Key RoboCall Rally Organizer Praises Anti-Semite Zafar Bangash As "Exemplary Citizen"

Michael Coren had some fun, in this column, with Jon Allan one of the organizers of Toronto's RoboCall rally. Coren mentioned that the Rally featured the notorious Khomeinist anti-Semite Zafar Bangash.

Jon shot back defending his ally Zafar: Lastly, I would like to profess my confusion as to the leap of logic Mr. Coren took when implying that I somehow support the undemocratic and murderous regime in Iran, simply because I invited a well-spoken anti-war campaigner and democratic activist, Imam Zafar Bangash, to speak. His political leanings beyond his opinions regarding the undemocratic nature of the voter suppression undertaken by the misleading Robocalls are of no consequence. And regardless, Mr. Bangash is in fact an exemplary citizen.

Michael Coren Meets A Robo-Idiot - Jon Allan

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