to be police....""

Lifer  – (2:35 AM)  

Check it out guys...

Angry, Fascist University Mob Too Much of a Security Risk to Allow Coulter to Speak


Lifer  – (2:35 AM)  

Check it out guys...

Angry, Fascist University Mob Too Much of a Security Risk to Allow Coulter to Speak


scream  – (3:35 AM)  

Seems the most important thing to do now is bring her back. As often and at as many universities possible.

jaycurrie  – (3:38 AM)  

Scream, good idea...but next time...Rush!

scream  – (4:06 AM)  

Rush, Ann, Avigdor Lieberman, George Bush -- whoever the violent, rabid, freaks hate the most. Bloggers and others should get in to full fund raising drives to collect cash for these speakers. Who knows, maybe because of this mess we might even find some speakers willing to reduce their fees, on principal. Ann is obviously well connected and could really help with this. I hope she doesn't just let it go.

truepeers  – (4:10 AM)  

At times like this, some feel a need to insist on their doomsday narrative, as if that's the only truth in which the clear-minded can any longer really believe; but others roll up the sleeves and get to work resisting the violent or apocalyptic desires on both sides, knowing that the kind of war we can expect to fight is to be won by positioning our side in the spaces opened up by that resistance, the space of building the narratives that will appeal to the majority of Canadians who retain some respect for our shared reality, i.e. the one that allows people to go to work and trade in the marketplace, to rely on others in complex networks of trust, to sleep without a gun under the pillow, i.e. the reality that requires some civility and ability to share with others some acknowledgment of what really threatens a necessary degree of trust, civility, and openness, in freedom, to reality. Then when we can remind each other of the little things on which most agree, we can push the story a little further, measuring and probing our shared reality and learning on what it depends and what truly threatens us; we will then be in a stronger position to show the many that what happened to Ann Coulter is dead wrong and a threat to all of us who believe in democratic societies under the constitutional rule of law. Sometimes it's more important to defend truth and constitutionality than left or right.

Dag  – (4:55 AM)  

Coulter couldn't speak at a Canadian university because some thugs threatened violence. Many Canadians seem fine with that, and with banning other people they don't like hearing from.This is the state of the nation. Talk about it till you're not allowed to.

gama  – (5:29 AM)  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Revnant Dream  – (6:56 AM)  

Talk about it till you're not allowed to.

Dag Wins. Because its all we have left. Is our words. Words do have power. Lets use that to advantage while the day shines.Its obvious by now the Political system no matter the party condones this new neo-tribalism (multiculturalism). With the glue of an Inquisition called the CHRC. That will make this Country a prison for certain unprotected none victim classes. That MP's don't believe in free speech anymore is not just frighting, but in the league of a horror show waiting to happen.
Canada by the comments section is in deep moral & spiritual trouble..

Dag  – (7:08 AM)  

I think I thank you very much, R.D., if only because I love winning so much.

Square Mile Wife  – (7:28 AM)  

This morning I asked myself, what would my reaction be if Bill Maher (who I say with great hesitation is the left's, er, equivalent of Coulter) was invited to speak in Canada's campuses, and the answer is that I wouldn't care. I would probably shrug and say 'it figures.' Heck, I might even attend just to hear what he has to say 'live.' The rabid derangement of the left is unbelievable. The hypocrisy is astounding. I don't even love Ann Coulter and this whole fiasco has me furiously pacing my flat while yelling in French at my effigy of François Houle ; )

Lifer  – (8:17 AM)  

Forgot to add this paragraph to the original piece:

In his apology amidst shouts of “Shame!” and “François, François!” where he lambasted the barbaric treatment received by Ann Coulter and her audience at the soiled hands of the University Youths, Ezra Levant made this pithy comment: “like a fish, the rot starts from the head down”. Many people, including yours truly, left their vowing that Ann Coulter would return to the University of Ottawa one day soon to engage the University Youths, whether they like it or not.

scream  – (8:49 AM)  

The more I think about this the more I blame police. This is just like when cops tell people like Josephine she can't film protesters (even though it's her legal right) telling her it makes the protesters "uncomfortable". Scream loud enough and cops will cave. The police are their to PROTECT, not support violent animals. Surely something can be done about this?

Josephine  – (9:09 AM)  

Scream - I agree. It's all part of the same thing that's happening here in Canada. It doesn't seem to matter what the constitution or the law says: our rights are being taken away from us in practice.

