Hamas kills wedding party for singing in public

This video may not be you to you personally but it is worth watching for anyone who hasn't viewed it before.

Have a look at what Amin Elshorbagy Chief Islamist Apologist of the twisted Canadian Islamic Congress has to say about Hamas:

"Another pervasive mantra going around sounds like: “HAMAS – the terrorist group controlling Gaza – is responsible for the escalation of violence.”
Phrases like these are already sounding depressingly familiar in the current crisis.
Do we really need our leading diplomats or a Secretary of State to say these things? If I were new to politics, especially to the Middle Eastern scenario, I would be left with the impression that the entire conflict was initiated by a bunch of thugs born to be terrorists; hooligans seemingly allergic to peace and reverence for life; bad actors who get their kicks from disturbing, even traumatizing, their peace-loving neighbours!"

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