Mass Hysteria at Toronto Star!

Fed up with boatloads of refugees? You're suffering from Mass Hysteria say Star "Experts".

"This level of backlash and mass hysteria is unexpected but not unprecedented, say experts."

The Star's "experts" are a crackpot  Ryerson hack named Myer Siemiatycki who advocates the vote for non citizens ,Walid Khugali of Jew Baiter Central - The Canadian Arab Federation and Hadayt Nazami an alleged lawyer who has represented George Galloway  and a deported Tamil Tiger supporter.

Money quote: “What people don’t understand is that it’s impossible for anyone with a questionable background to get into Canada. If they are not genuine refugees, they will go back. But we have to give them a chance.” Haydat Nazami.  

Nope no hidden agendas in that article. Aren't you glad you don't read the Star?

Bonus: Walied Khogali Twitter Pic!

j  – (9:31 PM)  

I can't help but notice that the Star is not allowing comments on the story...

Pieface  – (9:50 PM)  

Canada never admits those with criminal records, or who pose a real and present threat to Canadian society,or who have engaged in inhumane acts against others in their country of origin? That's a good one; we've never adequately dealt with Nazi war criminals in this country, did make an effort with Rwandan war criminals, and are still admitting Palestinian criminals like the one wanted on a warrant in France. Inconvenient details. It's a tough call to make, to deny genuine refugees a humanitarian perch, but there are legal processes whereby Canada does its part, and we've no need to import any further cadres loyal to terrorist groups, whether it's the Tamil Tigers or Hamas sympathizers.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:03 PM)  

Haydat sounds like you are callin Nazami a liar Pieface! I know I am;)

Leonard  – (10:05 PM)  

"it’s impossible for anyone with a questionable background to get into Canada." - What about the Khadrs?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:17 PM)  

I assume they consider the Khadr's exemplary examples of our "Al Queda Class" immigrant category.

Al the fish  – (12:17 AM)  

If someone is a member of an underground terrorist organization, how can you search their background and expect to find something? Are we expecting they brought Tamil Tiger membership cards on the trip? It's as ludicrous an investigation as the Queen City coppers story you posted about yesterday BCF!

gama  – (4:51 AM)  

WTF is a ' walied-khogali ' !?!
Is that like a wildebeest ?
But given the keffiyed Che perhabs an ' Arafag ' wannabee !?!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:20 AM)  

That is some get up Che is sportin Gama!

been around the block  – (9:17 AM)  

Al the fish: "Are we expecting they brought Tamil Tiger membership cards on the trip?"

EXACTLY. That's what burns my butt: How the hell are they going to properly "process" these latest boat people? You can be damned sure that the terrorists will have bogus IDs and will probably slip through Canada's security net (which, with CSIS at the helm, I'm not too confident about).

Apparently, Canada has tens of thousands of bogus refugees who've been ordered to be deported but, in many cases, over 20 years later, they're still in Canada and still appealing their deportation orders in our crippled court system.

Hey, I feel really safe and not at all ripped off by these scam artists. I'm just delighted that Canada's a great, big, happy playground for the world's terrorists -- and that we're footing the entertainment, food, accommodation, and emergency medical bills for these scumbags, while making sacrifices in order to pay our own and our family's bills.

This is the logical consequence of over 40 years of Trudeaupia: where that AC/DC "leader" began a social engineering experiment on Canadians to completely undermine all of the foundational institutions of our civilized society. He and his Quebec lieutenants, all schooled at the London School of Economics, threw over the Church, first in Quebec and then all over Canada, then brought in a bunch of feminazi henchwomen to trash motherhood and the family, and then got rid of any and all positive references to Canadians' British, law-and-order heritage. (The meme became "what good did DWEMS [Dead, White, English, Males] ever do?"

