Ignorant Muslim Remembrance Day Protesters Bleating About Islamophobia, Add Insult To Injury

The Afghan-Canadian women peace activists respond to false accusations in Toronto Sun article, “Remembrance Day protest an insult to Canada’s war dead”

"The ugly side of freedom is the state-run military spectacle supporting the NATO-led imperialist war and occupation in Afghanistan but parading as a false guilt-trip memorial for those who sacrificed to fight for “our” freedoms. Well, just in case you selectively forgot, your parade is and has always been on stolen, occupied, Native land"

You may contact Laila Rashidie & Suraia Sahar here;)

h/t Sanwin

Anonymous –   – (12:59 PM)  

Go back to Afghanistan and live there.And thank the underworld god that you worship you didn't hold your protest in a small town in Ontario. Because if you had, you would at very least be in the hospital, or worse!!

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