Germany: The popular image of Islam is devastating

From a November survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute on behalf of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"The popular image of Islam is devastating".

Respondents were asked which of the 21 statements match their view of Islam.
83 percent thought that Islam is dominated by the discrimination of women 
77 percent thought Islam is fundamentalist 
70 percent associated  fanaticism and radicalism with the Muslim faith. 

Significant majorities of the population attested to Islam also, among other violence (64 percent), the tendency to revenge and retaliation (60 percent), and missionary zeal (56 percent) and the pursuit of political influence (56 percent). Charity took only 13 percent in conjunction with Islam, 12 percent thought the keyword Islam to charity and only 7 percent of openness and tolerance."

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