Ezra Levant Interviews Ed Morgan On The TDSB Mosqueteria Menses Misogyny

Somethin's cookin...and it ain't Halal.

Thank SDmatt for the vid.

As for that "somethin cookin" details next week. Get to know Ed, you'll be hearing a lot more.

More on the mosqueteria- Canadian Islamist groups praise TDSB for taking a ‘principled’, sharia stand.

dmurrell  – (6:00 PM)  

Breaking News!

Ezra in his intro to Ed Morgan, plugged Blazing Cat Fur, saying your web site has a strange name, but is a good read! Good work!


Ann  – (6:18 PM)  

What dmurrell said great work getting the story out.

Oh yeah, just when the TDSB thought it was safe to call you names! Wham bam here's Ezra.

Poste de veille  – (6:53 PM)  

The video is here. With the name of you blog on the upper left corner of the screen. Congratulations BCF !


Rose  – (7:17 PM)  

Poste thanks for the link, we're no further ahead of the gender apartied issue then we were yesterday. It appears the Mosqueateers are winning the battle, and we gals are sent to the back of the Mosqueateria once again.

Poste de veille  – (7:21 PM)  

Ed Morgan argued that the accommodation is likely in breach of the prohibition of religious indoctrination in public schools. The mosque is in the school premises and children attend the prayer service during school hours. This gives an air of endorsement by the school.

It seems that if a legal challenge is launched against the policy of the school, there are strong arguments allowing the courts to strike it down. This is Supreme Court material anyway.

Let's hope a lawsuit is launched.

Poste de veille  – (7:24 PM)  

The question I would have asked, if I was Ezra, is this one : what if Hindus would use the cafeteria for a hindu ritual and have barriers separating children according to their caste. Upper castes in the front rows, lower castes behind, and the "untouchables" (aka "impure") at the back of the cafeteria ?

Poste de veille  – (7:38 PM)  

It is a good interview. However I think Ezra spent too much time talking about his own saga with the Alberta commission and the HR commissions never going after radical Muslims. I would have enjoyed hearing more from Ed Morgan about the “opt-in” “opt-out” distinction and its impact on the analysis of the compliance of the mosqueteria with the Charter of Rights and the Ontario Education Act.

Poste de veille  – (7:51 PM)  

Note that I had visits from the Quebec Ministry of Education on my posts regarding this matter. Now, I have no means of knowing whether it was by the receptionist or the Minister. Anyway, it's good to know that people in Quebec are showing an interest for this case.

bigcitylib  – (8:00 PM)  

Thank god this interview appeared where nobody will see it!

sanwin  – (8:17 PM)  

Do let us know when your blog is mentioned on TV, you Liberal asshole.

Poste de veille  – (8:27 PM)  

On another topic:

"Over the past decade, Canada has removed between 1,551 and 1,918 criminal immigrants - including suspected war criminals - annually out of an average of 12,000 deportations a year."

12,000 a year ? really ??

Clink  – (8:29 PM)  

BigCitylib and Co. would love this story to go away.

Any sane person should be totally repulsed by what is happening in this school but BigCity uses it to score political points.

No wonder the Libs were blown away last election.

Neelas  – (8:38 PM)  

i wonder if Ed Morgan supports/endorses BCF the same way ezra does...

Neelas  – (8:46 PM)  

I love how Ezra is trying so hard to fish for Ed to agree with his extreme rhetoric... Unfortunately Ed is an academic, and wont use alarmist rhetoric.

Ed has the ability to be fair and explain his point of view as his point of view, unlike Ezra who rants like the homeless guy outside my building

Ann  – (8:49 PM)  

Poste de veille said..."Note that I had visits from the Quebec Ministry of Education on my post"

Does Quebec opt out of "religious accommodation" due to their exclusion re the Charter?

Neelas  – (8:54 PM)  

Ezra also asks if radical muslims are ever prosocuted for hate speech... well it seems this guy is wanted by the rcmp:


Blog Wrath  – (9:01 PM)  

BCF, looks like the desperate lefties are trying to take over the comments.

Melykin  – (9:02 PM)  

Thank god this interview appeared where nobody will see it!

Don't feed the troll.

sanwin  – (9:21 PM)  

Check out this mosque schedule for the downtown Islamic center.


Notice that Friday prayers are held at 12:10 AND 13:10.

And here we were told Allah himself had fixed the timings and mortal man couldn't change them.

One more piece of evidence that the real reason for the mosqueteria was to FORCE the kids to attend prayers, using the TDSB as an accomplice.

sanwin  – (9:23 PM)  

actually this one is better.

