I'm providing the Luftwaffe coordinates for the TDSB...German school wins court backing for Muslim prayer ban

"Tilman Nagel, an expert in Islam who appeared as a witness at an earlier court hearing, said that postponing midday prayers was acceptable if there was a good reason.

He also argued that the Islamic ritual of praying undertaken with other people was very different to the Christian private act of praying, and was thus disruptive in a public space."


In other new's TIFF honours a child rapist with a film retrospective

The genteel sport of Cage Fighting get's a Black Eye

Anne_from_Victoria –   – (3:39 PM)  

ALL RIGHT!   Someone stands up to these twits.    Too bad it is not in Canada though.  I don't think Germany has got so bad they have idiotic sayings like "Diversity is our strenghth."   They are trying to stop from thinking about it, hence would not draw attention with such a dumb campaign.  But I suspect the foreign born population of Toronto is very large.  Any ideas?

Blazingcatfur –   – (3:41 PM)  

Keep screamin like a banshee;)

Poste_de_veille –   – (5:34 PM)  

Why is there no legal challenge of the mosqueteria before a court of law ? There are a number of good arguments to challenge this unreasonable "accommodation". In my view, this is not even an "accommodation" but a transformation of the status of the school from secular to religious. 

Blazingcatfur –   – (6:27 PM)  

Yes there are, but difficulties arose, parents were afraid to sign on to the case.

Van Grungy –   – (7:31 PM)  

Jeeze, I can't imagine why parents in the local district would want to avoid challenging muslims.. 

Anne_from_Victoria –   – (9:13 PM)  

Yes, it is odd.   They would be going nuts if it was something associated with Christianity.  I wonder, I wonder...

Bob Almighty –   – (11:34 PM)  

It starts with "In" and ends with "timidation" I bet. Wow! This is scary stuff if it gets much worse.

Bob Almighty –   – (11:35 PM)  

It's not over yet.

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