My correspondence with Bashy

I received the following reply in the comments to this post "The OSCE: Yet Another Avenue for Islamists to Control Speech" a piece written by Andrew E. Harrod and Adam Turner of the Legal Project.

Bashy and I have been enjoying a pleasant exchange in the comments since.

Dear BlazingCarfur

I am amused and a bit disappointed that you brought a very selected part of my presentation in your blog and used a very suspect reference namely, Der Standard.

The main thrust of my argument was and would always be that criticism of an individual, a group or even a religion is legitimate but it should be for an objective purpose and not to demonize an entire religion. I also said in the conference that Muslims do not ask for any special protection - legal or moral but the same protection, which is given to other minorities, for example to Jewish communities or Homosexual groups. As a human rights activist, it is my duty to raise concern, when people are subjected to discrimination and racism. I do not make a distinction between people because of race, culture and religion. I also fight against anti Semitism and for a better Jewish Muslim relations in Europe.

Kind regards

Bashy Quraishy

Secretary General - EMISCO -European Muslim
Initiative for Social Cohesion - Strasbourg/Copenhagen

Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR - Brussels
Chair-Jewish Muslim
Co-operation Platform

D.Austin –   – (10:52 AM)  


marco –   – (11:07 AM)  

Thanks Bashy for bringing that article to my attention, I'd missed it the first time around. 

Blazingcatfur –   – (11:10 AM)  

It was a good piece, well not to Bashy's view of course.

Daniel9vs2 –   – (11:12 AM)  

Yeah... twisted views..slanted and always misleading.. heh:)

Bashy...that name sure is cartoonish..slapstick 

David Smith –   – (11:45 AM)  

How anyone can defend islam with a straight face is beyond me.

Blazingcatfur –   – (11:50 AM)  

His arguments are pretty standard fare for those who wish to ban criticism of Islam.

MuniMuIa –   – (11:53 AM)  

How can anyone with even an electron of intellectual honesty not realise that speaking honestly about the monster Muhammad's, conduct, his "true" biography, and Islam's texts that all teach unending war against non-Muslims not be demonizing since the death cult is demonic to its very core.

Calling a spade a spade is called the truth something Islam cannot handle which is why they rely on blasphemy laws, apostasy laws, and intimidation of all kinds most notably violent intimidation.

Thank Heaven for the internet, which is why we now see calls from English invaders calling for the internet to policed by Sharia law. It’s good to expose these letters.

MuniMuIa –   – (12:07 PM)  

I'm an anti-fascist, anti-totalitarianist which makes me an, anti-Islamist. Something I’m endlessly proud of.

Anne_from_Victoria –   – (12:37 PM)  

It was in German. Read it with Google translate?

Moray Watson –   – (12:44 PM)  

Wow! So many awe inspiring titles. Argument by appeal to authority?

Of course when the Secretary General of the European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion has supreme authority, there wont be any need or place for argument at all. 

If you are not a totalitarian Bashy, you won't mind if I voice my disagreement with your politics. (You can call islam a religion if you like, but I don't have to.)

Moray Watson –   – (12:51 PM)  

Badeges of honour in the stealth resistance !

Mullah Lodabullah  – (12:58 PM)  

EMISCO is an exercise in futility - the final empire in Nebuchadnezzar's dream had feet of iron and clay, strong yet brittle, unable to cohere / alloy. Europe is an experiment in creating harmony and cohesion out of peoples who are simply incompatible - other equally foolish western nations are attempting the same folly.

JustMe –   – (1:06 PM)  

Did anyone besides me get a headache trying to read Bashy's letters?

Anne_from_Victoria –   – (1:18 PM)  

I not only read, I responded! Told him off, politely.

Daniel9vs2 –   – (1:28 PM)  

Mullah  your  rock is faith and your bbile useage is awesome.. thanks

Daniel9vs2 –   – (1:30 PM)  

High five

Daniel9vs2 –   – (1:31 PM)  


Daniel9vs2 –   – (1:31 PM)  


Daniel9vs2 –   – (1:32 PM)  

it is demonic to its very core

The Infidel –   – (1:49 PM)  

I think we need to start pulling these lot up on their minority crap, muslims make up 1 in 5 people on the planet, maybe less after you take out all the misunderstanders of course. Christians make up about the same amount, IE: the ones that go to church live Christian prinsipals etc, not the ones that just say they are. Thus Christians are as minority as muslims are. Christians are also being slaughtered by muslims, purely for being Christian, whereas muslims are being killed because they have decided to go on jihad (which has a high rate of getting you killed).

