Multicultural Enrichment - Muslim Convicted Of Hate Crime Says He Only Said What Imams Say In The Mosque Every Friday

Belgium: Moderate Muslim sentenced to a year in jail for incitement to hatred says he only cited what Imams say in the Mosque every Friday!

He's right you know. "The defense did not deny that Fouad Belkacem had the intention to cause in his message, but he uses verses from the Koran are also mentioned by all imams in mosques on Fridays."

Belgium again... 3 Policemen threatened with death - If you do not make me my car, I'll kill you all and then I go back to Morocco!"

Switzerland:  Students banned from gym near the Mosque - For Ouardiri, former spokesman of the Mosque, the reaction of the teacher is wise: "We live in a pluralistic society where it is important to follow what everyone wants to express.Renouncing run girls in shorts before the faithful of the mosque, I think the teacher has taken a conscious decision.

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