Mark Steyn on the TDSB Mosqueteria: How Unclean Was My Valley

"It’s the scene every Friday at the cafeteria of Valley Park Middle School in Toronto. That’s not a private academy, it’s a public school funded by taxpayers.

And yet, oddly enough, what’s going on is a prayer service – oh, relax, it’s not Anglican or anything improper like that; it’s Muslim Friday prayers, and the Toronto District School Board says don’t worry, it’s just for convenience: They put the cafeteria at the local imams’ disposal because otherwise the kids would have to troop off to the local mosque and then they’d be late for Lesbian History class or whatever subject is scheduled for Friday afternoon. "

The TDSB says they received no complaints until "the derangement arrangement" was highlighted by a "Right Wing" internet blogger!

No place for prayers in school

"...And, finally and perhaps most distressingly, the message it sends to Islamists who brook no division between mosque and state, who believe that the two are in fact inextricable, and who cannot help but see our accommodation of their religious needs as rank dhimmitude, the posture of supine submission that non-Muslims assume when they have been well and truly humbled.

Such messaging should have raised a loud alarm at the Toronto District School Board. That it hasn't shows how inattentive -no, how stone cold deaf -the TDSB really is."

Scaramouche has more on a clueless apologist for TDSB Dhimmitude.

John Robson on the TDSB Mosqueteria Menses Misogyny h/t Sdmatt

Kit  – (8:07 AM)  

It is a peretual mystery to me how Leftists can maintain the double think that religion = evil when it consists of reciting the Lords prayer, but is an exprsssion of rich cultural diversity and tolerance when it consists of segregating boys and girls and imparting messages of hatred and intolerance.

Of course, being a right winger I understand the truth, that Leftism is simply disguised hatred of Western civilisation, but most Leftists must live with a huge degree of interal contradictions. No wonder so many of them are unstable neurotics with difficulties dealing with objective facts.

dmurrell  – (8:18 AM)  

Are you a right-wing blogger? I didn't realize that.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:28 AM)  

It just shows how morally decrepit most of the Left is Kit.

I guess I am David, oh the Shame!

Ann  – (9:00 AM)  

BCF "...I am hearing rumours of a Brampton, Peel Regional school that has installed Wudu washing facilities"

What is a Wudu washing Facility? Would this be like a washroom and or cubicle for the disabled and would it have signage as such? Can non Muslim girls use the facility?

Rose  – (10:41 AM)  

The Slime Stream media is avoiding this story like the plague, they're trying to tart it up as a spiritual issue when it's not about that atall it's about Islamic supremacism being granted to Muslims in secular schools. Who amongst us believes that those students don't view the Mosqueteria as a place of absolute worship?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (10:57 AM)  

That Wudu that they do is not for you know who Ann;)

A lot is bubbling behind the scenes guys, I have just heard some very encouraging news. More later when I can publish.

This fight ain't over it's just begining.

Ann  – (11:49 AM)  

BCF - "That Wudu that they do"

I think Mel Brooke has prophetic powers....I'm just sayin

1389  – (12:30 PM)  

I STILL want to know:

Is halal food being served in the school cafeteria?

If so, then everyone's tax dollars are subsidizing it, and non-Muslim students are paying for it and eating it.

truepeers  – (1:11 PM)  

"Fight/kill the infidels/rightwingers wherever you find them" (Koran 9:5/OISE 101) - it's no wonder the parties can relate. The "secular" is just another form of the sacred; and as such it has to be fought over. There are actually two religions that are encouraged in Toronto public schools because they share a common enemy and sacrificial attention. Enough of this "i'm shocked that more feminists aren't speaking out!". If you don't know the dominant form of the sacred by now, you shouldn't be pontificating on tv.

Rose  – (3:20 PM)  

The only way to shut down the Mosques in public schools is to sue the crap out of the OHRC who assert that religious accommadations must be made, and add the Tarrana School board onto the suit as co-defendant. The Wahhabists are not the least bit detered, look at how silent the official Muslim Organizations have been??

Revnant Dream  – (6:21 PM)  

I wonder who is that masked "Right Wing" internet blogger!
With his Genie wife, & bacon bullits?

Revnant Dream  – (6:40 PM)  

PS Steyn gets it right again. Who neds omens when you have a seer.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:56 PM)  

Yup a great column by Steyn.

West World  – (1:49 AM)


Your lovely wife gets a mention on Bolt, and has made a comment! Well done!

ned kelly –   – (6:01 AM)  

The whole world is turning to satan worship  beads and meaningless  prayers and violence to any that disagree.

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