Not Dead Enough

Reader ML sends this report along:

On Friday, 23 November 2012, at around 2:30-3:30 PM, members of the group "Students Against Israeli Apartheid" (SAIA) staged a mini flashmob against Israel in front of Robarts Library in the University of Toronto. They had several of their members lie on the ground, pretending to be victims of violence in Gaza. Behind them is a large Palestinian flag with the text "Divest Israeli Apartheid." Some of their members were also distributing anti-Israel propaganda to students passing by.

Can't you just sense the enthusiasm?

In response to this, some members of UofT's "Israel on Campus" (IoC) came on the scene. A few of them began engaging the SAIA members in argumentation, while others passed out pro-Israel flyers to the students who had received anti-Israel flyers from the SAIA members. This lasted for about an hour, after which the SAIA members dispersed (although some SAIA and IoC members continued to argue for almost an hour after that).

Wow! Look at the public clamor for more information on how to support Hamas! I bet those two chicks ran out of pamphlets in like a minute!

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