Blazingcatfur Gets Results! MacKay Cancels DND Speech By Canadian Islamic Congress;)

This is a small victory in a long war. A special thanks to our readers and the bloggers who supported this effort but most importantly we thank those who worked behind the scenes to make this happen. Good work all of you!

What we have witnessed is the effort by an extremist organization to legitimize itself in the public eye. This did not happen without enablers; useful idiots or willing conspirators the CIC had help from the inside. Whether the rot extends to DND itself or is confined to DFAIT remains to be seen. Hard questions must be asked. Access To Information requests with the Defence Department’s visible minority advisory group  will be filed. We'll have more on the plan of action as it develops.

Contrary to the counter spin of the usual suspects the Canadian Islamic Congress has not been denied their right to free speech. They have simply been disinvited to speak at a government event, they remain perfectly free to continue expressing their views. Furthermore,  and contrary to what some charge, the CIC has not been disinivited solely on the basis of the anti-semitic remarks of past president Mohamed Elmasry, rather it is the Canadian Islamic Congress's historic and continued advocacy of radical Islamist doctrine and anti-semitism that forms the justification for their exclusion from this event.

Noteworthy Canadian Islamic Congress Facts:

The CIC advocates on behalf of Hamas and Hizbollah, banned terrorist groups
The CIC has honoured Islamist hatemonger  Zafar Bangash as a "Community Leader" a relationship they maintain to this day.
The CIC publishes work by notorious jew baiter "Greg Felton" author of the vile "The Host and the Parasite" , CIC representatives also happily shared a stage with Felton at a CIC event.
The CIC has been linked to the distrbution of Anti-Semitic election flyers
The CIC has promoted anti-semitic essay contests
The CIC was responsible for the infamous Maclean's Human Right Commission Free Speech Witch Hunt, which Imam Delic endorsed.
The CIC advocates for the notorius Islamist sponsored anti-free speech UN resolution promoting the "Prohibition of the public defamation of religion" which is a soft-jihad lawfare effort by the Organisation of Islamic States to make criticism of Islam illegal. Showing much fortitude Canada voted against this effort to subvert our fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression, causing CIC President Wahida Valiante to reveal the true nature of the CIC's Islamist agenda against free speech and Canadian values  in her denunciation of our government.  The "defamation of religion" resolution is considered so dangerous a threat that even normally soft-headed members of the lib-left, such as John Ralston Saul, have denounced it.

The CIC's current president, Wahida Valiante espouses a particularly vile strain of 911 Trutherism " "By associating the words "Islamic terrorism" with the unknown attackers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon....

MacKay pulls plug on imam's speech at defence HQ

OTTAWA — A speech at National Defence headquarters by the outspoken executive director of the Canadian Islamic Congress has been cancelled due to his organization's "extremist views."

A spokesman for Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Imam Zijad Delic was scheduled to make an address as part of Islamic Heritage Month on Oct. 4 but that MacKay decided to cancel the event.

"The Canadian Islamic Congress has declared that Israelis over the age of 18 are legitimate targets of suicide bombers," spokesman Jay Paxton said in an email to Global National.

"These types of comments don't support Islamic Heritage, they simply divide Canadians, promulgate hate and they have no place in Monday's celebrations." An expanded version of the article appears here in which Imam Delic lies through his teeth.

Here's the original Post: What the hell is going on at DND?

They're inviting the Islamofascist Canadian Islamic Congress to celebrate "Islamic History Month"

Does our Government, the one that cut off relations with this anti-semitic organization know what the hell is going on? I'm told this is the work of the "Muslim Communities Working Group at DFAIT which has promoted pro-Sharia speakers,". Only one other rogue agency has established ties with the CIC, the CHRC.

Gee do you think they'll allow a Christian Heritage Month?

I see the last agenda item is a "cultural food tasting", which is probably why they decided to invite Imam Delic of the Canadian Islamic Congress and not Wahida "The Hutt" Valiante, President of the CIC, Chair of Islamic History Month and 911 Troofer!

