Pakistani-Canadian Terrorist Raja Lahrasib Khan Expected To Accept Plea Bargain In Chicago Plot

"...attorneys for Pakistani-Canadian cab driver Raja Lahrasib Khan have had similar plea bargain talks with the government. Khan has been locked up since March 2010, when he was arrested in Chicago driving his taxi in the Loop. Federal agents say Khan was in cahoots with Ilyas Kashmiri, the head of a Pakistani terror organization connected to Al Qaeda.

According to the charges, Khan is heard on tape describing that bags containing remote controlled bombs could be placed in several different locations and then: "Boom, boom, boom, boom."

Monday night, Khan's attorney, Thomas Durkin, says prosecutors are going to propose a written plea agreement that, if acceptable, will avoid a trial.

Revnant Dream –   – (1:33 AM)  

Yes avoid a trial at all costs so the depredations of this sham Religion are hidden. You can bet your check Obama had a hand in this.
Eric holder his bitch got the orders.
The only plea bargain should be death by gas or lethal injection.

Paul Gordon –   – (6:15 AM)  

Yes, and that plea bargain should be deportation to Israel.

Anthony  – (10:10 AM)  

What is it with these Pakistanis? They seem to be always in the news.

They are descended from Indian Hindus who were forced to convert. Also, they are looked down upon in the Arab world due to their skin colour. Maybe they have an inferiority complex.

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