Everybody Remember Molly Norris Day

"May 20 is the first anniversary of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, which was conceived by Seattle illustrator Molly Norris to champion free speech but became yet another symbol of its curtailment. Professor and commentator Karen Lugo has urged Americans to remember Norris as "inspiration in our cause to never accommodate threats of retaliation for exercising our fundamental liberties." Islamist Watch does its small part by revisiting the Norris affair"

Lotsa Mohammed Cartoons  here and here.

scaramouche  – (6:24 PM)  

There once was a 'toonist named Molly
Who a year ago wasn't so jolly.
Is her now Imelda?
Or Suzy? Or Zelda?
Or Bertha? Or Martha? Or Dolly?

scaramouche  – (6:27 PM)  

Sorry, third line should read:

Is her name now Imelda.

Minicapt  – (6:41 PM)  

Look for her "not Molly Norris pen name"; I think she's still somewhere in the Seattle area under her original name, just not trying to improve her media visibility by drawing ancient social big shots.


Revnant Dream  – (7:43 PM)  

I wonder if she is still a lefty loon?

Loon call


Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:15 PM)  

Still a lefty I'll bet poor girl.

Osumashi Kinyobe  – (8:33 PM)  

If she is still a lefty, she has reaped what she has sown. Until these leftists grab a brain and finally figure out that Islam is their enemy, there is only so much sympathy one can give them.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:10 AM)  

I am going to post an essay on guilt a reader sent me Osumashi, it is very good reading.

logical71  – (9:15 AM)  


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