"By associating the words "Islamic terrorism" with the unknown attackers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and by not acknowledging that a political agenda is not the same thing as a belief system, Bush invoked the oldest and the strongest kind of human fear -- fear of the unknown. Bush and the pro-Israel lobby continue to instill fear in the West by escalating unsubstantiated threats against them and fabricating a vast web of lies to justify their actions against Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and now Iran.""

Wahida Valiante is a signatory to this document "A Defense of Free Speech by Canadian & American Muslims" and a fine practitioner of taqiyya. In this CIC communique, "Harper Government condemned for not saying "NO" to islamophobia", she chastises the government for voting against the notorious OIC sponsored anti-free speech UN resolution "Prohibition on the public defamation of religion"

Nice folks you hang with DND!

Updates: Mark Steyn - FiveFeet - &  What Price MultiCulti?

Big Brother  – (10:36 PM)  

Who cares if they'll allow it, let's have one anyways.

Pieface  – (11:08 PM)  

There is a long history within the Department of Foreign Affairs (long before when it was called External Affairs) of Arabophilia. Kind of modelled after Britain's.
The current Conservative government has not been successful in putting its own stamp on DFAIT. Most government departments are heavy with Liberal sympathizers, in any event.

thedailyrasp  – (11:08 PM)  

Just another step in destroying Western civilization from within.

Pieface  – (11:10 PM)  

Having said which, this seems like someone, or some group deliberately sticking it to the Conservative government. That they're pretty up front about it, unconcerned about any potential backlash speaks volumes.

Flea  – (11:55 PM)  

I can think of at least one well known traitor in a position of influence at DND. Though for reasons which should be obvious, I disavow any speculation as to the person I mean.

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (12:21 AM)  

Ah, I see you've clawed another nemesis from scribbling, the infamous Jihad Zijad. What nefarious manifestations would allow such a despicable creature to haunt the less than hallowed halls of Disney on the Rideau? I have a theory, but you will have to wait until Natasha posts it. Watch for Dispatch 24!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:27 AM)  

I await your dispatch. What a screwed up country to allow these pricks access to our troops.

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (12:34 AM)  

How did you know I used the word prick in D-24?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:39 AM)  

I am actually employed by the CSE so have access to all their sniffing technology.

Incognito  – (1:39 AM)  

Since when is religion considered a culture?

Dag  – (1:39 AM)  

This is organised by the Canadian Forces Support Unit. So I looked it up, being a stranger in these here parts.


The Unit provides administrative support to approximately 5500 military personnel employed in the NCR and to 500 military members serving outside Canada. CFSU(Ottawa) provides the following services: Administrative support; Comptroller services; Transportation and Supply services; Security and Military Police; and Facility Management and Construction Engineering (in partnership with PWGSC).

CFSU(Ottawa) also oversees primary military, first aid, and safety training for all military personnel within the NCR. Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre, situated 22 km West of Ottawa at Shirley's Bay on the Ottawa River, belongs to the CFSU(Ottawa) and provides training support resources for the CF and Cadet Agencies in the NCR and for specified national activities. The boundaries of the NCR extend roughly from Brockville in the South to Kazabazua in the North and from Plantagenet in the East to Renfrew in the West. CFSU(Ottawa) employs approximately 320 personnel (247 military and 73 civilian).

The unit is commanded by Captain(N) Mark B. Watson.

My only question now is: "WTF?"

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:48 AM)  

Incognito and Dag I heartily concur: WTF?

truepeers  – (2:05 AM)  

The Umma is not a proper object of any kind of diplomacy, just as we don't dialogue with Christendom or Buddhadom or Hindudom. Our state only properly deals with other states and Canadian citizens. This perversion has been going on at DFAIT for some time now - subject of one of my first posts at Covenant Zone.

As for Wahida, what's she smoking? Bush went out of his way to protect Muslim Americans, to declare Islam a religion of peace that had been hijacked by the extremists. If that was creating fear of the unknown, what's she saying, that Bush got it all wrong about Islam?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:12 AM)  

DFAIT sounds like a true shithole for this sort of thing, Shujaat Wasty that Islamist who runs the RS Foundation connected to the Ottawa Terrorists works there:

Bob Devine  – (3:19 AM)  

I do not normally say things about a persons appearance but Jeez that dame looks like she could burn diesel.