His attempt at moral equivilancy is despicable, hypocritical (how many gay pride marches happen in islamic countries?), dishonest and above all not worth the time he/she/it took to type it. For starters, when a mozlim references, it generaly is so obscure, often non existant (osama abdulla springs to mind) and as far as they are conserned a statement is classified as fact. Whereas if an kafir references, no matter how good the reference is (including quoting from koran, hadith, surra, reliance of the traveler, fatwa's, even the muslim themselves) nothing is good enough, strong enough, its always classifed by mozlims as weak.

He claims to fight anti-semetism, right, whats he got to say about komani's religious talk on Friday calling for Israel to be cut out like a cancer? We all know that to cut a cancer out, requires a scaple (weapons), chemo (chemical weapons) and radiation (nukes), also I wonder what he has to say about the distruction of Israel being writting into the founding document for the republic of iran?

Needless to say, I do not believe one word of what he said, He does not care for "human rights" rather "muslim only rights" and "dhimmie rights", anyhow, bashy can jump up and down all he like, I ain't interested.

Just my thoughts, hope this can't be classified as bashing anyone, just making valid points that "muslim human rights activists" don't seem to be able to notice.

MuniMuIa –   – (1:52 PM)  

LOL I love your nick.

Dutch Canuck –   – (1:56 PM)  


That's actually pretty funny.  Kinda rhymes with "Blazing Kaffir".

marco –   – (1:58 PM)  

Hi Anne here is the original article in English.

While we're on the subject of language, this gave me a chuckle. "The working languages of the meeting will be English and Russian. " Yeah I'm sure Bashy and his merry blasphemy brigade isthe bomb in the  Slavic world.  

Anne_from_Victoria –   – (2:06 PM)  

Islam is not very popular in Russia. Can't imagine why not.

The Russian govt would be smart to cut those little Islamic provinces in the Caucasus out -- let them become free-standing nations, or their residents will overrun Russia itself, due to an extremely low birth rate in Russia.

Bohemian Rhapsodi  – (2:14 PM)  

It is offensive when an adherent of the islamic socio-political ideology speaks of "muslims" not getting equal treatment in the west.  Firstly, they do, their rights in the west are not just equal, they've been getting special treatment.

However, the real offence is that the islamic ideology is a system based on apartheid, includes human chattel slavery as a valid economic activity, and treats women (and young girls) as breeding and fornicating beasts in a man's personal bordello.  And this is today, not only 1000 years ago, not only 500 years ago.  Today.

The islamic adherents bleat on about their "rights", but ignore the abuse of basic human rights the islamic ideology gives the non-adherents, known as kaffir, in islamic controlled countries where the law and constitution is either outright islamic, or a shade of "secular" which is subject to shariah.

These adherents, and their western dhimmis, should stop fussing the skirts of religion  around this ideology, and attempt to defend this ideology based on what it is.  That is, they should try the objective truth for a change.

David Smith –   – (2:17 PM)  

I'd say we're mostly kaffir here.

Ann –   – (2:23 PM)  

"BlazingCarFur" can I pick this up at my local Canadian Tire? My cordoba  need something to hide the rips in the "fine Corinthian leather"car seats....I was thinking that duct tape might do the trick, but now this "BlazingCarFur" sounds much more attractive and plus it will match my big fuzzy dice hanging from my rear view mirror. 

Blazingcatfur –   – (2:31 PM)  

Excellent Infidel, you really laid out a test for which I am certain he is unprepared.

dogwonder –   – (2:41 PM)  

I'm not playing the interfaith bafflegab anymore, when one asserts I'm a warrior for all unjust causes I roll my eyes and yawn. Islam if it were a child would be suffering from sever retardation, ADD and a host of other mental health issues. As a religion it's never grown up, many of it's followers demand supremacists' rights to the non-Muslim majority to protect the simpleton ethos that Islam embodies.

dogwonder –   – (2:43 PM)  

No, I just gag at the nonsensical mewling passive aggressive bafflegab the Political Islamists' use to debate their embracing censorship and blasphemy laws.

