Michael Coren on the Assault by Ali Mallah, Deranged CUPE Union Thug

Overall a fairly balanced show I'd say. Only John Turley-Ewart became a bit hysterical and unbalanced in his earnest effort to appear balanced.

To clarify matters for readers, the Police, about a half dozen of them, were standing around about 15-20 yards away from me to my left, the Mounted Riot Cops were stationed across the street at the Princess Gates. I was filming from a permitted area across the street from the anti-Netanyahu protestors at the time the incident took place. It was only after the incident that the Police elected to disallow all news camera's etc from that specific site, ostensibly because the "Supervisor", shown in the video, did not wish us to overhear him discussing "strategy". The video records the first time Ali Mallah, a Vice President of the virulently anti-semitic Canadian Arab Federation, and I and have ever exchanged words of any kind. I have attended only two other events where Ali Mallah was also present prior to this, at neither event did we interact beyond my photographing him at a public demonstration on Bloor St.

Nothing "occured before" the clip. I had just set up and began a pan shot of the crowd. What you clearly hear in the video is Mallah approaching me and calling out "Ernie Ernie" out of vision to my right, those were the first words ever spoken to me by Mallah. I only became aware of his presence when the camera finally captured his crazed face on film.

A big Thank You To Mississauga Matt for providing the video.

Part 1

Part 2

PaladinPhil  – (10:12 PM)  

Well, a lot of apologists there saying a lot of crap. BTW BCF, drop me an e-mail or contact me so I can send you some pictures. Got them processed and I am spreading them around.

Allan W Janssen  – (10:22 PM)  

After seeing this Ali guy on tape I will be sure to discount anything he says in the future.
On my site (BlogsCanada.ca) overall opinion seems to be polarized to one extreme or the other, so I have to thank you for a rather balanced view.
(i.e. You showed him to be the asshole he is!)

By thje way, since I feature your blog in the political section of BlogsCanada.ca why not drop me a quick line to put one of my buttons on your site?

Allan W Janssen

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:22 PM)  

No it wasn't so much apologia's as being unaware of the background, they were in a difficult position in that they have no knowledge of what if anything preceded this event and also about what transpired that day.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:23 PM)  

Ok Guys e-mails on way.

Hoarfrost  – (11:41 PM)  

I was disappointed in John Turley-Ewart's take of the incident as portrayed on the Michael Coren show.

The point that Ali Mallah confronted you, although significant, is not the conclusion that I draw. The police reaction is damning to the police. They take the easy way out by admonishing the passive participant as the provocateur. If you have other witnesses I suggest that you make a formal complaint against the Toronto Police and if possible a criminal charge against the perpetrator. I understand that you are tired of legal directions based on your past combat with the kangaroo courts of the various HRS'es. Ali Mallah and his warped crew will take over Canada if we are not careful.

They are even trying to take surreptitious control of some of the Conservative Party riding associations. If you are a carded Conservative make sure that you attend the next Annual General Meeting of your riding. Most of these meetings are boring and routine but, to be honest you need to attend in order to vote for your slate of candidates for the local board to prevent surprises by people who lie. For that matter, the same goes for the other parties. I have seen such takeovers time and again in the Liberal party. That is one reason for their steady demise.

noel  – (12:06 AM)  

Well, we watch (parts of) the MC Show (PVRed) regularly.

This one, was one of MC's worst.

The first question and "answers" took the line of much of the hype coming from the MSM. In a desperate attempt to balance the risk of terror with active self-defense all members of the panel failed miserably. Truly, a depressing example of how a Marxist, relativist, mishmash of an even division of misery finds its way into the thinking of our "educated" class.

And, soaked in this "balanced" strain of mind, they proceeded to discuss the assault of the CUPE thug on BCF.

Well, OK, MC is young enough to be my eldest kid, but surely he will have read about "peaceniks", and what they're capable of. At least Jonathan Kay, in the NP, was able to put some sense to "peace" nonsense.

Meir Weinstein  – (12:30 AM)  

Does Tarek Fatah know what he is talking about?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:50 AM)  

Scary thought - he believes he does.

Don Sharpe  – (1:49 AM)  

Ali Mallah, rabid Jew baiter and swaggering 'tough guy'.
From the CUPE constitution, avail on their website,
B.6.1 - 'Trials' -
"Every member of a Local Union is guilty of an offence against the Constitution who: (f) Works in the interest of any organization competing with the Canadian Union of Public Employees in a manner which is detrimental to the Canadian Union of Public Employees;
(n) Engages in behaviour which constitutes sexual, racial or
ethnic, or personal harassment, or harassment on the basis of sexual orientation."
None of it will stick, but it will have to be enough to launch the complaint and send the message that CUPE won't get a free ride when their members act so irresponsibly.
I'll copy you with the details as the emails go back and forth on this.

truepeers  – (2:31 AM)  

So you taunted him? Are they serious? What do they recommend one do when someone tries to bully you? Let him?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:37 AM)  

Because they were unaware of the bacground they went out of their way to be fair which includes making things up.

been around the block  – (7:19 AM)  

What I'm curious about is why neither Michael Coren nor any of his panelists focused on two things Ali Mallah said to Arnie as he aggressively approached him:

"Who gave you permission to take a picture?"

and a few seconds later,

"I didn't give you permission,"

both statements of which I found chilling. Hey, this guy's in charge, you need to ask his permission to do stuff.