James  – (5:14 AM)  

This might sound a little conspiracy tinted but:

" Welcome to the New World Disorder "

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:27 AM)  

Well said Bob & James;)

dmurrell  – (8:21 AM)  

I'll put in an access-to-infomation request (ATIR) to both DND and DFAIT concerning the pro-Muslim group operating there. I will try to get a list of memos, etc.

An anecdote: I did an ATIR to DFAIT about 10 years ago, asking for all contracts to the radical, anti-Semitic Alternatives charity. As we know, for years the feds subsidized this notorious group. One small amount of $$ to ALternatives went for "traveling and hospitality", when biggies from the group went to Ottawa to confer with DFAIT bureaucrats about "development issues", etc. At least that kind of stuff has stopped, I think.

Rose  – (8:31 AM)  

I noted there is no demostration on how to clear a farmers' field of landmines using their little girls as sniffer dogs allegedly that's a Balkin's tradition? Despicable, no wonder our vets can't get the services they need from VA with Islamic apologists infesting the brass in Ottawa. Notice they don't have Hindu month or pander to any other religions?

Drop a note to Peter Mackay, I intent to let him know what I think of the alleged Islamists' DND is associating with.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:01 AM)  

It is beyond comprehension why they of all alleged spokesorganizations would be treated in such a deferential manner by people we trust to know better.

thedailyrasp  – (11:14 AM)  

For those with an interest here is a radio interview 13th Feburary 2009 from Radio Saaz-o-Awaz AM 770 Toronto with Guests Capt. Hooman Shirazi & Lt. (N) Shaharyar Ansari (this may be the Ansari listed on the DND memo)

1 of these guys is from Iran the other Pakistan - both Muslim it is 6 minute audio.

thedailyrasp  – (11:17 AM)  

Correction: it is a 47 minute audio

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:35 AM)  

Thanks Rasp will check it out.

Rose  – (3:46 PM)  

I wonder will they be airing this video?

JR  – (4:05 PM)  

BCF, Verrry interesting! It's a sad commentary on the stupidity of people at DND, DFAIT and elsewhere in the gov't you might reasonably expect to know better, but you have to (begrudgingly) hand it to the Muslims for their effectiveness in infiltrating the system. With all that's gone on, one wonders what the hell it will take for a wakeup call.

Here's an account from Daniel Pipes in 2008 as a reminder of some of the background behind DFAIT's involvement with the Muslim "community". One of his observations: "The only person yet to be charged with an offense under Canada's new Anti-Terrorism Act is Mohammad Momin Khawaja; and he was, at about the time of his arrest, a computer consultant for DFAIT."

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:09 PM)  

Good Lord JR, thanks! You know I have a screenshot of the e-mail list for the ball hockey league that Khurram Sher and Mibahuddin Ahmed played in, got it before they took the yahoo group private. A surprising number of Fed Government e-mails in there. Really makes you wonder.

Louise  – (4:46 PM)  

And I continue to get a visitor to my blog from the Defence Research Establishment - Canada almost daily. The last time was about an hour ago and who ever it was, they came via Blazing Cat Fur. I hope you have an alibi.

Revnant Dream  – (4:59 PM)  

So much for the reform movement. Looks like the Red Tories won.

Poste de veille  – (5:43 PM)  

BCF, the email you posted states that the French version follows. Would you happen to have it ? I will post it on my blog.

Paul  – (6:14 PM)  

... just when you thought you were out, they suck you back in. (Michael Corleone)

WHTF is going on in this country??!!

I really did think that the Conservatives nailed the CIC shut.
These Muslim events are like an invasion of zombies on out fair land.

And yea, Wahida E. Newman is quite the looker. (now there's someone that doesn't need to worry!)

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:19 PM)  

No Poste I am sorry I do not have the French version.

Wahida Wahabbi!

Paul  – (7:50 PM)  

Wahida is so ugly, when she was born, the doctors had to double-check they hadn't thrown out the wrong part.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:54 PM)  

Wahida so fat she has her own Postal Code!

Marginalized Action Dinosaur  – (7:12 PM)  

The higher ups @ DND are the same spineless types as elsewhere.

