Jew Hate Mosque: ‘Our teachings embrace and celebrate Canadian values’

“Our teachings embrace and celebrate the Canadian values of tolerance, understanding and harmony,” Aliraza Rajani, president of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat mosque. He said the mosque had reviewed its teaching materials to ensure that “inappropriate language is removed or revised.”

They're only sorry they got caught.

I am well loved within the Shia community for having exposed the East End Madrassah. Here's a sampling of the reaction within Toronto's Shia community. My spy gets all their e-mails. I'm still waiting to see what they and their "consultant" , Bernie's friend, have cooked up in the threatened lawsuit against me." Talk about working "both sides of the fence". Bring it on I say.

"I am ashamed that we act so tough while we are inside our mosques but when we are outside we are weak. It is shameful that EEM bowed it's head to the Zionist pressures. I go to every protest. I see Molana Rizvi promote them once in a while. But when the Zionists come to attack our organizations, we all back away."

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