Your Tax Dollars At Prayer: The "Oldest Hate" in one of Canada's oldest Mosques

Update: Your Tax Dollars At Prayer Part 2

The Arabian Muslim Association of Edmonton is also known as the Canadian Islamic Society which is headquartered in the al Rashid Mosque, one of the oldest in Canada. One of their subsidiaries is the Edmonton Islamic Academy.

In the 1st quarter of 2010 the Arabian Muslim Association and the Edmonton Islamic Academy received $69,008.00 & $30,096.00 respectively under the federal government's "Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Pilot (SIP) Program."

The SIP Program's purpose is to "Improve and enhance the safety of Canadian communities at risk of hate-motivated crime through the enhancement of their security infrastructure."

"Communities at risk of hate motivated crime."  Remember that.

Let's have a look at one of the Canadian Islamic Society's other subsidiaries, the Islamic Investment Corporation (IIC) -

"Islamic Investment Corporation (IIC) is a shared entity between Arabian Muslim Association (51%) and Islamic Call Society of Libya (49%).

It is a business venture that deals with real estate properties. The Islamic Investment Corporation is running the following real estate properties..."

Note their partner in this venture: The Islamic Call Society of Libya. What is the Islamic Call Society of Libya?  Well for one it's more commonly known as the World Islamic Call Society (WICS) and two, it's bankrolled by Libyan Crazy Man Muammar Gaddafi.

WICS modus operandi is to establish itself as an investment partner with like minded organizations throughout the world, then they get on with their real business:

Financing and Income Sources

The Society finances the social, economic, religious and cultural programs from returns on the investments made within and outside the State’s Headquarters. The programs are also supported by generous donations and gifts presented by philanthropists and institutions

The business of the World Islamic Call Society is "inter-faith dialogue" otherwise known as Jew Hate:

"Statement of the World Islamic People's Leadership on the brutal massacre committed by the Zionist enemy in the Gaza Strip, in the occupied Palestine"

and this....

"Zionist's killing and destruction machine continues the crime of genocide, which the Zionist Terrorist forces are committing against the people of Gaza, turning civilization centers , including mosques into mass graves"

You can sift through the entire site for the word "Zionist" - it's a goldmine of Jew Hate and I assure you it's impossible to miss. That's not surprising given this WICS statement on matters political in the Islamic world:

"W.I.C.S attitudes were firm,, constant, clear and fundamental toward many political issues in the Islamic in the Islamic World the foremost of which is Palestine and Al-Quds (Jerusalem) issues. The Society stressed in its assemblies and meetings on the necessity to liberate all Palestine, the return of its people and the support of the Palestinian people in the acquisition of all its rights. It drew Zionist attempts to Judas sacred places in Palestine and in particular Al-Aqsa Mosque, the First Qibla and the Third Mosque in Islam. It called upon Islamic states, bodies and societies to amalgamate their efforts and to amass resources in order to be able to confront Zionist threats enjoying full support from United States of America. The Society’s attitudes reflected a particular interest in Muslims’ issues in Afghanistan, Czecznia, Bosnia, Albania and Khasmir. It the Philippines, Thailand, China, and Bulgaria and to enable them assert their Islamic identity and acquire their full right. The Society called to rejection their Islamic identity and aggression methods in order to let the world live in peace with justice, right, equality and freedom."

Catch that? "The Society stressed in its assemblies and meetings on the necessity to liberate all Palestine."  In other words WICS is calling for the destruction of Israel.

Now ask yourself: Why are my tax dollars subsidizing an organization, the Canadian Islamic Society, that's bankrolled by Jew Hate? 

We need to ask our politicians & bureaucrats why they aren't smart enough to investigate and screen these organizations at even cursory depth.  This was the first organization I looked at. I wonder what other treasures I'll turn up.

In the meantime you can check out a sampling of WICS reading list, from what I call the Taqiyaa Titles Series:  ISLAM: The religion of Justified Strife not Aggression

Paul  – (1:06 PM)  

... let's see if any Jimmy Olsens' in the MSM pick this story up.

Way to scoop them BCF!

Seems like JUST ABOUT EVERY Muslamic organization in Canada is a vested asset of rabid, tyrannical Islamic governments bent on running their religiously inspired hate agenda.

Trouble for them though is that nobody is buying their bullshit.

(... except for the Liberals, NDP and Green Party, that is)

truepeers  – (1:07 PM)  

I'd like to say "good work" but it's too easy, isn't it? The challenge is to find the organizations that aren't antisemitic.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:13 PM)  

I agree Tru, it is far too easy, and that is tragic.

Shucks Paul just doin my job;) Of course I guess now Harper won't hire me to be one of those "internet experts" mandated to sniff out anti-semitism under the Ottawa Protocols, I mean I do kinda keep on embarassing them.

MariaS  – (1:31 PM)  

Good work BCF. I think our Minister of Treasury Stockwell Day should be questioned about this.
I will link straight away.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:33 PM)  

Thanks MariaS, the whole government should be questioned.

Paul  – (1:38 PM)  

I'm not sure I would go in that direction re: The Ottawa Protocol.

