The Saturday Hunter

The Saturday Hunter

Iranian film The Saturday Hunter depicts radical Judaism – At a round table discussion that took place in Fars news agency on the Iranian film The Saturday Hunter, film producer Mohammad Ghahremani emphasized that the purpose of the film is to depict extremism in Judaism, just as there are deviant, false and extremist streams such as Al Qaida and Taliban in Islam. The film was screened at four movie theaters in Tehran and at several others across Iran. The film will be screened in several Arab and Islamic countries such as Lebanon. According to Ghahremani, several red lines and limits were crossed, and some people involved in the film feared participation and involvement, citing fear of ‘something happening to them’ as a result of the film.

In light of the content of the film, some friends even warned him he would be assassinated, but he stressed that he was willing to die a martyr’s death. Later on, Ghahremani claimed that the film was sent by e-mail and to special sites for all foreign festivals, but due to heavy pressure by the Zionist lobby, they received no response from any country. He added that the film was created to defend the values of the Islamic Revolution and that the viewing audience must be expanded both inside Iran and overseas. The purpose of the film is to present “the Jewish Talibanism currently controlling the world.” The concluding scene of the film predicts the destruction of the Zionist regime.


Revnant Dream –   – (9:08 PM)  

Muslim hate never stops, never takes a break. The Jews I might add , have found a vaccine for cancer. Maybe thats a conspiracy also.
I figure Islam should have a fatwa against using it. Particularly their leaders.


Breakthrough: Israel Develops Cancer Vaccine

Blazingcatfur –   – (9:12 PM)  

A wonderful development, still in trials however, six years away from public approval, lets hope all goes well. 

Bilbo Bloggs –   – (2:56 AM)  

is that mel brooks in the picture!?

Dmurrell –   – (5:43 AM)  

I'm worried that the CBC will show the film as CBC-doc on their News Network channel.

Hannita –   – (8:05 AM)  

Pure garbage!

Blazingcatfur –   – (9:04 AM)  

I'll take that as a nay vote.

Alain –   – (2:42 PM)  

Were there the least bit of truth here, Israel would have long ago annexed every bit of land won legally during wars with the Arabs including Sinai, would have deported every Arab living there and would have annihilated those who attacked them each and every time.  Last of all there would be no American Jews voting Democrat, no Canadian Jews voting NDP or Liberal, no Jewish organisations reaching out to their enemies, much less siding with their enemies.  Ah, if only.....

Blazingcatfur –   – (3:58 PM)  

As I always say...while you're dreamin you may as well ask for a Pony.

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