Wise Words from Victor Davis Hanson - The Art of Appreciating America from Abroad

I strongly recommend you read this, so much applies to Canada.

1. We should not listen to journalists, politicians, or academics who lecture about overpopulation, looming environmental catastrophe, or general unsustainability — if they live in a house over 2,500 square feet and fly more than once a month. Unfortunately that covers most of our alarmists. Otherwise these megaphones simply are medieval grandees seeking indulgences and penances through loud lectures against what they enjoy in the flesh.

2. When listening to national network or cable news, please assume that during the half-hour show one of the talking heads — anchor, correspondent, interviewer — is either married to or dating another like talking head at another station or paper, or a D.C. politician, and that most of what we shall subsequently hear is predicated on that fact. The nexuses are usually sex, money, power, or a shared quest for celebrity, and they lead to a warped view of contemporary America — the deranged hatred for the upstart and independent Sarah Palin a prime example.

3. Likewise we should assume that most of our news, our popular entertainment, our movies and TV shows, and our supposed conventional wisdom that winds up in magazines reflect the anxieties, fears, and prejudices of about 1-2 million elites that live between either New York and Washington or San Francisco and Los Angeles — apprehensions that are largely irrelevant to 9 of 10 other Americans. Apparently living in an urban, coastal, and largely segregated upscale neighborhood and associating with such a thin slice of like-minded America create such insularity and serial foolishness.

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Van Grungy  – (3:01 PM)  


this is big news..

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:04 PM)  

Thanks VanG. Interesting.

munimula  – (3:06 PM)  

The dystopion picture of Europe that Victors describes has already started here with the eco-Nazi greenbelt surrounding the Golden Horseshoe.

arturous  – (3:26 PM)  

would like to read but the link no work

Revnant Dream  – (4:11 PM)  

He catchs the flavor of the times to well.With the ending of this type of individual goesall hope for others for a better life.
Its all destined to crash.
Unfortunatly for the hunterstheir are much bigger preditors after them.
They just don't see it yet.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:14 PM)  

Yup it addresses the divide.

Genie  – (4:16 PM)  

Personally I am voting for Palin 2012 to undo the damage. Takes brains and independence not the fear of assassination by Israel, who needs that! It's Israel who keeps the world going, after all. Those Jew bankers who keep the world turning!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:19 PM)  

Welcome back Genie, how's the madness thing?

Richard  – (6:29 PM)  

Some good points, but can we call it something other than a "manifesto"?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:47 PM)  

What would you like to call it?

Revnant Dream  – (9:48 PM)  

A New Conservative Attestation

A New Conservative Promulgation

A New Conservative Acclamation

A New Conservative Indictment

A New Conservative Creed

Richard  – (11:44 PM)  

A "policy paper" sounds fine and less Karl Marx

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