BCF - Thanks for the link to the video of Monday night's Q&A. I hope people enjoy watching it.

scream  – (9:19 AM)  

Any lawyers here to advise? Can the cops be sued? Maybe it's time for all of us to inundate the CHRC with complaints -- against cops, against Fatima the goat blower, against the University.....?

rick mcginnis  – (9:24 AM)  

Gama - thanks so much for the civil response. To reiterate - in Canada, French language tends to mean Quebecois, and thanks to Bill 101 and the language police there, we have a pretty good idea how little the basic tenets of free speech are valued in PQ. Did you get it NOW?

Right - back to my cereal boxes.

Viking  – (9:30 AM)  


I'm with Dag on this one. Mrs V. and I are still 50-50 about staying in Canada and this swings it for me.

What if Chavez or Morales came to talk? or Immadinnerjacket? who would protest? no-one.

I am genuinely frightened of Canadian hate speech laws.

When you charge someone with 'inciting hatred' it should be like any other kind of law - evidence should be required. In that case, someone who previously did not hate, but now does hate (somebody), would have to be produced as a witness in order to prosecute the speaker. But, yet, it seems that 'hate speech' is adjudicated by some kind of panel whether anyone has been affected in any meaningful way or not, beyond being "offended".

Bldy hell, hasn't living up there with the bears and beavers hardened your skins just a little?

We came to Canada warned that things were 'a bit PC there', but this is ridiculous.

sanwin  – (9:33 AM)  

Here's Sameena Topan.


sanwin  – (9:36 AM)  


Here's her website

sanwin  – (10:03 AM)  

Hmm.. seems like our friend Sameena Topan is also an anti semite.


Look which facebook group she's a member of :- Sexy Israeli Aparthied


I've taken a screen shot since I kind of figure she's going to drop that membership soon.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:27 AM)  

Great work Sanwin, I will try to incorporate this later!

The Phantom  – (10:35 AM)  

scream wants to know can the cops be sued?

I direct your attention to Caledonia, where far worse than this little pageant has been playing out for what, three years?


That's the blog of Gary McHale, who is presently suing the Province, the OPP and Fantino the head of the OPP, also has caused charges to be brought against the OPP and some of their officers by a Writ of Mandamus, whereby a private citizen can force the crown to lay charges they don't want to lay.

Gary McHale is a pretty weird guy, frankly. But he's the only one out there actually taking these lazy ass cops on and challenging their path-of-least-resistance methods.

The thing that's fundamental here, that Canadians just don't get, is that we all live in fairy land. The cops are NOT HERE TO PROTECT YOU. Really. They are paid to "keep the peace", which means stopping a ruckus the easiest, cheapest way.

So when rowdies show up and demand Ann Coulter shut up, the easiest thing to do is shut her up. That's how it works.

The other thing is, we do not have inalienable rights which the government is forbidden by law to contravene. They can take anything you have, jail you if they like, and make you shut the hell up at whim. And I'm not talking an act of Parliament here, I'm talking Constable Plod and the local Justice of the Peace.

Welcome to Canada. You gave up your God given right to every damn thing when you were born. If you want it back, there's some work to be done.

Rose  – (10:45 AM)  

Does anyone else see the similarities between the Taliban's treatment of women in Afghanistan and the treatment Ann received from the leftwingers? Yea quite the tolerant and diverse group, they don't like her words so they allegedly facebook comments about arming themselves with food to throw at her. Despicable nasty spoiled snot monsters, they take much from society and all they give back is thuggery and threats of violence. I hope you snot monsters are proud of your thuggery, because this Conservative chick won't forget you behavior anytime soon. One day those snot monsters are gong to need jobs, and this con would toss your resume in the garbage can and cheer.

glasnost  – (11:37 AM)  

Phantom at 10:35 is spot on. Don't focus blame on the protesters, they're just children doing what children naturally do at that age. The real problem began when our part of America rejected "Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" and instead started down the path to "Peace Order and Good Government".

Also, big thanks, again, to Mississauga Matt.

Josephine  – (12:01 PM)  

Right again, Phantom.

I've had several experiences that make yesterday's events in Ottawa seem depressingly predictable.

Our society is moving in the wrong direction.

Flea  – (12:26 PM)  

I blame Stephen Harper. He allowed this to happen a five minute walk from his office.

scream  – (12:50 PM)  

Maybe we need to be willing to get arrested the next time we're videotaping the hate mongrels. Would the publicity fallout from that help?

truepeers  – (12:52 PM)  

Anyone who had to watch the lengthy police bowing before the free speech rights of the hyper-venerated, "the protest community", here in Vancouver, before and during the Olympics, should know that the police can be made "to protect us", if we're the right us. When "the protest community" blocked the streets around the Cenotaph on the final day of the torch relay, the police did not bring out the bludgeons; rather, they denied the veterans their moment with the torch at the Cenotaph. The police justified this to themselves, I imagine, in terms of both protecting the peace and the "free speech" of "the protest community".

