Michael Coren Interviews Pamela Geller - Islamophobia Is A Lie

Michael Coren Interviews Pamela Geller - Islamophobia is a thought exterminating device designed to enforce sharia.

MuniMuIa –   – (9:13 PM)  

Good segment.  One of the things I like about Sun TV is they give their guests lots of time to speak.  And nobody can cram as much info into a small space as her.  She's a hero of freedom.

Blazingcatfur –   – (9:17 PM)  

It was a very good segment.

JR –   – (9:59 PM)  

Geller rocks! The Conservative and Wildrose 'free speech' backpeddlers need to watch this.

Ann –   – (9:59 PM)  

Islamophobia came from where?

"In another article concerning the many moderate Muslims whose voices have been drowned out by Saudi-financed Muslim Brotherhood front groups, Muhammad describes the strategy behind the word's invention:In an effort to silence critics of political Islam, advocates needed to come up with terminology that would enable them to portray themselves as victims. Muhammad said he was present when his then-allies, meeting at the offices of the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Northern Virginia years ago, coined the term "Islamophobia."
Muhammad said the Islamists decided to emulate the homosexual activists who used the term "homophobia" to silence critics. He said the group meeting at IIIT saw "Islamophobia" as a way to "beat up their critics."Really imagine that scene: a bunch of Islamists admiring how astutely the queers--people who in their ideal world would be served with the lash or hanged--had portrayed their critics as mentally disturbed. Brilliant. Let's take a leaf from them and then kill them." http://ricochet.com/main-feed/Moderate-Muslim-Watch-How-the-Term-Islamophobia-Got-Shoved-Down-Your-Throat

Blazingcatfur –   – (10:33 PM)  

They have adopted those tactics, no question. Thanks for that link Ann.

Blazingcatfur –   – (10:33 PM)  

If only!

NikitaAnne –   – (11:06 PM)  

I have the utmost respect for Pamela, and I urge everyone who values
their diminishing freedoms to read her book!   Support her supporting
the West. 

Blazingcatfur –   – (11:10 PM)  

Sounds like a plan.

Osumashi Kinyobe  – (11:25 PM)  

Call Islamophobia what it is- a ploy designed to silence critics of Islamism.

The left have used this sort of thing in a number of ways.

Blazingcatfur –   – (11:27 PM)  

A favourite weapon, they scream racist before you've uttered a word.

JustMe –   – (11:43 PM)  

I have been reading Geller's blog Atlas Shrugs for a few years now and it is one of the best I think. She backs up her writing with facts and actually owns up to mistakes if she reports something that turns out to be incorrect. She is a true American patriot and Canadians should take note of her and stand up for our own country more. Big credits to Sun TV for having her on as a guest and I hope they keep bringing her back as we need to hear more from her. She is very articulate and knows her topics well.

NikitaAnne –   – (12:10 AM)  

I couldn't agree more!  My daily read list includes Atlas Shrugs, Blazing Cat Fur, Bare Naked Islam, and Jihad Watch.  True freedom fighters and friends of Pamela Geller!   On a sour note I find it extremely disturbing how the mainstream media whitewashes/ignores reality in favor of political correctness.  

Canuckistan666 –   – (12:28 AM)  

I love Pamela Gellar.  Wow, every word was ripe with meaning.  She and Robert Spencer make a formidable team. 

Thosder –   – (3:15 AM)  

How could you miss Gates-of-Vienna? Shame shame! ;-p

Revnant Dream –   – (4:01 AM)  

Pamela Gellar is a real American patriot. Shrewd & formidable.
She is exactly what she says. A champion for the individual. Its why she is reviled by the Collectivists. I have gone to her blog for years now. 
The filth said about her just proves her bonifides in my opinion. The left & Islamics hate her with a passion. She exposes their games of totalitarianism.
The hypocrisy so rampant,  with the usual name calling. For that she is called every name under the sun.
Glad to see her in a forum that is fair, not the usual hostile leftist Turkey shoot.
Whats best though is she is a mover & shaker. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty on the ground, or back away from a fight.

Natasha –   – (12:10 PM)  

Jonathan Kay (@jonkay on Twitter) had this to say: "Why is Michael Coren, whom I respect, giving Sun News air time to batcrap Islamophobe/Birther Pamela Geller?"

He refuses to answer my reply to him. So I tweeted again: "The fairytale term "Islamophobia" has been crammed down our throats to shut us up, so@jonkay wants to shut up the person pointing this out."

I'm really starting to intensely dislike that man.

Natasha –   – (12:15 PM)  

That a-hole pissed me off so I retweeted your post.

Blazingcatfur –   – (12:24 PM)  

Sheesh I don't know what to say.

