Comic Guy Earle Fined 15K For Offending Heckling Dyke By BCHRT!

Wise Guy: Earle was just on Adler and described himself as a leaning left socialist, and a Layton supporter. The left shuts down one of their own. Ha. And they still don't get it.

Ezra Levant Interviews A Shell Shocked Guy Earle

Uppitydate: Guy Earle is on Jim Richards like now, listen here podcast should be available later.

Good Lord. "Earle has been ordered to pay Pardy $15,000 for injury to dignity, feelings, and self respect. Zesty and Ismail have been ordered to pay Pardy $7,500 for injury to dignity, feelings, and self respect."

This decision is representative of the Canada lusted after by the Liberal and NDP parties. Keep that in mind election day.

SunTV will be covering this in primetime today...sources reveal. Look for Ezra and maybe Brian Lilley to weigh in on  today's shows. Mark Steyn will have something to say as well I'm certain.

Update: Rasp says Earle indicated he would challenge a guilty ruling last week

First thoughts on news of the Lorna Pardy- Guy Earle- Zesty's decision from the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal

Steyn: The Human Right Not To Be “Offended”

"Human Rights" Tribunal Misnomer

Canadian stand-up comic loses suit launched by drunken lesbian heckler; $22,000 awarded for ‘hurt feelings’

When you're not Mark Steyn...

Support Diversity
Here's the decision.

Guy Earle Decision By BCHRT -

scaramouche  – (7:26 AM)  

Disgusting. Sickening. Let's all heckle our outrageous "human rights" system which divests us of rights even as it empowers the all-too-easily aggrieved.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:27 AM)  

What the hell does "self respect" mean anymore?

scaramouche  – (7:36 AM)  

Unfair and Stalinesque:

sanwin  – (7:48 AM)  

In a way this is a good thing.

The more of these outrageous fucked up decisions we see, the more the public will be open to the idea of discarding these brain dead retards.

I'll send Ezra the article on Pride parade by Mr. Jawed Anwar and ask him to see if it qualifies for a HRC complaint.

dmurrell  – (7:49 AM)  

One problem is thqat there is no activist grassroots organization opposing the Stalinist HRCs. And this is an old story: conservatives love to whine on blogs about injustices, but nobody wants to organize to actually undertake visible and tangible action against these anti-democratic thugs.

I like Ezra Levant. He took the trouble to research and write a book on the issue. But where are the street demonstrations? Where are the web sites specializing on digging up dirt against these thugs? This is why I like the JDL. THey actually do something.

There must be a pluralist, wide-ranging war against these anti-democratic fascists: skits, cartoons, satire, underground doc movies, picketing.

Btw: back in the early 1980s, when I lived in Ottawa, I used to date who would be later be Ezra's chief tormentor (Shirlene McGovern). From what I heard, she quit the Alberta HRC given angry e-mails and phome calls sent to her. Where is this type of action when we need it?

Van Grungy  – (8:02 AM)  

My coworker wants to know how this will be enforced?

Don Sharpe  – (8:13 AM)  

Those psychopaths at the BCHRT deserve only our contempt - Thankfully SUN TV is going to cover this outrageous decision, hopefully that'll put pressure on the lame-stream media to do the same.
BCHRT will have known there would be fallout from this, somewhere in their souls they must have a nugget of common sense that's screaming for them to stop this insanity.
This is what happens when good people ignore the workings of their government, and allow a cancer like the HRC's to spread across the country.
My MP will get a piece of my mind, this has got to stop.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:14 AM)  

The order can be enforced by the courts VanG, assuming it is not challenged.

Van Grungy  – (8:31 AM)  


To fight this, earle has to go to ottawa fed court? Right?

glasnost  – (8:47 AM)  

I believe the next step would be the BC Supreme Court then the BC Court of Appeal.

The Saskatchewan government is proposing to abolish the Sask Human Rights Tribunal in favour of hearing these matters directly by the Court of Queens Bench which is the Sask equivalent of the BC Supreme Court.

