Our leaders run like the little pussies they are...Burn the motahfuking Koran

The elites preach that we must be "better" and not burn the koran even though it was our media and politicians who elevated a crank pastor to "official news" status for a silly stunt that has been performed on YouTube for years now. Our media and politicians then fell over themselves trying to be the Ist in line to kowtow to the threats of lunatics. The elites do not think we are worth defending, they would rather surrender - Us.

This is the "better" that Islam understands.

H/T VanG

Louise  – (9:02 AM)  

Smokin'! Love it.

Rose  – (9:15 AM)  

I'm afraid he's not alone in his thinking, more and more people are quietly saying the self same thing without all the profanity. How much are we suppose to tolerate from the Religion of Intolerance and violence?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:15 AM)  

Our "betters" ain't Rose.

been around the block  – (9:33 AM)  

Rose: "How much are we suppose to tolerate from the Religion of Intolerance and violence?"

Geert Wilders at Ground Zero on 9/11/10: "A tolerant society is not a suicidal society. ... We must never give a free hand to those who want to subjugate us."


Marty  – (9:35 AM)  

Hard to argue with that! Put another way: if you truly want peace, prepare for war.

been around the block  – (9:36 AM)  

'When the F*** are we gonna get it?"

Say it, bro!

sanwin  – (9:48 AM)  

I think that this 9/11 anniversary has been a watershed moment in Muslims vs The Rest of the World conflict.

The Obama Mosque issue has finally blow open all this crap on melting pots and diversity and we are finally, finally seeing some pushback.

About bloody time I tell you, the world has had enough of these savages.

Rose  – (10:14 AM)  

My mother, a life long liberal voter, was visiting and asked me how I felt about the burning of the Koran and I shocked her by stating I support the Pastor's right to do so. When she asked me why I didn't view the act as a hate crime I told her if Muslims can build a monument to Islamic Supremacism/Terrorism on GZ and show such a sense of gross intolerance on non-Muslim soil than I will tolerate peaceful/lawful acts of intolerance against those expressing extreme hatred towards the Kaffir.

She quietly reflected, then asked me "Why do they come here if they hate us and our country so much"? Why do they come to a nation that celibrates Christmas and Easter? I honestly can't answer that question, a vast majority of Muslims don't embrace our freedoms unless it's to destroy said freedoms i.e. Free Speech, Gender Equality etc.

thedailyrasp  – (1:10 PM)  

This guy tells it like it is and with passion.
More will side with him everyday - the tipping is near. Very near.

Perhaps there will be a National burn the Koran day across the country - like a chain - like the much hyped Olympic torch relay- a string of small flames united against the incursion of religious insanity and the pussiness of our 'leaders'. JMO

Marty  – (1:52 PM)  

The ninth anniversary was just a dress rehersal for the tenth. Next year, everyone will see straight through the shibboleths of radical Islam and their enablers in the brain dead left.

ironbridge  – (2:27 PM)  

Uh oh, all that inflammatory tea party talk has somehow seeped into the black population!
Seriously, the man was testifyin'; i hope it's viewed by millions.

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (4:10 PM)  


I believe, in part, for those of Islam who move to the West and refuse to integrate and put their ideological belief supreme to the values inherhant within our charter, they are, either through deliberate action or unwittingly through conditioning, part of the Stealth Jihad.

That's why they're here.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:20 PM)  

It is a great rant Stogie;)

Meir Weinstein  – (10:48 PM)  

Some people have asked to burn Korans on the memorial for Rabbi Meir Kahane at Ground Zero. He was the first Al Quida target.

Col. B. Bunny  – (5:45 PM)  

I love this guy!!

Our next Secretary of State.

Great video!!!

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