But you can't just show up and expect to be that community whose speech is protected. They're not going to allow much open violence in the streets, and so of course they take sides. Therefore, if you want to win, you first have to fight a war of position and gain the positions from which the police will recognize your rights, as the legitimate "protest community". YOu have to teach all kinds of people to paint the left's "martyrs" as genocidal villains, which they are, and you have to make the much-more-tolerant Ann Coulters into victims of the intolerant.

People expect a global civil war, which is what we're fighting, to be fair? They expect large numbes of people in authority to remain neutral? Come on!

There is a line in the movie "Sink the Bismarck" where the British war room have to decide whether the damaged Bismarck will retreat for repairs and further escort. The British commander figures she won't retreat: the one thing Nazis can't do is lose face, "and that's their greatest weakness".

Know the enemy. Know that it is not some excess of the contemporary left that they are against free speech. It is their very essence. They have been taught since grade school that the greatest evil is to "victimize" someone. Accordingly, nothing must be allowed to happen that could ever result in someone somehow possibly being "victimized". This is of course a recipe for totalitarianism and social stagnation. And it's not just happening in Canada. There's nowhere to run.

So turn their very limited world view on itself and start showing them their own victims. Rub the victims of leftist totalitarianism in their faces. Make sure everyone sees Coulter on Coren, for starters.

skyhook8  – (12:54 PM)  

I believe in free speech, even went to see Noam Chomsky speak at U of C several yrs ago - there were no protesters - Do I agree with him? No. Have I read some of his books? Of course.

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all. ~Noam Chomsky

I am sicker of the intolerant left today than yesterday, they are further proof Canada ia rotting from the inside.

The Phantom  – (1:01 PM)  

scream, Gary McHale has been arrested and held without charge -twice-. Did it help? It helped him have something to sue the police for sure enough, but having them red f-ing handed, on video, TWICE, hasn't helped him one tiny bit with the courts or with the media.

What Ann Coulter and the rest of Conservatism are proposing is to de-fund and disempower officialdom, so as to restore the sovereign rights of the individual.

You think they are going to help us with that? Doubt it! Why do people become officials in the first place? Because they like to be The Man. They are going to fight to keep that, and this is what them fighting us looks like.

Think of something sneakier, something that doesn't involve getting your head busted by Constable Plod or some union goon squad.

noel  – (1:29 PM)  

Now that I've read a few comments from the oldspapers, I find the same old wimpy generalization typically mentioned by conservatives.


"I don't agree with everything she says..." or "Although she is provocative..." or "I can't take some of what she says, but..."

Or any other permutation of similar, senseless drivel. Surely, if we are not clones everybody has something different to think and to say. Why hold up a widow, white, wimpy flag of leftist ass-entrails? Why not be specific, or at least delete what goes without cowering.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to "tape" (pvr, these days) Ann Coulter on the Michael Coren Show, and view it few times. Interviews like this should be available far and wide.

Somebody's missing a great opportunity here: The best of Ezra Levant, The best of Kathy Shaidle, The best of Ann Coulter...

The Best of... countless front-line fighters of Liberty.

C'mon guys 'n' gals, don't treat our best with the wimpy worst!

Many, many thanks to the Coul Cat, BCF for immense effort in the cause of promoting real Liberty.

Don Sharpe  – (1:44 PM)  

Megyn Kelly from 'Fox News' debating (and making a fool of) Susan G. Cole from 'Toronto Now'.
Worth watching, hopefully on the Fox site right away.

Don Sharpe  – (2:06 PM)  

Susan G. Cole:
"Students sign off on all kinds of agreements as to how they'll behave on campus, in order to respect diversity, equity, all of the values that Canadians really care about. Those are the things that drive our political culture. Not freedoms, not rugged individualism, not free speech. It's different, and for us, it works."
Megyn Kelly:
"It is different, not freedoms, and not free speech. Here in American, we had Ahmadinijad come onto the campus of Columbia University and speak, but that's us."

The Phantom  – (2:21 PM)  

She said that Don? After those students broke every behaviour rule in the book and the University has said NOTHING about consequences?

Whadda maroon! Oh, what a SMACKDOWN.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:27 PM)  

Cole is her usual idiot self I see, let me know if a clip becomes available.

sanwin  – (2:42 PM)  


It's on the fox news page. Not sure how to save the video though.

Don Sharpe  – (3:06 PM)  

The clip is here on my post.


Also linked back to BCF.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:07 PM)  

Thanks Don and Sanwin threw it in above with her quote Don.

