“Ktir Salbeh”

"Ktir salbeh that everyone is talking about the rights of the Palestinians in Lebanon but no one is talking about the rights of the Lebanese."

That's a translation of one of the lines in this video, “Ktir Salbeh”, read the article, but be sure to read the comments, it's an interesting glimpse into Pallie - Christian relations in Lebanon.

Truthcheck –   – (12:12 AM)  

Hey moron, Palestinian is an ethnicity, not a religion. There are Christian Palestinians and Muslim Palestinians. To talk of "Pallie-Christian" relations is as ignorant as to talk about "Italian-Christian" relations.

Anne_from_Victoria –   – (1:06 AM)  

Yes there are Palestinian Christians, but they are well in the minority. Lebanese Christians fear that accepting the Palestinian refugees as citizens would upset the delicate religious balance in Lebanon.

Bob Almighty –   – (1:50 AM)  

Didn't Lebanon use to be almost all Christian?  Isn't it now almost all Muslim?  Haven't we heard this tune before?

Inannawhimsey –   – (2:00 AM)  


J.M. Heinrichs –   – (5:11 AM)  

Palestinians were Jews who migrated from heir native lands back to historic Israel during the period 1880-1949. You are misidentifying the itinerant Arabs who moved to historic Israel to find jobs as employees of the Palestinians.


Blazingcatfur –   – (7:02 AM)  

Hey Moron there is no such thing as a Palestinian, suck it up.

Christians Under Attack –   – (8:34 AM)  

(Reuters) - A
Jerusalem monastery, built on the site where tradition says the tree
used in the making of Jesus's cross once stood, was defaced with "Death
to Christians" graffiti on Tuesday.

The words "Price Tag" daubed on
a vandalized car parked outside the 11th-century Monastery of the Cross
suggested that militant Jewish settlers were responsible and police
said they were investigating that possibility as well as other angles.


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