Poll Prediction Comes True! Warren Kinsella Sends Rossi Plummeting To 4th Place & Single Digits!

When Rocco Rossi  went clinically insane and hired the Lying Jackal to manage his wanking war room  I predicted that Pantalone would surge past Rossi in the next major poll.  Sure enough that's exactly what's happened. This is all the evidence anyone needs that Warren Kinsella's self-proclaimed gifts as an alleged "rainmaker" are  pure fabrication. Next career stop for the Jackal - door to door canvassing for Acorn Toronto - likely on condition he disguise himself.

Here are the results. More herehere, here & here.

•Rob Ford -- 45.8 per cent

•Ex-deputy premier George Smitherman -- 21.3 per cent

•Deputy mayor Joe Pantalone -- 16.8 per cent

•Former Liberal insider Rocco Rossi -- 9.7 per cent  Hahahahahahahahaha!

•Business leader Sarah Thomson -- 6.4 per cent
Rob Ford for Mayor!

Reader AP sends this one out to the Lying Jackal: King Midas in reverse - The Hollies

HaHa! This poll has Rossi at 7%! You Go Jackal!

Maybe the best tweet of the TO Election

rick mcginnis  – (7:05 PM)  

The man truly has the - what would you call it? The leaden touch?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:06 PM)  

The Kiss of Death is more like it. I can't help but wonder, who hated Rossi enough to recommend that loser?

rick mcginnis  – (7:10 PM)  

I wonder if it was Kinsella's idea to go against Ford with "The Tunnel?" Sure - campaign against a man who wants to cut spending and waste with a construction project so potentially ruinous in its scope and expense that even tax & spenders recoil in horror. (golf clap)

j  – (7:14 PM)  

Well the good news is that the business woman is in easy striking distance.

I know the Jackal has it in him. One final idiotic move and dead last is within reach.

Go, Jackal, Go!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:17 PM)  

Yup count on the Jackal to keep digging.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:18 PM)  

Kinsella doesn't have ideas Rick he has humiliations.

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (7:20 PM)  

Let the countdown for a hissy fit from the Left begin...

Flea  – (7:30 PM)  

Without their vulture's grasp on the entire education system and C$1bn a year for the CBC, the views of our loser Left would never poll in the double digits.

Cut off the money and they've got nothing.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:37 PM)  

The left are already going insane on twitter http://twitter.com/stephen_taylor/status/24975461975

That is my my most cherished dream Flea.

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (7:56 PM)  

The question is, will Ford's win create a Leftist emigration from the GTA?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:02 PM)  

Now that would be urban renewal.

Al the fish  – (8:12 PM)  

BCF I have no horses in this race [not my track], so I'll just say encourage Rossi to continue his run, as a now fringe candidate he is simply wasting his money to continue to split the vote on the left. The more Kinsella works his magic, the more polarizing the race becomes. In other words, let the cockroaches shine the light on themselves. The goal now is to get counselors elected who will work with Ford, not against him, a general need soldiers to fight the fight. As opposed to your city's current council Kumbaya circle.

admin  – (8:14 PM)  

They used to call Katherine Hepburn "box office poison."

I guess this is the "voting booth" variety.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:20 PM)  

They don't call him the human shrapnel machine for nothin Admin, I see a bright future for Kinsella canvassing door to door for Acorn.

That's going to be tough Al the Fish, too many communists who feel entitled to suck on the public tit are likley to remain.

Patrick Ross  – (8:57 PM)  

I particularly enjoyed this part of the story:

"What really has to happen is for Rob Ford to make a mistake or some new sensational thing to come on the stage that would disrupt the Ford campaign, so to speak."

The "vague policy statement" thing was such a screw-up that even I had to laugh at it.

If that won't hurt him, it's going to take a real mammoth of a schedule.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:10 PM)  

Kinsella managed to have Rossi's numbers drop from 15% to single digits - what a twit - I mean Rossi for hiring him.

As Rick alluded to earlier the "tunnel" idea was likely a killer - imaging handing a project like that over to the same crew that screwed up St. Clair so badly.