Jeff  – (3:21 PM)  

----- Original Message -----
From: Mark Kelley
To: executivedirector@pgib.ca
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:56 AM
Subject: Re: Last Night

Hi Craig...there was some confusion on our end that you were one of the organizers bringing Ann Coulter to Calgary...but that was our error...which you immediately rectified in before you spoke about anything else. If this has caused any confusion or concern, I apologize for that, and thank you for speaking to us about your support for Ms. Coulter's right to free speech in this country. It was an enlightening, and timely interview.

Thanks Craig,

Mark Kelley
Host- Connect with Mark Kelley
CBC News Network

glasnost  – (3:28 PM)  

So why did Susan G Cole get elected to be Canada's spokesperson on our political culture?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:55 PM)  

Susan is a typical leftist Glasnost they presume to speak for all people on all things - cause they just know better!

The Phantom  – (3:59 PM)  

Just saw the FOX interview with Susan G. Cole, gotta say that pissed me off.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you just saw is a pretty good representation of the ruling intellectual elite here in Canada. Cardigan wearing grannies with minds like Adolph Eichman.

That woman strongly resembles the women at University of Toronto (and Western, and McMaster) in the PT school who I had to LEAVE THE COUNTRY to get away from. Once in the USA I had no problems getting into PT school, but here the harpies are like this woman.

May I suggest that we all make it our business to see that anything Susan G. Cole has anything to do with withers and dies for lack of funding? NOW Magazine in Toronto would be a great place to start, she's the entertainment editor. Make that sucker bankrupt pdq.

Going for a walk now, I'm seriously friggin' steamed.

skyhook8  – (5:37 PM)  

"If Harper had any brains, a big if, he'd invite Ms. Coulter to coffee tomorrow morning and apologize."

Good one Jay. We wish it would happen.

Canada: Rotting from the inside.

Jenna  – (10:08 PM)  

You're ridiculous if you think that Coulter isn't practising hate speech. She is discriminatory and ridiculous. If standing up against hate speech, protecting inalienable rights of Canadians, and taking a stand against discrimination is "an embarassment", THEN I'M ALL FOR EMBARASSING MYSELF.

I am proud of the university of Ottawa. Be a conservative, be a republican, I don't care. But say things like "All terrorists are Muslim", and "Canada should be lucky the United States doesn't roll over in the middle of the night and crush them" is NOT something we are going to tolerate. And if you think that Canada should be pushed around by a woman who engages in shock-jock to get her ridiculous opinions to the masses and have her picture plasted, then perhaps you're in the wrong country (if you're Canadian, I am unsure). Because Canada is a country that is all for free speech, but not hate speech. You cannot infringe upon the rights of other citizens, and calling people "faggots" and "terrorists" is not tolerable. And the day that STANDING UP AGAINST DISCRIMINATION BECOMES EMBARASSING will be a tragic one.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:26 PM)  

Jenna not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are muslims.

Has your head exploded yet?

If you are not for free speech for those whose opinions you despise then you are not for free speech at all.

You can cloak yourself in the false garb of anti-discrimination all you wish however we see through your robes, lose some weight sweety.

The Phantom  – (10:33 PM)  

You know Jenna, that little diatribe of yours is just so...I can't even pull it apart.

But lets try, shall we? You said "But say things like "x" is NOT something we are going to tolerate."

Not going to be tolerated, ok. That means if somebody says "Frak you Jenna!" does it anyway, you'll have to stop them and make it so they don't do it ever again.

So, what do you propose? Jail? Stoning? The stocks? 40 lashes? Keel hauling? Bullet in the head maybe, I hear that one is popular in Cuba.

You might just have to put your money where your mouth is Jenna. Ann Coulter is clearly not going to shut up just because you say so. Nor should she.

So if what she says is so intolerable, you might have to mangle her. Or kill her. For just saying something. Kinda like what they do in North Korea.

Does that seem reasonable?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:46 PM)  

Oops forgot to ask Jenna if she hates Jews.

Dag  – (10:54 PM)  

Jenna and her ilk are making Argentina look better all the time.

Argentina has some really nice weather.

The Phantom  – (11:05 PM)  

'Course she does Fur. I mean, who wouldn't hate em? They're all warlike and everything to those nice little Palestinian brown people who never hurt anybody. Meanies! There oughta be a law!

Viking  – (1:33 AM)  

Jenna, you think THAT's "hate speech"????
Where the hell have you been living?? oh, wait.. Canada.
Standing up against discrimination might be tolerable, but trampling free speech isn't.
If you can't see who is practising the hate, then you are too far gone to help.

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