They have THREE Friday prayer sessions !


JR  – (9:47 PM)  

Congrats on that plug from Ezra, BCF. You deserve it. Great work!

And I gotta say that Ezra's show is the best one on SNN. He's focused on freedom, fearless and funny. I think he's found his medium.

Poste de veille  – (9:51 PM)  

Does Quebec opt out of "religious accommodation" due to their exclusion re the Charter?

No, we don't. Religious accommodation is a Supreme Court construction. The Quebec HR Commission applies it to the Quebec Charter, and our courts apply it to both the Quebec and the Canadian Charters.

However, our courts (the real courts, not the HR Commission and Tribunal) are less multiculti than the Supreme Court. The kirpan case originated in Quebec. The Superior Court and the Court of Appeal (unanimously) decided that it was unreasonable to accommodate the kirpan in public schools.

The Supreme court decision did not go down well with people in Quebec, who still overwhelmingly believe it is a silly decision.

Personally, I advocate on my blog for the abolition of the duty to accommodate religious beliefs. Let the parties, be they employers, service providers or others, negotiate individual arrangements without the interference by the HR Commission or the courts. Before 1982, I don't believe religious minorities were unduly oppressed or facing the prospect of genocide.

It makes sense to accommodate people with disabilities. Accommodating religious beliefs has the effect of exporting discrimination (as we see with the Valley Park School, and we had our own instances in Quebec, although not in schools) or obscurantist practices (like the kirpan) in public institutions, and to institutionnalize them. I think we should use the notwithstanding clause if necessary.

Poste de veille  – (10:13 PM)  

The laws impose the duty to accommodate up to "undue hardship", having regard to health, safety and cost.

A way to address the problem could be to add criteria to the "undue hardship" clause, i.e. "having regard to health, safety, cost, and the equality of men and women".

Ann  – (10:52 PM)  

Poste de veille said... "I think we should use the notwithstanding clause if necessary."

Thanks for the information re Quebec.
I'm curious about your post invoking the "notwithstanding". Just a sidebar the gender equality section 15 starts:

" 28. Notwithstanding anything in this Charter, the rights and freedoms referred to in it are guaranteed equally to male and female persons."

Interesting how that has been mentioned in the religious accommodation.

Osumashi Kinyobe  – (11:16 PM)  

Oh the fame!

Some people are jealous, I see.

Professor Morgan stated the law. I argue that it doesn't matter as no one seems to want to enforce existing law or even human decency.

Just my quick thoughts.

Poste de veille  – (11:23 PM)  

A religious accommodation may conflict with the right to equality under sections 15 and 28. There is a conflict of rights when girls are treated as second class citizens by their religion. My understanding is that the Valley Park School has resolved the conflict by deciding that the accommodation of religious beliefs prevails over the right to equality.

It is easier to grasp the notion of conflict of rights when two individuals are involved. For example, we had the case in Quebec of orthodox Jews not wanting to pass their driving exams with a female examiner (a provincial employee). Accommodating the religious beliefs of the client violated the right to equality of the female civil servant. But thee Quebec HR Commission determined that it was a reasonable accommodation, and following a public outcry, the Quebec Charter was amended to incorporate a section equivalent to Section 28.

However when only one person is involved, the courts could resolve the conflict of rights otherwise. For example, if a Muslim woman claims a religious accommodation that is discriminatory towards women, the courts are likely to determine that religious accommodation prevails over the right to equality. I guess a woman can waive her right to equality. But can a school do it for minors? Can parents waive a fundamental right of their daughter?

This case raises so many issues.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:37 PM)  

Neelas Chris Bentley the gutless Attorney General let Salman Hossain off the hook the 1st time around and then again the 2nd by delaying charges so long the twisted little Islamist fled the country because he is beholden to his muslim voters.

Furthermore Neelas Ezra spoke specifically about the Human Rights Commissions daring to prosecute hate filled muslims, he wasn't referring to muslims charged by the police for either hate speech or the terrorist activities they enjoy to engage in.

Oh and trust me Neelas, Ed is livid about the Mosqueteria.

BCL is worth no one's time Sanwin pay him no attention.

Brett_McS  – (11:59 PM)  

Big reps on the shout out!

noel  – (12:30 AM)  

We've just watched "The Source" with Ezra. As much as the display of "ritual purity" disgusts, the silence of the common, loony left demonstrates their screwed-up ideology yet again.

Vestiges of ancient "ritual purity" ideas are evident in many modern religions, including Christianity. However, open discussions are often internally discouraged. Sometimes "traditional" can't quite stomach all the "traditional".