Anne_from_Victoria –   – (3:23 PM)  

OT go twitter, tag #greece. Violent demonstrations, buildings on fire, BBC reporter who was mistaken for German attacked

wallyj –   – (3:28 PM)  

I went to the EMISCO  website. It did not disappoint my expectations. The site is full of the buzzwords favoured by our progressive betters,and is mostly concerned with the rights of the islamic community to do what they please without criticism.

They had a contest to pick the most beautiful minaret,

They also voiced their displeasure to Obama's words about the Koran burner in Florida;          
  "Your duty is also to tell the American public and those who have anti-Islam prejudices that Quran burning is sacrilegious and will for ever destroy the relations with 1.7 billion Muslims in the world."

As I see it,Mr.Bashy does not want the warts of islam to see  daylight.

wallyj –   – (3:57 PM)  

   I also checked out the " Jewish Muslim

Co-operation Platform ". It appears that this noble effort that Mr.Bashy uses to shown us his robust diversity never did anything but pick an inclusive name for their project. A google search came up empty except for the launch.

So,why does Mr.Bashy use that reference to give him credibility? Oh, wait a minute,did I just do hate speech?

Black Mamba –   – (4:12 PM)  

He's all over the internet spreading it in the comments sections of blogs. Check this recent one out: Seems Mo wasn't anti-semitic, he had a Jewish wife. Fails to mention that she was a slave taken after a massacre in which her family was butchered. And if he got his way, mentioning it would be illegal.  (Someone points out that if he really is a "Quraishy" then he's a member of Mo's tribe.)

Scroll down; fourth comment from the bottom.

NorthernThoughts  – (5:56 PM)  

If a Muslim's lips are moving, he/she is lying. Take this whopper "Muslims do not ask for any special protection." Oh really? Laws passed in the United Nations criminalizing criticism of Islam? Human rights complaints about pundits and authors criticizing Islam? Oh no, they don't ask, THEY DEMAND special protection, and they get it by threatening the lives of everyone involved.

BCF, I'd recommend telling Bashy Quraishy to take his taqqiya somewhere else because you're not stupid nor ignorant on Islam. If he doesn't like it, fill his inbox with stories of Muslims adhering to Islamic teachings like forced conversions, rapes of non-Muslims and Islam-inspired murders. We've been too polite with these people too long, and it's about time that changes.

Dodoforever Canspell –   – (6:37 PM)  

That Bashy needs to take a chill pill and vanish.  Poof !!!!  
Hat's off to you BCF.  I would never have the patience you displayed responding to his delusional lies.  The more reasonable and analytical they sound, the more intolerant their views always are ... this guy is full of it.

Blazingcatfur –   – (6:46 PM)  

Thanks WallyJ that is a good heads up.

Blazingcatfur –   – (6:46 PM)  


Blazingcatfur –   – (6:47 PM)  

I found him entertaining and further the more he talked the more he exposed.

Blazingcatfur –   – (6:47 PM)  

It was a useful and revealing exercise Dodo.

Blazingcatfur –   – (6:48 PM)  

They know full well it that Islam wilts in sun light, that is why they seek special protections.

Blazingcatfur –   – (6:49 PM)  

Only 9.99!

Blazingcatfur –   – (6:50 PM)  

We all need to speak up we have too many useful idiot politicians willing to trade freedom for votes.

andycanuck –   – (12:19 AM)  

Isn't "gibbet" the English word for "Jewish Muslim Co-operation Platform"?

NorthernThoughts  – (1:15 AM)  

 But it's always the same thing isn't it? I've gotten into so many arguments with these people that its all one giant "Allah is great, we don't know if the world is really round, and Muslims settled North American before Europeans" blur. Each drone is indistinguishable from the other in terms of their thoughts, and if they were all dressed in burqas, we couldn't tell them apart physically. They would just be a collection of ignorant, hate-filled black sacks.

Once they've exposed themselves, make a note of it and move on.

Revnant Dream –   – (2:52 AM)  

This deserves the acid test, only not on humans as Muslims do.
UN Blasphemy Laws against Islam to disguise your beliefs, using Interpol to get at apostates, forcing our economic & social laws to sharia lawlessness.
Bowing up people for disagreeing, hijacking cxonferances. Invading chuirchs, killing Christians World wide, Jew
NO!!!! your not asking to be special . 

Ann –   – (10:53 AM)  

$9.99 purrrrrfect

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