Al the fish  – (9:55 PM)  

BCF What the council candidates have to do is say to the people that if you want Ford for mayor, that they will work with Ford. Not direct support, so to speak, but the willingness to make improvments to the City based on Ford's blueprint. They have to be clear they will work for the people, not the usual suspects of the unions and special interest groups. This is not riding Ford's coat tails, it is proving they are responding to the people's wishes, and won't stalemate council, otherwise the status quo will continue to rule. Simply put-If Ford is your choice for Mayor, then we as Councellors, will work with him.

sanwin  – (10:22 PM)  

That proves it.

Rocco Rossi has tunnel vision !

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:25 PM)  

And the Jackal has his head up his ass.

Roz  – (10:36 PM)  

I was interviewed this evening on CP 24 and just basically said... YAY Ford, I am a Ford voter could not say enuf about the sickening left winged Mayor and council... I'd had enough of their bs...

Voltaire's Ghost  – (10:47 PM)  

I am so happy about this!!!

Smitherman is in free fall and the others were all non-starters. If I had to make a prediction now, I'd bet that Ford wins in a landslide with Pantalone coming in a distant 2nd, Smitherman coming in the high teens and Rossi and Thompson in mid-single digits.

The thing Ford has going for him is that his supporters actually like him. Out of the others, Mini-Miller Joe is the only one whose supporters feel the same way. I don't think even Smitherman's own campaign workers like that guy.

Finally, my street has a shot at getting re-paved!!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:58 PM)  

You're right Al but the downtown is filled with Olivia Chow Clones and Fey Young Men In Ponytails, so it likely won't happen.

Good for Roz!

Voltaire this has to be the strangest election in TO in a long long time, alleged conservatives backing Smitherman, one even helping to "run" Rossi's campaign and still they slip further behind Ford.

Our political class is sorely out of touch - and good riddance to them.

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (11:33 PM)  

Olivia Chow…

Alright, I’m not from the GTA, but even after all these years, the mention of Chow and Clones in the same para can only lead to a rendition of “Send in the Clones”. And with Olivia as the primary figure of recognition, (sorry Jack, she’s your wife), I’ll be using non-natural methods to get to sleep tonight over that one. Thanks BCF. Sweet dreams.

Voltaire's Ghost  – (11:35 PM)  

What's really sweet about all this is watching the champagne socialists neurons going into overload. They were in complete denial about the possibility of a Ford win and now their heads are starting to explode. Christopher Hume's already gone off the deep end.


Louise  – (11:35 PM)  

I tell ya, if Rob Ford wins the ROC may have to undergo a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Toronto the Good returns after spending 40 years in the effete latte sipping, liberal wilderness.

Hallelujah!! Welcome back my fellow countrymen and women.

I just hope Saskatchewan's next provincial election locks the NDP out for the second time in a row, and the one following that and the one following that, etc., etc., etc..

If I'm reading the pulse out here correctly, I think the Dippers are done, as in burnt offerings for dinner.

The former premier, who's name I've already forgotten, was a mirror image of the former Liberal Party of Canada leader. A limp-wristed, mealy mouthed, tired old lefty meme machine. His replacement is all that, too, except for the limp-wristed part.

The Saskatchewan NDP reached into that old bag in the attic where you keep stuff you should have thrown out years ago and pulled out a has-been from the past who had been living in Alberta (land of wealth, capitalism and dirty oil sands) for several years.

Remind you of someone?

Kaffir Canuck, where will the lefties move to? There's plenty of oil jobs in Saskatchewan, but those are reserved for people with skills - and sane attitudes about the oil industry.

Louise  – (11:44 PM)  

Oh my. That Twitter message is evil. EEEEVIL!! I love it.

Louise  – (11:47 PM)  

Speaking of Jack and Olivia, and prodigal sons returned from the wilderness to lead out of touch parties, what do you Torontonians think will be the impact of a Ford win on Jack and Iggy? Different neighbourhoods, perhaps, but same town.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:52 PM)  

Voltaire I love that ass-wipe Humes line referring to "hordes". Well Mr. Hume I am very pleased to be a horde member. Thank you. I hope Rob Ford makes the city Hordak friendly.

