Why Am I not Surprised? "Interfaith Dialogue" Is This Jerks Specialty

This guy must be some sort of Diploma Mill Rabbi. He claims Tim Tebow fans are likely to attack mosques. We'll talk about with ya at the next Mosque Burning.

h/t FF

Daniel9vs2 –   – (12:18 PM)  

contraversy sells..  imagine his diet book

NorthernThoughts  – (1:53 PM)  

The real story here is Bob Beckel's reaction to this lunatic rabbi. He lays him out for his bigotry towards Christians, calling him a coward for removing the offending paragraph after being call on it. One of the few moments wee see Bob agreeing with the rest of the panel, especially lately.

Being one of Mark Levin's listeners, I have heard a lot about Bob Beckel, both good and bad. A very nice guy with a serious left-wing tilt. For him to tear out this rabbi the way he did, it shows that not even normally sympathetic pundits will put up with this offensive garbage.

Blazingcatfur –   – (2:06 PM)  

It was one of the more lunatic comments I have heard in a long while. Good for Beckel he is an unrepentant lefty.

Clausewitz –   – (5:01 PM)  

I think the fat pantload on the 5 is there  to show how stupid liberals and progressives can be.  He makes about as much sense as MSNBC's Shultz.

Can't say I've ever heard him say anything that I would ever agree with.

Blazingcatfur –   – (5:16 PM)  

I have seen him wince at his own positions I swear.

Warren_raymond –   – (2:14 AM)  

Beats me. 

What's got this whore-mongering drunkard Beckel on TV and why is he paid for being a nuisance?I wish I could rip off his suspenders and hand him his notice....

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