Live! ...well almost....Barbara Kay On Political Correctness

National Post columnist Barbara Kay spoke in Toronto this evening on a topic near and dear to myself and her many fans - The Madness of Political Correctness. It was an excellent talk and all who attended owe thanks to Laura Rosen Cohen for organizing this event, the food was great;)

You can read Barbara Kay's latest: Quebec Says ‘Non’ to the Niqab

This is part 1 of 5. The rest - 2,3,4,5. I recommend you watch, it was a terrific talk and a great evening.

Here's a couple of pics, Barbara's gunnin for a Fatwa in the 1st one;)
(Sorry for the quality guys, uh vidcam issue yea..that's it)

Ms. Doubt49  – (4:25 AM)  

Wow! Thanks Barbara and especially BCF.. a shout-out and a picture! Great guest, great company, good food. In short, a fabulous evening. Laura, good job, girl! And that's the end of my awards speech:):)

gama  – (5:26 AM)  

While on Barbara Kay, check out this article ....... Excellent !


Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:12 AM)  

Yes Laura did a great job, as Did Barbara.

Thanks for the link Gama!

Revnant Dream  – (7:19 PM)  

She's a peach. Smart as a whip too.
Glad we have a few brave souls still willing to slay dragons left.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:31 PM)  

Yes it was a pleasure to meet her.

Revnant Dream  – (9:16 PM)  

Thanks by the way for supplying us this talk.
on the spot real media versus dead line media.

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