The White Rose responds to Sydsvenskan

The similarity between Islam and Nazism is fanaticism, the absolute claim of possessing the only truth

In an unusually ill-informed article in the Swedish daily Sydsvenskan, the theologian and author Ann Heberlein praises the stone-throwing left as heroes. (Sydsvenskan). The anti-democrats that stood outside Kockum Fritid in the Swedish town of Malmö, where they proceeded to direct verbal abuse, throw eggs and deliver blows in order to prevent citizens from attending a peaceful gathering with Dutch Party Leader Geert Wilders, are no ordinary thugs. And in order to stress how fantastic these hoodlums are, she quotes the German anti-Nazi resistance group The White Rose: ”Nothing is so unbecoming a civilized nation than without resistance allowing oneself to be ruled by an irresponsible clique that has given in to its lowest instincts.”

That is quite an apt description of Sweden’s situation right now. We are ruled, with little noticeable resistance, by an irresponsible clique that has given in to its lowest instincts – the urge to appear good while in reality causing enormous harm.

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