An Issue of National Concern and Security

East End Madrassah

"While criminal charges were not laid, the Hate Propaganda Investigation proved by the state what we have long suspected, that the EEM is only the tip of the iceberg. The Madrassah in fact is a "branch" of the Jaffari Centre (also connected to the Islamic Ithna Asheri Jamaat - ISIJ, of Toronto), a large complex embedded in the heart of Thornhill's Jewish community.

Moreover, the YRP investigation also confirms that much of the curriculum utilized by the EEM is taken from material connected to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian connection is of significant concern as Iran has been identified as a state sponsor of antisemitism, Holocaust denial and terrorism.

The YRP investigation is of significant importance: First, it provides a paper trail and a historical record. Second, it furthers the interest and awareness of the intelligence community. Third, it puts the Madrassah communities on notice."

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