Just a little plug for Saskatchewan

binks webelf  – (9:00 AM)  

Send lotsa comments to the BCHRT & tribunalist, cced to everybody. The guy's a squish Trudeaupian, but the principle still stands. Sun-TV will be covering this, so that`s a new front in the Speech Wars.

This is Maundy Thursday, the day before an utter kangaroo-court on Good Friday, back in Jerusalem, c. AD33.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:03 AM)  

Ezra will be on this, maybe Lilley as well.

bernie  – (9:05 AM)  
This comment has been removed by the author.
scream  – (9:07 AM)  

And what happens if he tells them to f off and doesn't pay?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:09 AM)  

The real courts will step in to enforce the order Scream, they have the power to do so.

noel  – (9:12 AM)  

Can the SCC touch these CHReeps?

Shameful. Disgusting. Sicko.

Just when Sun News was rekindling good, all-but-gone Canadian warm-fuzzes, and happy thoughts of a better future.

The death of mirth is the sting of oppression.

Freedom of speech has suffered a HUGE blow.

But GOOD Friday is the tomorrow before a better day.

Ms. Doubt49  – (9:30 AM)  

Wish everyone could get together for a class action suit against them suing for lack of freedom of speech. Well, that's just wishful thinking on my part. Anyways to all who celebrate Easter, may you all have a joyous and peaceful Easter with your family and friends.

Wally Keeler  – (9:32 AM)  

Support Diversity -- Watch Your Words

noel  – (9:49 AM)  

"By the rivers of Babylon,
there we sat down
Ye-eah we wept,
when we remembered Zion.
By the rivers of Babylon,
there we sat down
Ye-eah we wept,
when we remembered Zion.
When the wicked
Carried us away in captivity
Required from us a song
Now how shall we sing the lord's song in a strange land"

IOW, when the words are killed, the song dies.

But prayers can never be killed. There can always be a song in the heart. Come hell, bchrt, or high water, these visible bars do not a prison make.

That is the Gospel of the promised better day. That the truth will make us free against the wicked BCHRT, is not a small matter. Passover and Easter promise the Victory; it is we who demonstrate it.

Its Melody is singing.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:54 AM)  

Well in the US there might be such an approach, up here we got nuttin really Mrs. Doubt.

Thanks Wally good poster.

Louise  – (10:00 AM)  

Please Lord, someday soon let Canada have its own version of the Tea Party. We need to have a massive, sustained uprising that will not stop until the consequences of 60 years of Liberal rule have been well and truly destroyed. The HRCs are a good first target.

simus  – (10:10 AM)  

A vile anti free speech decision by a despicable member of a horrible, unCanadian, tax funded, cancer on a free society.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:21 AM)  

This decision is representative of the Canada lusted after by the Liberal and NDP parties. Keep that in mind election day.

Steve  – (10:35 AM)  

Fascism is alive and well in Canada and the sheeple sleep.

Don Sharpe  – (10:39 AM)  

A conservative majority is our best chance to end the HRC's, and even then it'll be an uphill fight.
I'm going to pound in some signs around town for my Conservative MP candidate tomorrow!

sanwin  – (10:41 AM)  

Did you know the BCHRC has it's own twitter feed ? Here you can get live breaking updated of their latest atrocities.!/BCHRC

Here is one decision :

Employer discriminated when firing returning disabled employee who could only work 3 days a week.

sanwin  – (10:56 AM)  

Wow look at this.

Tribunal dissmisses complaint of muslim woman who alleged she did not get the job when interviwed with her head covered

Even though the tribunal dismissed, look at the evidence the woman provided as proof of discrimination.

