Mayor Ford v. Our Sclerotic Political Elites Decision Today

"All of Toronto – perhaps all of Canada – will be watching Monday at 10 a.m. to see if Mr. Justice Charles Hackland decides to kick the city’s controversial, populist mayor out of office. Rob Ford is accused of breaking the Municipal Conflict-of-Interest Act when he voted in February 2012 to relieve himself of the requirement to pay back $3,150 in improper donations to his football charity. The penalty for violating the MCIA is automatic removal from office. If Mr. Ford loses his job, Toronto’s political future would be thrown into turmoil. Here’s what could happen after the ruling comes down..."

I doubt that the judge will rule to remove Ford from office, however I also believed in Santa Claus as a child, let's hope he exercises whatever judicial discretion is available to him.

Ford has faced opposition from all sides, including outright hostility from alleged conservatives since day one of his campaign. His candidacy did more to open my eyes to the clubbiness of our political class than anything else to date. We have no Liberal or Conservative party in Ontario, just interchangeable parts of the same old boys network. 

They look after their own interests first and common sense and the common man be damned.

The twitter feed is here...    #topoli seems more up to date

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