What religions practise, however appalling to present-day sensibilities, should not hide the fact that the TDSB is terrorizing our Democracy. They are the culprits.

The home-owner who welcomes a home-wrecker in the front door should not blame the home-wrecker for the shreds of his home.

been around the block  – (1:20 AM)  

At 4:55 most evenings I turn to my husband and say, "It's Ezra Time!"

'So glad to hear him give a shout out to Blazing Cat Fur: united we stand!

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:29 AM)  

We will need all of us united soon to fight the TDSB, details will follow as they say.

Poste de veille  – (1:52 AM)  

I just read the statements by CAIR-CAN and other islamist groups. Not a single word about sections 15 and 28.

This is really religious accommodation on the sharia-compliance highway.

Accommodation is supposed to be an exception to the general rule, on an individual basis. In the present case, the general rule provides that public schools are secular. When more than 93% (if I am correct, this is the proportion of Muslim students in the school) of the pupils fall under the exception, it means the rule has been set aside, the exception has become the rule. The school is not secular anymore, it is a religious school. The fundamental character of the school has been changed. This is deeply flawed.

N  – (1:58 AM)  

The last place those fat-assed Muslim girls should be praying is in a cafeteria.

KURSK  – (2:11 AM)  

N: Marxist agitator?

N  – (2:23 AM)  

No. I am just a tad bit concerned that there will be no food left in the cafeteria for anyone else once this bunch has been satiated with the Peace and Love Muhammad.

Poste de veille  – (2:28 AM)  

How can parents claim an accommodation that is degrading for their daughters, and how can a public school accept to become complicit in the degrading treatment of minor girls. This is outrageous.

N  – (2:29 AM)  

Bending over and groveling is good exercise. I would suggest that they only be allowed to use the cafeteria during Ramadan.

Ann  – (8:32 AM)  

I just had another look at "the photo" it just isn't the girls at the back of the room, it is the female adult as well. This should give pause to the TDSB - on the tax payer's dime they have allowed adults to be separated into superior and inferior positions. All females in the publicly funded school board should be furious that the TDSB allowed for this gender apartheid.

It just occurred to me, if the Minister of Education, a female decided to visit this public school mosque, she would have to enter through the back and stay in the back behind the little boys. She would have to cover her head and arms and remove her shoes and take her place in the Sharia compliant female gulag. Would anyone ask her if she was on her period so as to make sure she was with the rest of the unclean?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:50 AM)  

Those are good questions Ann.

Rose  – (9:20 AM)  

This fight is bigger than just Toronto, how many other Mosqueterias are operating under the radar across Canada thanks to the progressive women hating left?

The logic they use to obsolve themselves of criminality via violating the law of the land leaves me shaking my head. They assert somethin akin to: We're not indoctornating the kids we bring someone in to do it for us thus we're not violating the law. Then they say somethin akin to: We're not providing an op-out clause we're doing the oppositie we're enforcing an op-in clause using the power of the state to force those students into the Mosqueteria. They've turned the law upside down to justify what they're doing, it reeks of HRC's logic or lack there of.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:30 AM)  

This is much larger than we know currently Rose I agree.

noel  – (9:47 AM)  

Mosqueteria is a lethal disease carried by mosquetoes.

Shots against the TDSB strain should be mandatory for the health of our children.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:52 AM)  

You're absolutely right Rev, children need to be protected from institutional race hatred and discrimination as espoused by the TDSB.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:07 AM)  

You're absolutely right Ann the TDSB is denying complicity and responsibility.

Ann  – (10:08 AM)  

Rose said: "They assert somethin akin to: We're not indoctornating the kids we bring someone in to do it for us"

It would seem the TDSB have outsourced the job of getting misogyny into a public institution. I don't know why but this very much reminds me of the controversy surrounding the funding of the Pride parade because of QuAIA. Pride tried to argue that they were not responsible but it was after all their parade being undermined by QuAIA. Would Pride have been asked to accommodate a religious group that was against gender equality if they had wanted to be in the parade. We know that gender equality rights were ranked higher than one cultural group that had to fight tooth and nail to stop the hateful QuAIA messaging. Oddly enough, Toronto city politicians, and mgrs that supported the parade said QuAIA 's messaging did not violate their HR policy. Are we not seeing the same position and posturing at the TDSB.

munimula  – (10:21 AM)  

Welcome to the new Canada where females are considered dirty filthy and najis and they need to be singled out and isolated.

