Edmonton Grievance Mongers Remove Racist "White Privilege" Rant From Alleged "Anti-Racism" Hate Site

Update: Ezra weighs in;)

Remember this marxist hate mongering?:

"Racial "whiteness" is many things, but one of its consistent qualities is power. As people granted unearned privileges by our own whiteness, and as people who have likely harmed non-white people with our own whiteness, it's our moral and ethical duty to find ways to combat racism."

Well it's gone - disappeared down the memory hole after a public uproar. But thanks to the miracle of  Google Cache  and screenshots you can still read the hate rant in its entirety.

Bad Photoshopping 101: Well Well Well...on closer examination of the hate sites Poster it seems my suspicions are confirmed, I've caught them disguising a Black & White "Kafeiyah" as an "innocent" scarf! Nice cover-up from our racist anti-racists! Why couldn't they just choose another generic "diversity" pic? There are thousands out there - I think they wanted to send a message.

Oops they missed a Spot!

Here's a "blow up" of the missed spot;)

Here's a screenshot of the poster on the racist site - note the Bad Photoshop "missed spot";)

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rabbit  – (11:37 AM)  

I love the argument that denying or ignoring white privilege is itself racist. It means one is not even allowed to refute the allegations. It's a self-contained and closed system of reasoning.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:38 AM)  

Guilty till proven guilty that's some catch as they say.

truepeers  – (12:18 PM)  

If they're so concerned about whiteness, you'd think they'd go easy on photoshopping those teeth!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:19 PM)  

You're right they don't have nearly enough decayiversity!

Blog Wrath  – (1:42 PM)  

Great job! There is some progress, people are not afraid anymore to show how pissed off they are in a situation like this one.

I remember the Bob Rae public service commercials in the 1990's dealing with rape, gay bashing, etc., etc. The perpetrator in them was ALWAYS a white male.

Nobody dared say anything at the time, because the likes of Susan Eng and Dudley Laws would've jumped on him like hyenas.

Joel  – (1:43 PM)  

Ezra Levant has a great article about this, I left a comment reproducing the e-mail I sent off to the racists.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:47 PM)  

Thanks Joel Linked to it!

simus  – (2:44 PM)  

Sometimes I use "Google Earth" to check on places I once lived. One was down on the east coast where a poverty stricken Indian reserve abutted the rural hardscrabble properties of fourth/fifth generation "White Privilege" owners trying to make a precarious living off the woods, fields, and occasional paid employment. I couldn't help noticing the "White Privilege" properties are now abandoned and overgrown while the reserve now looks like a modern semi rural subdivision.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:53 PM)  

Simus I suspect the racist whites forced the aboriginals to internalize a desire for material goods at the expense of their more culturally and spiritually superior ways!

Robert  – (4:20 PM)  

Listening to Charles Adler right now and he is doing a major dump on the idiot Edmonton grievance mongers.

dugger  – (8:05 PM)  

After checking out their site I see that there is NOT one Asian in ANY of the pictures. By Asian I mean Oriental. I KNOW there must be some Orientals in Edmonton. Having been there I have visited some Chinese restaurants.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:11 PM)  

There are all kinds of doozies - here's one - White People Must Put Up Pictures Of Strangers In Their Homes;

•Visuals. The pictures and other visual representations in our homes should truly be multiracial. Children learn a lot from what they see in their home environment.

sanwin  – (8:14 PM)  

I just emailed them telling them I was upset since I was in the process of abandoning my 'white privilige' and now I find that I can keep it after all !

I also asked them if the poorly photoshopped keffiyah was intentional, since even a redneck (do I have to abandon my red privilige now ?) could see that it was tinted green.

Revnant Dream  – (11:58 PM)  

This pretty well sums this up

In The Know: Are Tests Biased Against Students Who Don't Give A Sh8t?


dmurrell  – (2:19 PM)  

Blog Wrath:

I read "Rae Days" (by Thomas Walkom) -- the non-fiction book about the ridiculous time when Bob Rae was premier in NDP Ontario.

In it he talks about one Ontario agency tasked with policing supposed discrimination, and instituting "affirmative action" in Ontario workplaces.

What happened was that this agency (whose name escapes me) hired only women and minorities -- plus one token white male. And what happend was that the staff began fighting amonst themselves, the lesbians against the Arabs, etc. The place became disfunctional given all the turmoil. It was one more fiasco among many under Rae.

Btw: Thomas Walkom, who wrote the book, wrote it from an ulrea-left perspective. Then he was with the left-wing Globe and Mail -- so if he was critical of the wacko Rae government, one can see how pitiful things were. And now the wacko Walkom writes for the Toronto al-jeseeraStar.

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