Raheel Raza To Speak At Toronto District School Board Protest Against Muslim Prayers In Public Schools - Monday August 8 6:30 pm

Update: Protestors of Muslim prayer in secular public schools - don’t be swayed by this false argument

Raheel Raza of the Muslim Canadian Congress will speak against Islamic Prayers in Schools and Gender Apartheid in Canada at the 2nd public protest against the Toronto District School Board's misguided policy on Monday, August 8  6:30 pm

Dear Friends,

The next public protest in front of the Toronto District School Board's headquarters is scheduled for Monday August 8, 2011 at 6:30 pm., over Muslim prayers taking place in a Toronto school. Please pass this on to as many supporters as you can. Look forward to seeing you there.

Location: Toronto District School Board headquarters 5050 Yonge Street
Date: Monday, August 08, 2011
Time:6:30 PM

This protest is organized by the Christian Heritage Party, the Jewish Defense League, Canadian Hindu Advocacy, Costa Christian Mission & the Sentinel Post Christian Mission.

Bigcitylib StrikesBack  – (6:27 AM)  

Maybe Ron can scare up a 3rd hindi.

Anonymous –   – (11:25 AM)  

3rd Hindi ?

You mean a third version of the language.

Idiot, you don't even know the difference between a Hindu and Hindi.

Better stick to trolling friendly sites you moron.

Ann –   – (12:57 PM)  

I think Raheel Raza is great! You've got my respect and support.

Go Raheel Go  

dogwonder –   – (3:06 PM)  

Awesome news, hopefully the MSM won't continue to ignore this story? Oh who am I kidding?

Bob Almighty –   – (3:45 PM)  

Wonderful news!  Maybe we can generate some inter-faith harmony based on COMMON SENSE.

sanwin –   – (3:56 PM)  

It's important that we keep this issue in the limelight or it will business as usual at the TDSB.

batb –   – (6:34 PM)  

Unfortunately, a whole lot of people who'd really like to be at this protest won't be there, because they work for the TDSB, which, as most union shops are, can be very vindictive if their employees use their freedom of expression and freedom of association "rights."

Do you think some of the teachers could show up with their faces covered, like the Muslim women often do? Would that work?

Dinos –   – (7:43 PM)  

BAN THE BURKA!!!! No Compromise with Islamists!

Blazingcatfur –   – (8:08 PM)  

This is true.

Blazingcatfur –   – (8:16 PM)  

Hell I don't care if they wear it. Just don't expect to acces government services etc veiled.

Dmurrell –   – (7:35 AM)  

If I lived in the TO vicinity, I would be there. People MUST attend these demos.  The organizers must try to contact the media -- MSM and others -- to document what happens.

Dogwonder: I agree that most of  the pro-Islamist MSM will continue to boycott the story. But some won't, and this is why we rely on the non-conventional media like BCF and YouTube to get the message out. More and more people are turning to the non-MSM,  since it is these media that support human rights and truth-in-journalisn.

Blazingcatfur –   – (8:09 AM)  

We will be there.

JustMe –   – (9:56 AM)  

Sour grapes here - these protests are a start but almost too little too late. Is there any way to organize this kind of protest "city-wide" as I bet there other public schoools in Toronto allowing special previleges for Muslim students. What about the 14 schools in Ottawa allowing similar accommodations. Education is under "provincial jurisdiction" so what about organizing a huge protest at Queen's Park? I would bet that Ontario isn't the only province that this is going on in schools across Canada. Of course, I am blaming it all on Quebec with their nonsense of starting all this kind of special recognition with their demands for their French schools!  :)

dogwonder –   – (11:26 AM)  

I wish I could attend but I do not live in Ontariostan where Sharia Law is enforced by the GTA school boards.

April Eyes –   – (12:23 PM)  

i wonder if this will get cancelled due to the rain

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