This Is How Muslim Outreach Works In France

Ali El Boustati, a student in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Aix-Marseille, decided his instructor, Frederic Imbert, simply wasn't Pro-Islam enough for his or Mohammed's tastes.

Ali decided to use the moral authority of the Quran to persuade Imbert to change his obviously biased viewpoint regarding Islam. Ali kicked Imbert in the head.

At his trial the Judge read out emails sent by the obviously misunderstood Ali to university officials in which he gently advised them that he would not accept their decision to suspend him as he does not take orders from Pigs. Ali further extended the Olive Branch of Islam by threatening to conduct his own personal Holocaust if the suspension was not rescinded.

Described as "Psycho-Rigid" in assessments by court appointed psychiatrists Ali claims he is being railroaded by the police who made up the charges against him and forced him to make a confession. This despite earlier admissions of guilt for the very same offences. Ali received a 1 year suspended sentence.

He is appealing this obvious act of Islamophobic hate.

h/t FDS

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