They are bureaucrats more than soldiers. Their career is more important than the country they are supposed to defend.

Kai  – (7:49 PM)  

WTF is "Islamic History Month"? And what has it got to do with Canada? I, for one will celebrate it by philandering, rendering graven images of Mohammed and Allah, fornicating with women I am not married to, drinking a hell of a lot of beer, and flipping the bird off at that degenerate phiosophy of hatred that tries to label itself "The Religion of Peace".

Paul  – (7:51 PM)  

... mark another win for the good guys!

saratoga  – (7:56 PM)  

great news, yesterday i almost had a coronary looks like we are finally waking up great work BCF

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:02 PM)  

The thanks go to readers as much as anyone, they complained and others who we can't name worked behind the scenes to make sure this was brought before the right set of eyes.

thedailyrasp  – (8:44 PM)  

Excellent news! To all that helped push this uphill - take a bow, have a drink and a cheer. Great work BCF!

JR  – (8:53 PM)  

Excellent work, BCF!!

Pieface  – (9:18 PM)  

If the sensitivity is there, and the influence is also in evidence, only good can come of expressing reasonable indignation over unreasonable decisions. This outcome represents an amazing success. Congratulations...!

Pieface  – (9:22 PM)  

The 'celebration' of a specific type of culture within Canada through the federal civil service is not by any means isolated to Muslim history month; there is also Black history month and Aboriginal history month, perhaps among others when federal government departments tip a hat of recognition to Canadian multi-diversity. Whoever arranged for the Muslim history month event must live in a dark dungeon somewhere where the light of reasonable accommodation is fairly dim; people tasked with such sensitive things should at the very least have an idea of precisely what kind of tinderbox they're unleashing,

Black Mamba  – (9:22 PM)  

Remember, BCF, with great power comes great responsibility. Or something. Well done!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:37 PM)  

This is only the tip of the iceberg sadly. The more I hear the more I shake my head in wonder. I feel like Frodo;)

Revnant Dream  – (9:43 PM)  

"Islamic History Month"

Yes lets remember all the thousands killed by this cult today. The millions butchered throughout history.
The Women demeaned & mutilated . Told their only worth a quarter of any man. Moon worship, along with kissing stones.
Lets remember the millions of Hindus killed. The millions of Christians, the Chinese, Russians. The whole of North Africa with parts of Europe. The Persian Empire & Zoroastrians.Not to many of them left?
Yes the "Religion of Peace" should have its own month. One dedicated to carnage. These guys at the DND defend us being this historically stupid?
Read the Koran, read the plan & hate.
Enter the slavery of the mad.

Marty  – (10:38 PM)  

BCF, you should get the freakin' Order of Canada. Of course, it'll probably go to Omar Kadr instead...

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:53 PM)  

Thanks Marty but ya know what, Omar and the rest of em can keep that worthless bauble.

Good people spoke up about this issue, not the kind of people who award or generally receive that silly trinket.

This win was the result of a bigger effort our role as bloggers was just to make it public so readers could voice their opinion and have it noted by the powers that be.

There was some pretty heavy lifting done by others behind the scenes and by readers themselves. We got to wave the flag;)

Blog Wrath  – (11:22 PM)  

Congratulations on a job well done, at least one of the battles has been won. However, the whole issue is so disturbing: the army celebrating the ideology we are at war with, it's unbelievable. It should be self-evident to them that they should not do that. Instead, they changed their minds only after the pressure initiated by ordinary people.

It is like Sir Winston organizing German History Month during World War II (but at least the Germans had some history worth celebrating). Other than saving some Greek manuscripts and some alchemy works (both of which are considered heresy in Islam), the Muslim history is nothing else but violence. I know for sure from documents that 22 of my ancestors have been killed by Muslims (Turks), but there could be many more. Death and destruction is not history worth celebrating.

Louise  – (11:23 PM)  

Hey! You're da man, Blaze!!!

Jan  – (11:53 PM)  

Appreciate you, BCF for acting on what most of us are already thinking, but didn't know what to do. Good on you!!!! Keep the faith. The work you do is as important as our military to keep our freedoms alive. Don't lose hope.

