Back From The JDL Protest

The usual rent a mob of professional protesters and Pallie cretins were out tonight.

They mustered about 500,  the good guys about 100.

I need a camera Flash cuz these night events are killin my shots:

The JDL put on a good protest and despite the smaller turnout the decibel level often exceeded the more numerous Pallies.

The Pallie idiots are so tone deaf they even waved around pics of Ahmed Jabari the terrorist murderer eliminated by Israel.

And of course they trotted out the same 4 twits from Neturei Karta, and that waste of skin Ali Mallah.

I'm not sure what the Pallies think they achieve by these demos. I doubt it possible they change anyone's mind as to see them in action only confirms they are the lunatic fringe, Communists & Islamists wedded in a common nihilism. It's bad street theatre and nothing more.

Good show by the JDL though! I have film which I'll deal with tomorrow, I'm still lagged out.

Protest outside Israeli consulate in Toronto

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