That's the mindset of these Islamist extremists and if things continue like this, with the police asking the peaceful demonstrators to hold back while giving free rein to the Islamist bigots and thugs, Canadians are in big trouble. We already are in big trouble.

'Something about this show and this panel that didn't scratch the itch.

natasha  – (8:26 AM)  

Turley-Twat (or whatever) drives me up the wall. Men with hyphenated last names bug me to begin with.

I'm with "been around the block" -- nobody on MC's show said anything about Ali-oops comments. As if you needed his permission to film there! Why didn't they make a point of those statements? Coren should have focused on that.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:04 AM)  

Wait till you see the e-mail Ali Mallah sent Coren, I am just waiting to hear back from MC.

Allan W Janssen  – (9:31 AM)  

I don't like Ali Baba as much as I don't like Sid Ryan.
My dad had a good solution for these guys.
Put them both in a sack and hang it from the rafters.
Then get a stick and beat the bag.
Whoever you hit will be the right one!

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (11:07 AM)  

Got Fatwa?

Next time you’re assaulted by goons, consider the general powers of arrest for non-peace officers which are allowed to a Citizen of Canada under Section 494 of the Criminal Code, para 1, sub-para a:

Section 494. (Criminal Code)[6]
Any one may arrest without warrant(s)
(a) a person whom he finds committing an indictable offence; or
(b) a person who, on reasonable grounds, he believes
• (i) has committed a criminal offence, and
• (ii) is escaping from and freshly pursued by persons who have lawful authority to arrest that person
Any one who is
(a) the owner or a person in lawful possession of property, or
(b) a person authorized by the owner or by a person in lawful possession of property
may arrest without warrant a person whom he finds committing a criminal offence on or in relation to that property.
Any one other than a peace officer who arrests a person without warrant shall forthwith deliver the person to a peace officer.

This was one of the first lectures given to me by our Sergeant-Major when I first joined the CF in 1984.

It helps if you say something to the effect, “You are under arrest for (stated crime). I arrest you under section 494 of the criminal code and you shall be delivered to the authorities.”

Usually they try to run, so you have to be prepared to be physical, but always try not to make yourself the victim by picking an arrest subject who will get the better of you.

In your case, in an open area in daylight with cops right there, simply yelling this will get their attention, and quoting the criminal code may not force the cop to actually carry out the arrest upon delivery, which is why you need to get the cops name, badge number, work station and supervisor’s name and mention a follow-up call on your part. Why the call? If an arrest is made and delivery to a peace officer has been carried out, and the criminal hasn’t been processes, then questions start getting asked, the kind beat cops don’t want asked if they ever aspire not be more than just a beat cop for the rest of their career.

skyhook8  – (12:21 PM)  

1. John Turley-Ewart seems a bit of an suck up to the anti-Zionist side and providing excuses for the police inaction.

2. Looking fwd to reading the e-mail Ali Mallah sent to Coren.

3. If/when you do go to the cops do not let them take sole possession of your camera. The recording will be erased with a 'oops sorry it was an accident' excuse. I know you are not going to get into that situation but I'm just saying as it did happen in Vancouver about a year ago.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:24 PM)  

Hmm it was sent to someone else initially and I have yet to receive permission to publish it, too bad, it's one of Ali's more hilariously whacko pronouncements.

scream  – (12:26 PM)  

If I were Meir Weinstein I'd call out Tarek Fatah for his false accusations of assault and intimidation by the JDL. Sue his ass if he doesn't publicly acknowledge and apologize for his lies on national television. Dishonest douche....

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:29 PM)  

We are not on the side that's winning scream we will have to expect more of this.

been around the block  – (5:31 PM)  

natasha, I love your squirrel and moose. Everytime I see them together, I smile ... ;-)

shel  – (9:05 PM)  

holy shit! i've been away for a while. things are getting exciting around your neck of the woods...

JustAnotherWesterner  – (11:10 PM)  

Here is what I posted at MC's

Catching up on the blogs after a month's absence. Noticed part 2 of video with J T-E downplaying the realtime police response. Surely he has seen this video from over a year ago. I could not believe my eyes. To see English Bobbies being given short shift. This, for me sealed it. Britain has been consumed.


Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:15 PM)  

Yes that is absolute surrender.

michaelrw  – (1:25 PM)  

Just looking at this two weeks after the fact. Has anyone contacted the MCShow to take John Turley to task for his obvious oblivious understanding of the actual police presence that was there that day. Being one of the Pro-Israel demonstrators there that day, wearing a JDL shirt, there were lots of police in attendance with paddy wagons. This apparently was not enough of a deterrent for Ali.

NOr was it a deterrent to the loon who later on in the day came around from the other side of Lakeshore Blvd. at Strachan ,brandishing something ---a broom stick???--- at the street corner while he was jumping up and down and frothing at the mouth. While I missed the episode with blazing cat fur, I don't see anyone mentioning that flake.

Police looked at him for about 30 seconds, then two cops walked over politely took the stick from him and sent him politely back to the Palis.

That was it, nothing else.

This guy should have been charged. in my opinion, along with that Ali guy. Ali grabbed a camera, this guy was swinging a weapon around in a threatening manner.

Cudos to Toronto's finest.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:36 PM)  

Not Gonna happen, the Police are deathly afraid.

Allan W Janssen  – (2:15 AM)  

I don't like Ali Baba as much as I don't like Sid Ryan.
My dad had a good solution for these guys.
Put them both in a sack and hang it from the rafters.
Then get a stick and beat the bag.
Whoever you hit will be the right one!

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