Dag  – (11:58 PM)  

Count me among the pleased, those who are happy to see this confidence-building victory over a seemingly impenetrable clique of bureaucrats working mindlessly to further goals they know not of, i.e. the corruption and demolition of Modernity. Momentarily at least they have stopped their sniffing and scratching and are now back in their cubicles, waiting for the cats to leave.

As pleased as I am with this victory over the bureaucrats, it is ad hoc and over for good. It's a good move, but a flash in the pan, not even bringing about one minor reform in one department in government. In itself it is a thing to be proud of, but we cannot rest on such victories or praise ourselves and others too much for these things. We can, at best, see that such victories are possible. How badly do we care to continue? And why?

Would a hundred small victories like this satisfy us? How would we know that a hundred is sufficient to make us happy? If one hundred, then what?

Why do we do this great thing? I argue that what this great this is must be comprehensive, over-arching, and meant for eternity, as I see that, i.e. our lifetimes: that our point and purpose is not ad hoc skirmishing with world-jihad and Left dhimmi fascism; I suggest that we look at the whole picture and see that the whole of Islam and Left dhimmi fascism is a rot to be rooted out entirely and kept weeded out, forcefully and forever. We need a comprehensive goal of Modernity to struggle toward, uncompromising, ruthless when required. It is a good thing to stop one meeting; but it is sheer heaven to stop Islam itself. That has to be a conscious goal among dedicated professionals committed to the destruction of Islam universally. No one small action, no reforms, not compromising here and there on this and that but a total war on Islam and its adherents and enablers. We need a goal, a revolutionary programme, without which there will be no revolution.

Not everyone will want a revolution of Modernity. For those few who do, they must be professional. Their vision must be cosmic. When every mosque is smashed and paved over, when every Qur'an is collecting dust in research libraries, when Islam is a word forgotten to the masses, then we can call ourselves successful. Then we will be right to be pleased.

Death to Islam. Total war. Victor for freedom.

Dave In Guelph  – (12:43 AM)  

Fan-Fucking-Tastic work BCF! You made my week. That sick feeling in the pit of my stomach after reading this post earlier has finally disappeared. You just know this shit is flying under the radar of the average Canadian.

dmurrell  – (6:33 AM)  

Great work! Somehow I have my doubts about DND Minister Peter MacKay. He is as Red Tory as they get. And when the Liberals get back in after the upcoming federal election, we can be sure that this sort of nonsense will contine.

dugger  – (9:16 AM)  

I read that this "imam" thinks the cancellation is "hurtful." Really? Hurtful is beheadings of CHRISTIAN schoolgirls,,suicide bombings and other assorted muslim terrorism.
No doubt the muslim community will condemn this as an anti-islamic act and, of course, the usual useful idiots...Liberals, NDP and other assorted whackjobs....will add their insane voices.
These "useful idiots" will also accuse the government of being pro-Israeli, that being the usual bile that flows from the mouths of the defenders of islam.
I'm wondering if there is going to be more islamic marches and protests with the usual ranting and property damage we have seen in the past?
Islam..The religion of peace....

been around the block  – (9:42 AM)  

Congrats, BCF! Job well done.

Thank God for sanity on the right.

sanwin  – (10:38 AM)  

Great work guys.

It simply means that if we get off our duffs, we can enforce change.

Lets keep this as an example of what can be done by group action.

How long before the CIC and their weather beaten stallion write op-ed on Islamophobia in the Canadian military ?

Rose  – (10:55 AM)  

Why is DND playing who's a little silly bugger with Islamists in the first place? Do they hold festivals for Hindu Heritage? Our natives serve this nation with pride and distinction does DND honour their sacrifice? Politically motived crap, the government especially DND has no place in pandering to any religious special interest group it's suppose to be an A political organization.

deboaned  – (11:09 AM)  

OK so I get the fact that you don't like this Imam. But one of the reasons I kinda liked this blog was your unmoveable position on free speech. What happened? Why does this guy not get the same right of free speech as everyone else even if you don't like him.

I agreed with you when you defended people like Marc Lemire (even though I didn' like him or his message)but on this I am bitterly disappointed.