Ann  – (10:25 AM)  

Both the City's position about QuAIA's hate messaging and now the TDSB claim that they are not in violation of the OHRC, but the OHRT has not had to hear one single complaint and thus make a ruling. Many might wonder if there was some pressure applied to avoid either the city and the TDSB from filing complaints. Interesting how dissenting points of views within these public institutions have been silenced. Many might also make the casual observation that both the City and the TDSB have something in common the influence of another public institution's radical agenda found at a certain faculty at OSIE.

Poste de veille  – (10:26 AM)  

Has any politician of Ontario reacted on this issue? Did the Minister of Education react?

I can tell you that in Quebec, this would be a big thing and the Minister of Education and the Prime minister would be on the spot. And the Quebec Council on the Status of Women would take a strong stance in favor of the girls.

We had a much smaller case of religious accommodation prevailing over gender equality, blessed by the Quebec HR Commission, and the reaction was so strong that the Quebec Charter was amended to incorporate s. 50.1 (equivalent to s. 28 of the Canadian charter). The Quebec Charter is not like the HR Code of other provinces. It is a Charter, the equivalent of a constitutional document, and you don't re-open it lightly.

If section 28 does not prevent the degrading treament of girls in public schools, it may mean that our section 50.1 is vulnerable. This is why I am very much interested in this Ontario case.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:33 AM)  

I've recorded visits from the Ontario Legislature but no official reaction beyond a few gutless politicians abrogating responsibilty who were quoted basically saying it's not in our hands! Politicians aren't responsible to fix this!

Ann  – (10:46 AM)  

BCF -"Politicians aren't responsible to fix this!"

Well if that is their position, then Premier Dalton McGuinty who said he wanted to be known as the Education Premier will be known as the Education Premier who allowed for the introduction and institutional practice of female apartheid in publicly funded secular schools in Ontario. My that is quite a legacy to be proud of of Premier McGuinty.

Poste de veille  – (10:54 AM)  

Well, I see a major difference between Quebec and Ontario here. Quebec may vote NDP at federal elections, but out conception of society is that the National Assembly should rule, not the HR Commission or the courts. Hence the amendement to the Quebec Charter to overrule prior decisions of the HR Commission and to provide clear guidance to the courts for the future.

The same belief in the sovereignity of the people was manifest after an incident involving three Sikhs denied entry to the National Assembly with their kirpan. They complained of discriminatory treatment. But the National Assembly adopted a unanimous resolution stating in strong terms that no kirpan is allowed inside the building of the National Assembly. This is the Will of the People.

Poste de veille  – (11:18 AM)  

I am on the huge mail-list of Andre Drouin, one of the co-authors of the Herouxville Code. The mail-list includes many Quebec MPs.

Here is his last mail. I just received it:

"One of my favourite blogs is called Blazing Cat Fur . . . and that's where you really get the news about what's going on, for example, at the Valley Park Middle School in Toronto." (Ezra Levant)


Rose  – (11:25 AM)  

Ann' what the TDSB seems to be doing is using OHRC logic to absolve themselves of any lawful responsibility? We need to access any dialogue between the boards and the OHRC via freedom the of information act. That Mosque isn't a random act it took time and careful secret planning, around the time they were cooking this up the debate over the board authorizing an all "Black school" was taking place and yet not even a whiff of the Mosqueteria being approved appeared in public. They, my opinion, are in panic mode and they've all closed ranks to protect Imam Dalton. Not one peep from the Premier, the person who's in charge of education, and with an election coming up they'll try and bury this story as deep as their moral compasses.

On a side note that Mosqueteria is viewed as a Mosque, a place of Islamic conquest the parishners aren't going to give it up without an ugly fight. Political Islam has won the battle via invading our public secular spaces using our laws in a roundabout way.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:26 AM)  

The difference Poste is that our HRC's and our government forced the lie of multiculturalism on the ROC, Quebec was smart enough to shield their culture. The rest of us have seen our culture undermined and debased by our instititions in the name of moral and cultural relativism and all the attendant horrors associated with its marxist politically correct world view.

sanwin  – (11:30 AM)  

I'm planning to file a FOI request with the Ministry of Education asking to know :

How many schools enforce religious dietary restricitions in the cafteteria - specifically halal.

How are these restrictions imposed - ie - is no non-halal food available on the menu or have all students been advised NOT to bring in non halal products

How many public schools allow group prayer requests during school hours and using school premises.

Who supervises these services (I have one student on record stating that the Vice Principal supervises their prayer sessions).

What happens to students not attending the prayer sessions during this time.

How do the students making up the lost time.

