Someone Turned On David Cameron's Brain! Muslims should embrace British values!

“Let’s properly judge these organisations: Do they believe in universal human rights – including for women and people of other faiths? Do they believe in equality of all before the law? Do they believe in democracy and the right of people to elect their own government? Do they encourage integration or separatism..." From Cubachi!

MuniMula  – (4:37 PM)  

A complete lack of "ANY" understanding of Islam has caused this western catastrophe.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:40 PM)  

More like a blatant disregard for the obvious see the "immigration post".

Rose  – (7:28 PM)  

He's running scared so he espouses our dogma because he knows the right are well right about this issue. Don't count on the gutless Politicians doing anything about the issue, well except enact a ministry of "Islamic Supremacy and normalicy".

cousinarlo  – (11:18 PM)  

I think this is more evidence that the west is finally waking up about the problem we face with Muslim immigration.

Multiculturalism was cute for a while, what with all the Caribanabram festivals and eating foreign food. Then it became a pain in the arse as immigrants agitated for changes to laws and customs they didn't like.

Such as the Mountie Stetson.

I think they know we are on to them.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:59 PM)  

The people have but our politicians haven't.

Durotrigan  – (9:47 AM)  

Hmm. I'm not feeling overly confident about 'Dave's' seeming Damascene conversion. It's not long since he was telling us all that we native Brits ought to integrate with the Muslim incomers rather than the other way around.

As you'd guess, the media and the leftists in the UK are in complete uproar about yesterday's speech. It's astonishing how these people can inhabit such a different mental universe. Stop! Maybe that's it! Leftists actually inhabit a parallel universe that has unfortunately intersected with our own.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:58 AM)  

Yup Vlad has a good up showing Cameron's contradictory statements.

Revnant Dream  – (4:16 AM)  

Sooner or latter the reality of their dilemma will crush every illusion the Elite has. Yet some will accommodate till the end in cowardice. Its like that in every human era & culture.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:06 PM)  

I don't think it's an elite illusion Rev, I think that like Britain it was a deliberate social engineering scam.

Revnant Dream  – (7:34 PM)  

Blazing Cat Fur

I think your right also, but the Originators of the multicultural lie have been replaced by true believers. At least from some levels down. The top may mostly be still knowingly destroying the peace of their own Land.
For most of these multicultural morons its become a tenant of secular government faith.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:47 PM)  

Perhaps for some, however the majority see it for what is, a vote buying scam and a potential political opposition bludgeon wielded in unison with the grievance monger industry.

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