Ms. Adams next describes, for the first time, the impression the Agency’s reception area made on her when she arrived there on January 8. She states:
There was a 42” flat screen TV on high volume covering a breaking news story from CNN and the news was about the alleged ‘underwear’ bomber. My first impression was that this was inappropriate to have a program so full of fear and anxiety loudly playing in a place of business. My next thought was that Vancouver was a very diverse cultural citizenship of ethnic communities and anyone coming to this place"

Un-fucking-believable !

sanwin  – (11:00 AM)  

For the record, this is the 'devout muslim woman' being referred to in my previous comment.!/financialgps360

scaramouche  – (11:10 AM)  

This just in--female Sun TV news anchors are threatened and humiliated:

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:12 AM)  

Well a Harper majority certainly has the potential to defang the CHRC, the rest are provincial jurisdiction. Even with a majority next month it is doubtful Harper would act given Section 13 is up for judicial review and despite the fact the party membership voted overwhelmingly to make the eradication of Section 13 party policy.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:16 AM)  

Wow Sanwin that is appalling, at least the BCHRT showed a glint of common sense in dismissing that specious claim. Thanks.

truepeers  – (11:35 AM)  

The "human rights" regime is a cult of human sacrifice and this was clear when we watched Pardy publicly expose herself as the hopeless, ruined, victim she didn't have to be. The victimary regime begged her to do this, and now they have to reward her. It's outrageous that others have to pay but it's not really enough money to compensate for a life ruined by this public act of self-immolation.

Unfortunately, perhaps, we now have a Premier in BC who used to have a radio show and when the Pardy show was on at the BCHRT, her reporter breathlessly reported what Earle had said (according to Pardy's testimony), and our emotive talk host, Christy, blathered on about how these words were so hurtful that they surely crossed a line. IN the position of pandering to the female masses who were "hurt" or thinking seriously about the needs of a free and democratic society, Christy sympathized with "the victim".

Paul  – (11:36 AM)  

The rot of Austrian-Hungarian bureaucracy as described by Franz Kafka, is now being channeled by Canada's Human Rights Commissions.

"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed into a gigantic insect."

Marginalized Action Dinosaur  – (11:45 AM)  

They should all be shut down for endophobic bigotry.

Fire them all.

Do we really want Canadian politically correct comedians on par with Stalins?

Pieface  – (12:22 PM)  

She received the respect she deserved given the circumstances; she provoked, he responded. Some absurd mind-addled decision that is.

rasp  – (1:34 PM)  

I exchanged emails with Guy just last week and this was not on his radar. Although he did indicate an SCoC challenge to any gult finding was on his agenda. We see. I wish him the best of luck too.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:49 PM)  

I hope he does challenge this ruling Rasp thanks for the update.

Paul  – (2:57 PM)  

Guy (or someone on his behalf), should get in touch with Larry Flynt to help fund getting properly Lawyered-up to take this to the highest court in the land.

[Saw him interviewed yesterday,and he's was saying he's still very active as a free speech activist. Best of all, he actually likes getting into a good fight.]

dmurrell  – (3:44 PM)  

There should be an organized campaign (via Facebook perhaps) to raise funds for the beleaguered comic -- to finance a strong legal campaign to force this case through the courts. The campaign should do this to bleed the BCHRT of funds, to jack up their legal expenses.

Further this organized campaign should bombard the HRT with e-mails, snailmails, etc. The campaign should also picket this corrupt organization.

Btw: I say a news feed on this scoll by the CBC News Netwprk screen a few minutes ago. THink of how this absurdity must look to the ordinary, non-political viewer: a COMIC gets fined for INSULTING a lesbian-heckler in the audience. How absurd!

MariaS  – (6:38 PM)  

Levant had him on his show today. Now, everybody (I hope) will know how much the nuts at CHRC have gone out of control... completely bonkers.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:49 PM)  

Every time CPC fundraisers call I tell em the same thing, get rid of Section 13 and you'll get a donation.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur  – (11:35 PM)  

They should all be shut down for endophobic bigotry.

Fire them all.

Do we really want Canadian politically correct comedians on par with Stalins?

binks webelf  – (11:35 PM)  

Send lotsa comments to the BCHRT & tribunalist, cced to everybody. The guy's a squish Trudeaupian, but the principle still stands. Sun-TV will be covering this, so that`s a new front in the Speech Wars.

This is Maundy Thursday, the day before an utter kangaroo-court on Good Friday, back in Jerusalem, c. AD33.

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