I`d welcome any suggestions.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:32 AM)  

That's very wise Sanwin we also need to file FOI requests directly with the TDSB regarding their reactions to the publicity/exposure of their demented race hatred.

sanwin  – (11:42 AM)  

I was thinking of the TDSB but realized that the rot goes deeper all over Ontario. On that petition site I saw people from London and Windsor claiming the same thing was happening at their school.

Wouldn`t writing to the Ministry include all of them

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:49 AM)  

I assume so Sanwin but my focus would be on internally generated TDSB documentation i.e. the TDSB's own reactions on how they hope to spin this etc.

been around the block  – (11:58 AM)  

The underlying tragedy here, if you will, is the en masse desertion of the faith of our fathers and mothers, beginning in the '60s.

If most Canadians, which was the case in the '50s and early '60s, still worshiped in Christian churches, there's no way the marauding Muslims could have infiltrated our immigration system and every "multicultural," public institution in the country. There's no way "multiculturalism" could have been foisted on the unsuspecting Canadian public because we wouldn't be unsuspecting.

It's the Christians in Europe in the Middle Ages who kept watchmen on the watchtowers and who, for the most part, prevented the takeover of the West by the Muslim hordes.

Read George Weigel's The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God, that is without the Christian God.

Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God. Ours is a triune, majestic, exacting, but compassionate, loving, and merciful God, whereas the Muslim's is vengeful, vindictive, and violent. Our God woos unbelievers, whereas theirs overpowers, bludgeons, beheads, and coerces unbelievers.

This latest Mosqueteria outrage is not an unintended consequence, it's a logical consequence of our having, full-scale, turned our backs on the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of those upon whose shoulders we stand and who founded our country upon the laws of the God they worshiped.

... if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:03 PM)  

I agree BatB the desecration, demonization, banishment and near criminalization of faith and the faithful was all part of the plan by our secular elites.

been around the block  – (12:05 PM)  

re sanwin's FOI requests: Are there any lawyers or savvy readers of BCF to advise commenters here what is the best and most effective way of protesting this travesty?

Many people would like to voice their concerns but there are effective ways of doing this and ineffective ways -- and most people have no idea what makes the difference.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (12:09 PM)  

Sit tight BatB, something is in the works but I am not at liberty to reveal just what, when the time comes we will all be able to play a part. I'd uh keep an eye on Ed though, being a constitutional lawyer and all, it's doubtful he would elect to organize street demo's...

Ann  – (12:12 PM)  

Rose "We need to access any dialogue between the boards and the OHRC via freedom the of information act."

I agree. It would seem that the HRC would have been in consultation with the Ministry of Education shortly after the Liberal came to power after defeating Ernie Eaves. They had to find a way as you said to move this alone without raising suspicions. When the MoE introduced their diversity policy publicly they did not give an example of what that might mean, but rather made a moral and values argument and we now know why. Doesn't kind of remind you as to how McGuinty quietly used the war time legislation which was not published in the usual venue. How did the Ombudsman put it, the govt changed the rules but didn't tell anyone and we know how that worked out.

Also what about lodging a complaint with the Ontario Ombudsman requesting an investigation?

been around the block  – (12:19 PM)  

So, 'sitting tight, BCF, with eyes and ears open!

Revnant Dream  – (2:06 PM)  

You can sure tell it still stings Ezra the rank persecution poured on him. I don't blame him in the least. I am amazed every time I see a clip like this & think its made in Canada. Thank God for Ezra with his compatrots at Sun news.
This Nation is getting a good dose of relity. Finnaly!!!!
If Conthe Conservatives really want to keep power they should do as Ezra does , keep an eye on Sun news & the blogs. To stay real in an Ottawa divorced from any Canadian reality. Ezra has become a Canadian National treasure. Don't expect an order of Canada to him though. Truth tellers are never appreciated, only the quiet sell outs, or politicaly correct robots.

been around the block  – (2:48 PM)  

Re Ezra, Rev. Dream: A prophet is always without honour in his own country. Another way of putting it is, no good deed goes unpunished.

Ezra's a talking-machine, intent on mowing down the duplicitous and the mendacious. No wonder he's got enemies.

1389  – (6:42 PM)  

On a closely related topic...

A commenter HERE tells me that halal food is being served in the cafeteria, despite some objections.

Halal food in taxpayer-supported facilities is another thing that needs to STOP.

sanwin  – (8:42 PM)  


A pagefull of interesting letter at the Toronto Star & Crescent.


Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:59 PM)  

I saw that Sanwin will post tomorrow just back in.

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