Lesbian Haircut Jihad: MSM Hypocrites Conveniently Forget Christian Persecution By Ontario's Human Rights Kommissars

Ezra nails the hypocrisy of Ontario's Human Rights Kommissars over Faith McGregor's Lesbian Haircut Jihad in the video below. But first lets examine the how the brave members of our MSM have covered this story.

In sifting through the MSM's coverage of this hair-raising hate crime you can't help but notice the complete absence of mention of the OHRC's ongoing persecution of Christians. No mention of Scott Brockie, an identical case that forced the Christian printer to accommodate a Gay Nazi's demands. No mention of Christian Horizons, a charity forced to accommodate yet another bitchy lesbian. No mention of  Peterborough Bishop Nicola De Angelis and 12 parishioners at St. Michael’s parish and their battle against the wannabe Homo Host Host. Nothing about Catholic Schools being forced to accept GSA's. And this is just Ontario, the HRC's of other provinces and the feds have long waged an anti-Christian pogrom.

You'll note that the MSM's coverage chastises the Muslim Barbershop owner in only the mildest of fashions if at all, now imagine if it were a Christian barber shop. Why the fear? Why is it OK to persecute Christians but not Muslims?

Guy in dire need of a haircut Chris Selley advocates that charges against the Muslim barbershop owner not be pursued & warns that Islamophobes will make much hay of this case! But no mention of Christian persecution by the brave Selley.

The now only occasionally sane Rosie Dimanno states "Maybe Islam is sexist, though no more so than Catholicism and Orthodox Judaism, to mention two other monolithic religions". Yea Rosie I'm fed up with the honour killings the Pope keeps ordering too.

No word of Christian persecution in Xtra of course, nor at the CBC! Nothin in CTV's coverage! Why not even Islamophobia Watch mentioned the OHRC's Jihad against Christians in their coverage. Not even the usually reliable Rex Murphy mentions Christian persecution, in fact the only member of the MSM to do so has been John Moore of CFRB and that was not an entirely favourable aside. Religious freedom is mentioned, even defended, but that freedom does not evidently extend to Christians, certainly not under the auspices of Ontario's Kangaroo Kourts. If as suspected the Grievance Mongers rule in favour of the Muslims, as they have clearly telegraphed in their statements about a competing non-hierarchy of rights, then I hope Brockie et al sue the Kommissars for discrimination.

In the end you have to ask why the MSM couldn't muster a single mention let alone a defense of Christians who have faced identical persecution by the race baiters of Ontario's human rights cult.

Are they stupid, ill-informed, maliciously "forgetful", or perhaps all three?

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