Multiculturalism Swedish Style: Firefighters Declare Malmo Neighborhoods No Go Zones After Muslim Attacks

This proves that moderate Islam is a boon to any society according to Doug Saunders!

Sweden, Malmo firefighters do not want to intervene in the Muslim suburbs

"In Sweden, the firefighters of the city of Malmo (south) are exceeded by repeated attacks when they occur in the suburb Rosengård Muslim. Systematically stoned with stones, their water pipes torn, firefighters fear for Swedish their lives and plan to go on strike if the situation does not improve because they have no other choice. Ilmar Reepalu, the Socialist mayor of Malmo, questioned responded that the city had already invested heavily in recreation for'' young'' and suburban citizens must accept that they can find a better alternative and constructive. ..

Meanwhile firefighters Malmö are still victims of violent attacks. For'' young'' hunting'' Fire seems to be a leisure'' as another ... Unless they forbid their territory regarded as Muslim lands disbelieving authorities ... Are they impose Sharia law as in the suburbs of cities in England or Belgium?"

More Swedish Multiculturalism - Imam threatens to sue municipality that stopped serving Halal food in school cafeterias.

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