CBC Hipster Reports On Gaza

"They’re young, they’re attractive, and like many teens around the world they live much of their lives online.

But the people shown in a group of Instagram photos making their way around the web right now are also trained members of the Israeli Defense forces; a military group in the midst of a deadly battle with Hamas in Gaza."

So the IDF is now a "military group" in a deadly battle with Hamas which of course is just another "military group" and not genocidal terrorists.

As for those instagram pics? Why the lefties are shocked and outraged. How dare the IDF be human! "The dichotomy between the gruesomeness of war and the seemingly care-free pictures being shared by IDF soldiers is capturing a lot of attention online."  This story was picked up from Buzzfeed a lefty site in the the US, noteworthy, by me anyway, for it's occasional great cat vids, and its "progressive" perspective regurgitated by Ms. CBC Hipster.  Please defund the CBC.

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