Louise I hope so!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:53 PM)  

Don't think it will hurt Jack so much, Iggy potentially McGuinty certainly.

Al the fish  – (11:55 PM)  

BCF I guess you can hope the clone and ponytail show feel rightly depressed on election day and stay away from the polls in droves. Electorial dysfunction syndrome. They will just have to swallow the blue pill regardless of the results. If Mayor Ford lasts longer than 4 years, they should consult a specialist to prevent head explosions. ;]

Voltaire's Ghost  – (12:13 AM)  

I knw it, BCF. Hume and Mallick must be seriously pissed that we in the horde have voting rights. I'm looking forward to the day that they propose that the franchise only be extended to card carrying NDP members.

Louise  – (12:19 AM)  

I remember his name now. Lorne Calvert. Tommy Douglas came in like a lion some sixty years ago and Lorn Calvert went limping out like a tired, flea-bitten mangy old dog. Good riddance!! Both of them were preachers not just in their respective churches but of the social(ist) gospel.

Louise  – (12:25 AM)  

One final comment before I hit the sack.

If Ford wins I would love to be a fly on the wall in Mother Corpse's head office the next morning. They'll be passing out the Valium along with the sugar at the coffee urn.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:32 AM)  

Better yet at the Star, Louise they'll have a shit haemoerage.

dmurrell  – (5:42 AM)  

I am impressed by the numbers on this thread supporting Mr. Ford.

As a non-citizen of Toronto, I have one quibble. Yes, Ford will register a stunning, well-earned victory -- a victory that signals voter anger against the prissy, neo-Stalinist left. The only problem is, is that Ford is only one person on the Toronto City Council. There must be a party, headed by Ford, willing to run a full slate of councilmember candidates -- in order to change the sickening things going on in TO.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (5:46 AM)  

That will be the problem regardless of who is elected David.

been around the block  – (7:41 AM)  

BCF: " ... imagine handing a project like that over to the same crew that screwed up St. Clair so badly."

And, look no further than Bloor Street, between Sherbourne and Avenue Road: a total disaster FOR THREE YEARS ... and counting. David Miller and his union thugs should be ashamed, but that's not a word that figures in their vocabulary.

A few days ago, sitting in traffic on Bloor between Bay and Bedford (don't ask, I usually avoid this strip like the plague) I saw a work crew of about eight guys, drinking coffee and smoking. I almost yelled out the car window, "GET BACK TO WORK, YOU LAZY LOUTS!" but thought better of it when I took note of their toned muscles.

I'm hoping that this political swing to Rob Ford is a microcosm of what's going to happen in our next federal election. I just don't have the courage or imagination to expect this to happen in Ontario. :-(

scaramouche  – (8:02 AM)  

I prefer that other Hollies hit. No, not "He Ain't Heavy"--because physique-wise, Ford ain't no lightweight. The one that goes "Hey, Warren K./What's your game now, can anybody play?..."

The Phantom  – (10:06 AM)  

Rob Ford at 49%? Man, McSquinty must he having a freakin' cow! That's a Conservative sweep forming up in Toronto, in any provincial or federal election.

Iggy probably hasn't noticed yet, or he'd be in Toronto banging the Liberal drum really hard. Could these people be larger idiots?

Jackal has Rossi running on a proposal to put the Gardiner in a tunnel? After the ruinous cost of the Big Dig in Boston? Are you fucking kidding me?

Somebody buy The Jackal a Bobcat. Keep digging, Warren! Go go go!

Louise  – (4:41 PM)  

Phantom: "Iggy probably hasn't noticed yet, or he'd be in Toronto banging the Liberal drum really hard."

Perhaps they've wisely told him to stay away??

Fenris Badwulf  – (6:33 PM)  

I am beginning to suspect that the Jackal is really working for Stephen Harper.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:11 PM)  

Too good to be true;)

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