Given the high probability that at least a couple of the delegates possessed at least half a brain, seems to me like they ended up giving a "screw-you" middle finger to the rest of the world.

[And I don't think their use of the word "Protocol" was accidental.]

And I say, good on you to embarrass the government. It's what makes democracy work and I'm sure being the freedom loving individuals our elected politicians are, they appreciate and value it.

Gary K.  – (1:58 PM)  

We need to ask our politicians & bureaucrats why they aren't smart enough to investigate and screen these organizations at even cursory depth.

Answer: The Honourable Vic Toews.

The same guy who appointed our frequent flyer from Winnipeg to Ottawa (aka David Langtry - Deputy Commissioner CHRC) so he can "conduct regular business at Commission headquarters."

See here and here.

You did it again Arnie - good work. Time to let the SIP pilot program wither away.

Maybe the eagerly anticipated Sun Media channel could hire you as an investigative reporter or researcher. I can almost picture this breaking news headline in my fuzzy mind.. "SMC welcomes BCF to their growing staff."

Back to dreamland...zzzzzzzz

Tim Johnston  – (2:01 PM)  

well spotted!!


Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:04 PM)  

Thanks Tim and Thanks Gary for lettig us know about Vic!

Melykin  – (5:13 PM)  

"Communities at risk of hate motivated crime."

Community at risk of motivating hate crime would be more like it. Why do we even let Islamists in the country?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (5:15 PM)  

Worse why the hell are we doling out cash to them?

Pieface  – (6:11 PM)  

Where to start? After managing to stop gasping in disbelief. Are our agencies dispensing tax dollars so utterly devoid of intelligence? Guess that's a question that answers itself, isn't it?
This is so appallingly frightening in its gross stupidity that it defies belief.
Our noses are being tweaked, while our dollars are being harvested for a cause that runs counter to all our values, let alone those of moral decency.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:21 PM)  

Pieface I won't even point you in the direction of the speech on the WICS site that calls for the Muslim takeover of Europe.

This is madness - our elites are literally selling the country out from under us.

Xanthippa  – (6:45 PM)  

You take the "We stand on guard for thee" seriously!

Well done.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:52 PM)  

I just wish our elites would;)

Paul  – (9:45 PM)  

re: SMC
I realize Peladeau Jr. isn't as ugly as his father but I really was hoping he would be just as mean.

My suggestion to him would be to go back to the family roots of Allo Police! and bring some that steely nerve to his TV channel.

But when I heard he was hiring Kinsella to be a tlaking head he tipped his hand and let the world know he's just another clued-out media mogul's son.

Revnant Dream  – (11:09 PM)  

Where suckers. We don't have real immigrants anymore. Not the kind looking for a new life, except in a few Counties cases. Their Colonists who come here to change this Country into an alien image of what they left behind.

Its one thing helping the Stranger amongst you. Quite another to have the stranger tell you what to do in your own home, life, Religion, or apparel.

Enabled by MPs who are known for abusing the system along with Cabinet Ministers of ALL parties. That type of situation is ripe for abuse. To allow more of this is to invite more. Its a simple equation. Meanwhile those who have deep roots here , who's ancestors turned a wilderness into a Nation. Are used as the financiers of their own cultural demise.

By governments willing to pimp Canadians. As marks to gain votes. Using tax monies for that purpose. Further degrading Canadians citizenship with more privileges for illegal's.


dmurrell  – (5:56 AM)  

Excellent research BCF! Now, the rest of us should complain to our MPs and federal Cabinet Ministers -- and tell them that our tax dollars shouild not go to anti-Semitic organizations.

scaramouche  – (9:31 AM)  

Jew-hate? In "No Racism" Edmonton? Shocking (not)!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:38 AM)  

Ha Good point I should check the race hate site for their sponsors;)

JustAnotherWesterner  – (11:43 AM)  

Once again the futility of gov't largesse.

When will we ever get a leader who publicly states, and passes a law prohibitng, public money going to ANY special interest group. Taxes are supposed to be to run the gov't and all non-essential services need to be stopped. Now all we need is a strict definition of "non-essential"

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:54 AM)  

This program was vote whoring at it's most crude. The Harper government deserves to be shamed over this.

JustAnotherWesterner  – (11:58 AM)  

Son-of-agun, I open the NP and here she is! Problem for Norway, it is too late. As Europe tries to reverse the tide of socialism, Idiot Obama merrily steers the great ship US of A straight towards the waterfall.

JustAnotherWesterner  – (11:59 AM)  

Forgot link

Tim Johnston  – (12:09 PM)  

Great link, Westerner.

I lived in Norway and am a huge fan of the FrP. What the article doesn't tell you is that one of their deputy MPs is an Iranian immigrant by the name of Mazyar Keshvari. There are a lot of Iranians in Norway, many very secularised and with no intention of letting Shari'a follow them to the frozen North.

When it says she came within a whisker of seizing power, she wasn't kidding. The FrP and the Conservatives got over 50% of the popular vote but were thwarted by the electoral system which gave the left-coalition a majority of seats.

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