The vast majority of Canadians, having been set adrift from their historical moorings, have been tossed about on the turbulent Trudeaupian high seas for such a long time, that it's made not only our stomachs but our thinking wonky. Sure, sure, multiculturalism's wonderful, it's great, the more the merrier! Anyone who pointed out that it was happening too fast and that our new immigrants weren't assimilating but were actually using our liberal laws against us, was labelled as racist, bigoted, and red-neck.

So, here we are. Our democratic way of life is being trashed and we law-abiding, tax-paying, family-loving Canadians are footing the bill. We're the apple that's being destroyed by the parasitic worm who's munching away from the inside out.

And, given that one of our main defenses against being duped has been trashed -- our Christian faith (one of the gifts of the Spirit is discernment, a quality seriously lacking in our populace today) -- we're ripe for being picked by our secular humanist, leftist, "overlords."

I wonder if we could have an election over this issue? Like Peter Finch, I'm mad as hell about this new boatload of interlopers whose bills I'm paying. Enough is TOO MUCH.

(Thanks for the rant forum, BDF!)

Rose  – (10:36 AM)  

My mother worked for over fifthy years, raised six kids and now that she is retired she gets a grand total of 860 to live off a month. Needless to say I pay most of her bills, anyone got a boat I'm sending Ma out to sea with no ID and when she hits Cape Bretain she can become a forking refugee Ma can babble like a liberal gawd knows she's been voting for them since christ was a wee bairn.

PaladinPhil  – (10:44 AM)  

Leonard: Unfortunately in the Khadr case, the matriarch is a Canadian citizen by birth. That means the whole brood is Canadian. Unfortunate really.

Voltaire's Ghost  – (10:46 AM)  

I guess if the late totalitarian Che Guevarra would approve, it must be a good idea.

been around the block  – (10:57 AM)  

Canadians have feminazi Bertha Wilson to thank for our promiscuous immigration "laws" (sic) (via maz2 at Blue Like You):

"[Bogus immigrants] are seeking asylum in Canada because here they are entitled to social assistance, health care, free legal advice and education for their children.

"This is because of an absurd decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, in R v Singh (1986), handed down by the first female (and feminist) Supreme Court of Canada judge, Bertha Wilson. Her decisions are well known for their ideological fervour, rather than common sense. In R v Singh, Judge Wilson declared that anyone entering Canada would be entitled to all the benefits of the Charter of Rights. This has resulted in a very costly process for taxpayers. It is estimated that the cost of maintaining one refugee is approximately $10,000-$12,000 per year. To add a final insult to Canadians, if, after all legal maneuvering to remain in Canada fails, the claimant can be buoyed up by the fact that there is little effort made by immigration enforcement officials to find and deport rejected claimants. Four years ago, the auditor-general reported to Parliament that there were 36,000 outstanding warrants for the arrest of rejected claimants. Since then, that number has increased, with the result that many refused refugee claimants are now happily living very comfortable lives in Canada. Any offspring is automatically entitled to Canadian citizenship.”

Boy, are Canadians being taken to the cleaners.

sanwin  – (11:22 AM)  

Walied Khogali is quite the ladies man...

sanwin  – (11:28 AM)  

He's also not too hot on prosecuting Bashir of Sudan.

Van Grungy  – (11:58 AM)  


I have an idea for a protest.

Claim you are a refugee. Force the Canadian government to determine if you need asylum.

Abuse the system. What are they going to do about it? Deport you to PEI? LOL

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:23 PM)  

Great Idea VanG! Good links Snawin, Wallied is quite a piece of work.

been around the block  – (4:43 PM)  

I don't "do" Facebook. Can anyone give me a precis of what Walied Khogali's up to at Facebook?

Apparently, in 2008, he was the president of the Students' Union at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus where, amongst other things he said that "child care is also a government responsibility."

Hmmmm. I guess if you're a lady's man, that'd be your angle: Let the Canadian taxpayer pay for your kids.

No thanks. Take care of your own kids.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (5:46 PM)  

You aint missin much BatB, Walied's FB is pretty dull.

Revnant Dream  – (10:02 PM)  

The only surprise is that their is no star & crescent on the top of their building.

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