Blazingcatfur –   – (12:27 PM)  

Good for you I can't access twitter where I am, ratz.

Morticiaaddams –   – (12:42 PM)  

Pamela the magnificent.... did she manage to stop the mosque at ground zero?  Amazing, brilliant, just got her book, yikes where are these Canadian heros, the only thing that even comes close here is Kathy or Raza, but
We need more people like Pamela in Canada and a greater voice for them, thanks to Sun TV for giving these outspoken women a platform

Natasha –   – (12:46 PM)  

Kay is going on about us "lionizing Geller for her hate" - blah, blah, blah

I told him since he's the one demonizing her, he should provide examples of this so-called hate with links.

My blood pressure is really starting to go up now...

Natasha –   – (12:56 PM)  

To quote RS McCain: "If Pamela Geller says you’ve got a dhimmi problem, you’ve probably got a dhimmi problem." (http://theothermccain.com/2011/08/28/catastrophic-damage/)

Blazingcatfur –   – (12:57 PM)  

Good Lord, I'm almost glad I can't read it.

Canuckistan666 –   – (1:03 PM)  

I've lost 2 friends and alienated a young family member (totally brainwashed by the left, hopefully s(h)e will grow out of it) since I started speaking out against the muslim prayers in public schools and mentioning about the slaughter of my hindu relatives in india.  They 'liked' me as a quiet, meditating, vegie hindu who didn't rock their leftie boat.

 i've been called racist, etc. as well.  this was distressing to me and this is what the wonderful Ms. Gellar emailed me to comfort me:

" Ignore the name calling. This is the information battle-space and that is a tactic of war. Do not be shouted down or smeared into silence. You are on the side of what is good and righteous. The animus you experience is the hatred of the good for being the good"

Damn straight.  Pamela Gellar has been so villified by the left and she understands where it is coming from.  I'm inspired by her strength.

If you have made some enemies in your life, that means you've actually stood up for something.

Blazingcatfur –   – (1:14 PM)  

Well said.

Natasha –   – (1:49 PM)  

Yes, very well said. I agree that Pamela is very inspiring.

Ann –   – (2:22 PM)  

I'd like to add Salim Mansur, he for sure is both  a Canadian Hero and my hero - swoon because he had stood up and continues to define the struggle we find ourselves smack in the middle of these days trying to hold on to our individual rights and freedoms against the collectivists. 

Ann –   – (2:25 PM)  

LOL he's trying to stay relevant.

Dodoforever Canspell –   – (3:12 PM)  

Pam Geller has always been one of my favorite bloggers since the time I discovered her blog a few years ago.  As for that Jonathan Kay character from National Post,  ridiculing her and anyone who reads her,  he is quite the misogynist.  There have been remarks he has made on a Steve Paikin show about Sarah Palin too that go a long mile to show that this guy has some unresolved problems not acknowledge by him or people around him.
I don't  ever read or watch the man.  Too many nuts and not enough time in a day to waste even a second on such.

Natasha –   – (3:35 PM)  

You and Ann (above) are both right. I'll try to let my anger for the jerk go and just ignore him from now on.

Adam –   – (3:53 PM)  

Pamela also claimed Barack Obama is the love child of Malcolm X. Crazy!

Ann –   – (4:32 PM)  

Dodoforever Canspell and @577db55669f3db4d9147f2db4d3999c4 

Jonathan Kay has been rather quirky. His opinion pieces are all over the map these days and the writing swings are not subtle. Maybe it has to do with getting more eyeballs on the website.

James –   – (5:53 PM)  

lol how can anyone know anything for sure when all his documentation is sealed. Oh, and by the way ,only a person with a dubious past hides behind sealed records.

Blazingcatfur –   – (6:19 PM)  

Good point.

NikitaAnne –   – (6:41 PM)  

Thanks Thosder, I will add it to my list of daily must-reads :)  

NikitaAnne –   – (6:47 PM)  

I agree, very well said.  

Zilla of the Resistance  – (2:49 PM)  

You Canadians have Blazing Cat Fur, and you're damned lucky to have him! 

Alyn21 –   – (12:23 PM)  

Looking at the mediocre choices for the Republican nomination it occurs to me that the GOP is missing out on the obvious choice.
How about Pamela Geller for President.
If an ex movie star like Ronald Reagan can be a success then why not 
someone  like her who  understands what is going on in the world right now  and is not afraid to say it.
A Pamela Geller presidential win would certainly put the muslim world on notice that America is not going to take anymore crap.
And it would drive the lefties nuts!!!

Blazingcatfur –   – (1:38 PM)  

That would be hilarious;)

Anonymous –   – (1:25 PM)  

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