Gordon Underhill  – (11:37 AM)  

Deboaned, don't go looking for rationality here. BCF and freinds support free speech for their pals. Others like this Imam don't count.

Don't get me wrong, if this were Mohammad El Masry I'd be the first to demand he not speak. This guy from all I read today in the NP is El masry's counter-opposite.

Ya ya I know its still the putrid CIC but until and unless this guy is shown to break Canadian law or advocate hatred does he not deserve the same right of free speech as do your buddies Ezra and Mark(c)? Or is it their faith that bugs you?

sanwin  – (11:50 AM)  

For fucks sake deboaned and underhill.

You leftards seem really confused about what free speech is.

No on is stopping this Iman from speaking.

We just do not want the Canadian Military, which we fund through tax payer dollars, having anything to do with Islamic or other religious groups.. although at this point in time, it`s only Islam which seems to get this special treatment... ie.. Islamic Awareness Month.

If Zeldic wants to hire a hall to speak, he can. If he wants to write a letter to the editor, he can. If he wants to stand at a street corner and tell us how wonderful Islam is, he can.

Just not on my dime.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:54 AM)  

Well deboaned and underhill, Neither the CIC or Imam Zelic have been robbed of their right to free speech. They can and will continue to express their views freely.

All that has happpened is that they, a radical islamist group, have been disinvited from a government event based on their organizations long history of radical anti-semitism.

Big Brother  – (12:03 PM)  

Exactly BCF. Denying them the right to free speech would be if we went to the CHRC demanding they be banned from making Islamic based public speeches altogether; just like they tried to do to Mark and Ezra.

They are still free to preach their views here in Canada, we have just chosen not to facilitate it.

Big Brother  – (12:16 PM)  

It is disappointing, underhill and deboaned, that you have missed the point and principle here. How very impulsive and careless it is to jump to the conclusion that any free speech has been denied.


He still has his right to express all his views and opinions without persecution. It has, however, been decided the DND does not want to be involved with him.


Xanthippa  – (1:01 PM)  

you say: 'Whether the rot extends to DND....'

Ahmmmmmmm....does DND not employ Lucy?!?!?

Keep you claws sharp, Kitty!

scaramouche  – (4:00 PM)  

I reccommend taking some Gravol before reading this--Mayor David Miller's 2009 IHMC proclamation:

scaramouche  – (4:01 PM)  

For a laugh, look under "Education":

scaramouche  – (4:10 PM)  

One thing you left off the "noteworthy" list: the CIC gave an award for media excellence to Zafar Bangash, founder of radical rag Crescent International.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:57 PM)  

Back, makin a monster pot of spaghetti sauce!

Thanks Scaramouche for those excellent links I always marvel at the selective outrage of the Islamists and their useful idiots among Canada's pseudo-left!

binks webelf  – (5:56 PM)  


Went looking for those CIC-IHMC .pdfs-- not online at the moment: did you get copies

Has the CIC-IHMC web-scrub begun?

been around the block  – (7:16 PM)  

OK, deboaned (that's for sure, only it's spelled deboned) and underhill, where are you guys? Come out and fight, you cowards.

You got it wrong, you made false accusations, and now you've run and hidden yourselves.

'So like the no backbone or other bone, cowards you are.

Walker Morrow  – (2:31 AM)  

Wow - the whole crowd's out in full force, I see.

It's been said before, but good work BCF. You make it good to be a blogger in this country. This story has been duly linked.

Poste de veille  – (12:19 AM)  

Salman Elmenyawi (Chair IHMC-Montreal, is on record for advocating sharia courts in Quebec.

He also said that he would fight any attempt by Quebec to legislate restrictions on the islamic veil as France did.

Poste de veille  – (12:25 AM)  

And by the way, congratulations BCF !!

I translated your posts and recommended to my readers that they write to Peter MacKay to congratulate him for his decision to annul the speech by Delic, and also express concern at the lack of care of our government. I also suggested that they add to their email a recommendation that the recently released report on sharia by the Center for Security Policy be mandatory reading for all our MPs. Ignorance is not a defence, especially a the DND.

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