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This is from Véronique Genest's Facebook page. Good for her. Source. Note Google Translate.

It's terrifying! More than 4000 comments and replies almost no understanding of the problem.

You are off topic. The topic is: As French logically proud of this country, the freedom it brings, it also helps to give to the poor, its history and its laws, are you FOR or AGAINST the entry of Sharia in human rights, knowing that it goes against our democracy and our secularism?

If you are FOR, What is your purpose in living here?

Accept the principle of secularism is to accept that the caricature that mocks religion like all other religions agree. We do not see Jews, Christians, Buddhists screaming to death when Jesus caricature or priests or rabbis or God or Buddha or the prophets. Some extremists sometimes express their discontent and it is their right, but no threats, no murders not about killing a religious body. This is what scares us and it is not we continuing to repeat that your religion is a religion of peace and love or you taking the Jews that you will fix the problem if we do not ask us nothing, do not threaten us and we are not afraid, and especially he does not threaten our democracy and our republic wishing to change our laws.

That's what being French, his country and respect its laws. Then you are not or are not you and if you are, why do not you fight with us for freedom?!

This is an interesting video from "Generation Identitaire", a good article from Oz on it here.

Also have a look at this article, where a French politician speaks the truth... Pastrygate lands a French MP in hot water with Muslims.

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